Feed The Homeless October

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Requirements to participate on Feed The Homeless October.

We invite everyone around the world to join.

A good video camera.

You will need a good quality video camera to shoot the reactions.

YouTube Channel

Anyone is welcome to join this video campaign but we are calling on all active YouTube channels to participate.

JUST $1!

You don't need to waste a lot of money. You can buy something small and cheap, as long as you fed a homeless person. However, Rantic will be giving away $100 to the selected 5 YouTube channels who join our video campaign.

What is 'Feed The Homeless October'?

On October 1st, we are giving back to the world.

What Is This About?
We are asking YouTube channels to join our latest campaign to 'Feed The Homeless'. If you own a YouTube channel with a good following, join us! Its our way of giving back to the world and helping out the homeless.

What Do I Have To Do?
If you have a YouTube channel with a good following and you are chosen, you will be given $100 to go out and film. The video will pertain to you feeding the homeless.