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No, Justin Bieber Did Not Buy Views From Us.

Dec 10, 2014 Posted by :   Jerry Kolman No Comments

Like if Rantic needs more rumors circulating around the media, some news outlets have reported that Justin Bieber had purchased YouTube views from us. The emails that we receive from curious bloggers and investigative reporters is starting to hit our annoying side. So we thought we clear the air a bit about these rumors.

In 2012, YouTube had removed over 2 billion ‘fake’ YouTube views from major record label channels. Among those affected were Rihanna, Avril Lavigne, Lady Gaga and yes… Justin Bieber. This raised suspicion that something strange was going on in the music industry with music managers and label executives.

The Daily Dot did an investigation and found that record labels were cheating the view system. But this wasn’t the case, the real reason for the drop in views was “VEVO Migration”. Basically, famous artists who had a regular YouTube channel, were moved to a VEVO channel for increased ad revenue and promotion. The old channels were then considered ‘dead’ and all views were deleted.

That was it.

There is nothing fishy going on with celebrities and also with Rantic. If something were to have happened, none of our client list would ever be leaked to the press. This is part of our commitment with our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. We take our company very seriously.

There is no need for anyone to further investigate this nor email us for details about this rumor. That’s final. End of story.

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How Buying Instagram Followers Can Get You Laid

Dec 1, 2014 Posted by :   Jerry Kolman No Comments

Rantic Presents: The “Instagram Challenge”

UK — Let’s face it, being a man is hard work. All guys want to do is get laid all day and females are starting to make it easier. Yup, females are starting to become more promiscuous.

Recently, Rantic, the notorious marketing site that has dominated the media since early 2013, has been researching the psychology and science behind Instagram followers. During the research, we came to the conclusion that there may be a secret way to getting laid. This one is for MEN ONLY.

We’re talking about “Buying Instagram Followers”!

It might sound crazy at first, but the psychological trick was perhaps seen on a Sam Pepper YouTube video by over two million people. Check it out.

It seems like women from this generation are depending too much on social media for self-esteem. This means that low self-esteem is looked at by a significant amount of men as a form of exploitation. And this is where buying fake Instagram followers comes in.

One of our staff members bought 53,000 fake Instagram followers and a few hundred likes on his photos. We set his profile up to make it seem like he was “Insta famous”. After talking with a couple of strange women, it worked.

Our staff member only socialized with the females that were ‘very active’ on Instagram and other social platforms. Some had almost every photo on their Instagram account look like a model shoot. Some even take about 15 pictures an hour, everyday. It was crazy how females can get attached to a social platform.

Most of these girls were just plain narcissists!

We looked up random active female Instagram accounts and had a staff member start spitting game with a few of them. When it came time to share each others Instagram for a quick follow exchange, the atmosphere changed. It seems like most females who are addicted to social media, are desperate for attention and will do anything to seek it.

Its the same thing with money, except think of the online attention as a form of ’emotional rewarding’ or ego boost. From one moment the female was acting the opposite of clingy and the next she’s acting very desperate for my attention. It was interesting to see how much a Instagram followers count made a quick escalation in a social interaction between opposite sexes.

We don’t encourage any dudes out there to get laid using this trick, but we thought it was an interesting discovery. Although we tried it with other social media platforms, it was easier on Instagram because the fake followers are less susceptible to being spotted.

Out of the 15 Instagram conceited females, 8 gave us their phone numbers and four were DTF from seeing our followers count. We used 53,000 fake Instagram followers, but our other staff member used only 15,000 and still had success. If anyone is going to try this out, be careful of being caught with trying to buy Instagram followers to get a girl’s attention. I mean, because that would just be plain embarrassing.

Good luck!

Artists Buy Twitter Followers As A ‘Career Boost’

Nov 22, 2014 Posted by :   Jerry Kolman 2 Comments

Musicians Who Buy Twitter Followers Are Successful?

Buy Twitter Followers

Musicians who are buying Twitter followers tend to be successful in the music industry. Recording artists are now increasing as the digital age of the internet and social media starts to skyrocket. Musicians can now promote their music on the internet and move record sales without store shelves. Its a whole new world now in the music industry.

