Why you should never buy Facebook likes from Fiverr.

Why you should never buy Facebook likes from Fiverr.

Dec 31, 2014 Posted by :   Jerry Kolman No Comments

Recently one of our clients had huge drops in likes, After investigation it turned out he acquired 2000 likes from Fiverr. What was the cause you might ask?

It was the Fiverr’s cheap likes that caused the page to be detected on Facebook’s radars that later made the page lose likes.

Now why does this happen? Imagine 10,000 accounts liking a new page every 5-10 seconds, and they would come from countries like India, Turkey etc…. that creates an obvious pattern of botting in the activity feed of those accounts.

Facebook EASILY detects that.

Now how is Rantic different from Fiverr? We have a huge network of sites that deliver real targeted likes. One account would like only 1 page. There’s 1 in 5 chances it will like another account over a period of 2 weeks.

Our advice is to stay away from gigs that sell Facebook likes on fiverr.





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