Buying Twitter followers is a very strategic process that should be done correctly to ensure perfect results. Also, you should only purchase REAL or LEGIT social fans from a trusted social store. When you buy Twitter followers — you should have a plan ready. Buying Twitter followers should only be the beginning of your marketing plan.

Promoting music is different than promoting a company or brand. To get people to listen to music from an artist they never heard before, is hard. But with proper marketing strategies, its very possible to launch a successful music promotion campaign. Twitter has become dominant in the world

Always have a PR and a marketing plan in place when promoting music, to ensure maximum results. And also, make sure that your music is also good. Quality over quantity. You can Buy Twitter Followers, but that won’t mean much if your content potential is low.

Most musicians believe that just putting out any music, can in time go viral. This however is not the case. Musicians who put out extremely good catchy content can in time go viral, without much of a push.

Make sure that your content is of high quality, also that you have a good mixing AND mastering engineer. A publicist is not required, but it can certainly help. Musicians should take any help that they can get. If you have a friend who knows a friend, who knows a notable recording artist, try and link up.

Connections are very useful and powerful in the music industry. So, go and purchase Twitter followers, but from a trusted source and make sure that they are real and legit. After that, have a fun time with your promotion.

Don’t remember to buy too many Twitter followers and go too all out. Those who purchase fake Twitter followers tend to buy from small amounts and work their way up. If the twitter followers you buy are the highest quality and have audience interaction, then that would benefit a lot.

Good luck!

The Big ‘Buy YouTube Views’ Industry

Nov 20, 2014 Posted by :   Jerry Kolman 1 Comment

Its becoming more apparent that social media has taken over the internet. With social media giants like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, it is becoming easier for us to connect with each other. Content is also easier to pass around and upload with the help of another social media giant known as YouTube.

YouTube has dominated the online video industry on the web and is the second largest search engine. Right behind Google, YouTube has a huge reputation for its video content. It is very apparent that with the billions of videos that get uploaded a week on YouTube, the amount of audience interaction that it has is very significant. Especially when it comes to advertising and marketing.

Since the start of the YouTube industry, the ability to Buy YouTube views for a price has been available. It is a marketing strategy that tons of celebrities, companies, actors, brands and even politicians have done. Its no secret that almost everyone buys YouTube views. The question that many people ask is, is it effective to Buy YouTube views?

The answer is, Yes and no.

The reason why its yes and no is because it depends on what your goals are as a video user. If your goal is to gain more exposure, popularity and increase a subscriber base the right way, then yes. If your goal is just to raise your view counter and wait for your fans to magically start pouring, then you’re better off sharing your content like everyone else who only gain 50 views.

Just like any social media marketing services, your YouTube views should be an indicator of how successful you have marketed or promoted your content. Having a high view count should be an advantage to make your video even bigger, instead of it being the final landing pod. The people who use these jumpstarted views to their advantage, end up becoming consistently viral and achieving phenomenal things on YouTube.

It all depends on what your goals are and how hungry you want to be successful.

How Many Twitter Followers Should I Buy?

Nov 20, 2014 Posted by :   Jerry Kolman No Comments

SAN FRANCISCO — Many people who are interested in buying Twitter followers often find asking themselves, how many Twitter followers should I purchase? The answer is, it depends. Let me explain.

Everyone’s marketing goal on Twitter is different. Whether you have a local restaurant, business or company, your goal will vary. If you have a big named company, then you will need as much as you can. If you are looking to market a local restaurant, you will only need local or national advertising which will be less followers.

For entertainers or video creators, its best to get as much Twitter followers as possible. You will need to get as much as possible to ensure maximum exposure of your content. The followers will also need to be high-quality and need to give back some very good results. Musicians and actors are the hardest to gain a natural following without a boost, but its still possible and with a good marketing plan, you can do it.

For local businesses or brands that don’t need a global push, 5,000 to 50,000 followers is good for a jumpstart. With this you will need to push your marketing plan to the max to get the full results you need to convert the exposure to revenue.

On the other hand, for big named brands or companies, you will need as much as possible. 50,000-250,000 followers is a good starting point. Of course, it all depends on the goals of the business owner and what you have in mind. The maximum exposure should always be what you should seek — when initiating your marketing plan.

Entertainers have a different goal, their goals are to gain the most fans as possible. Musicians are taught to be dominate over their competition and to gain the most following. Getting as much followers as possible is crucial but should be done responsibly. High quality REAL followers is important not just for musicians, but also for ANYONE who’s interested in purchasing Twitter followers.

Instructables: How To Buy Instagram Followers

Nov 20, 2014 Posted by :   Jerry Kolman No Comments
Picture of How to Buy Instagram Followers

Instagram is an ever growing social media platform. While Facebook still dominates the entire social media industry, you can still use its predecessor Instagram, as a tool to build your brand or get the word out. One way to help you achieve this is to Buy Instagram followers from Rantic, and you may need to know more than this. Its not only about just buying Instagram followers and doing no work, you will need to put in work to make things happen.

Achieving success for your brand is very hard now a days, but a quick jumpstart can always help turn a brand upside down. When you buy instagram followers, the thing is to follow it up with a good positive marketing campaign to further your cause. Since people will see that you already have a large following on Instagram, more people will be curious to follow your cause and even share it! Its a secret marketing weapon that’s been used by a lot of big named brands and entertainors.

If there’s one thing that is for certain, its that this marketing method REALLY DOES WORK.

So, how do you buy Instagram followers from Rantic.com? Let DIY site Instructables explain it to you:


This ‘how-to’ article was originally published on DIY site Instructables and has been rewritten with proper permission by its publisher. To view the rest of the steps on how to Buy Instagram Followers, please click on the link above.

What Are The ‘Benefits’ of Buying Twitter Followers?

Nov 20, 2014 Posted by :   Jerry Kolman 1 Comment

LOS ANGELES — It is becoming more known now that social media is dominating the entire marketing and advertising world. Public relation agents, digital marketers, advertisers and company CEOs are adapting to the new world of social media marketing. Its grown from a small business to a multi-billion dollar industry that has even seen revenue in the trillion.

Twitter is no stranger to this success as it has dominated close to its rival Facebook. YouTube follows up close to these 2 social media giants, and Instagram right by it. Twitter followers has become extremely important and is now seen as a sign of authority or popularity. These two factors have made Twitter a household named brand and powerful internet platform.

There is nothing that can come close to Twitter except Facebook. So what are the benefits of buying Twitter followers?

Its simple. We will break it down in three simple words. “Authority”, “Popularity” and “Business”.


One of the best things about buying Twitter followers is the amazing type of authority that comes along. Its hard to build authority on Twitter, especially when you only have 35 followers. This is where buying Twitter followers can be extremely effective.

When a person buys Twitter followers from a respected social store like Rantic or Fiverr, then you are able to gain authority. So, I have authority, now what? You will receive extra heads who will see you as an important brand or individual.

By psychological perception, when a person sees a high social following, he automatically is trained to see you as an authority figure. Kind of like when you see a police officer on the street or a celebrity being followed by paparazzi. Its a natural human instinct and it can make huge opportunities possible for your brand.

Doors open very frequently for people who buy Twitter followers and use the extra boost correctly. The jumpstart of followers is not necessarily the end of your marketing plan, it should be only the beginning.


The big thing that can occur with buying Twitter followers is the popularity and potential viral outcomes that can happen. Sometimes brands become viral overnight by using this marketing tactic. You can gain a TON of followers from this marketing strategy.

A lot of Twitter users who see accounts with a large amount of followers, will follow you because you are popular. Others will just click to see who you are and why you have so much fame. This will not give you a follow, but it will get people to check you out and maybe even click on some links in your tweets. If you are a musician who needs music to be heard, this is crucial.

The more heads who listen to your music, the more exposure and more album sales. And of course, the more revenue that you make. Popularity = $$$


If you are the one who owns a company, big corporation or local business, social media marketing is now VERY IMPORTANT. Business owners now make a significant portion of their revenue through social media. Getting the word out about your business should be a must for everyone.

More people, business or companies will want to work with you if your brand looks marketable.

www.theepochtimes.com/n3/blog/benefits-of-buying-twitter-followers/ or here.

This article was originally published on The Epoch Times and has been rewritten with proper permission from the publisher.