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    Do You Own a Restaurant? Here’s How to Market it on Social Media

      By Nazia Khan-Ahmed   Nowadays, almost every business prefers to market on different social media channels. They find it and easy and effective way to advertise their brands and products so that the people get to know about them. They use different marketing tactics in order t

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    Keep getting more Instagram Followers Constantly

      By Nazia Khan-Ahmed  Instagram is a great social media website. You can use it for different purposes. For example, you can use it for connecting with people, you can use it for updating information or you can use it as a marketing tool for your business. You can get benefit o

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    Your Instagram Should Have these 7 traits to Make Your Profile Profitable

        By Nazia Khan-Ahmed   Everybody wants to improve their Instagram’s profitability. I know you would too. Also everyone would want to boost the level of engagement on their posts and profile. I will state the 7 traits that you have to have in orde

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    Know What Else Instagram Has in the Store for Us in 2017

      By Nazia Khan-Ahmed If you really want to stay up to date in the marathon of social media participation, Instagram is a must-have. This is a major social media app for a lot of people around us. From Celebrities to people from every walk of life are using it to post their pi

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    Social Black Market Takes A Beating From Instagram

    UNITED KINGDOM -- Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have all took turns swinging at the social media black market. One who hasn't yet, was Instagram. Well, that changed today. Instagram is still a fairly new social platform and is currently growing in users. With that being said, Instagram wanted to

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    What You Need To Know About The “Instagram Purge”

    It's probably the first time that Instagram hits its users hard with a mass clean up. We warned the media that millions of accounts were going to get wiped out and celebs were going to feel some type of way. Whether you're worried about your account or curious about

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    How Instagram Can Take Twitter’s Throne

    Instagram is now one of the biggest websites on the internet. With the strong 300M user base it has, it can now dethrone Twitter easily. T

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    Instagram Has Reached 300M Users Worldwide

    CALIFORNIA -- Instagram is one of the few websites on the web that is currently dominating the world. It is a company that was bought by Facebook a couple of years ago. Since then, it has become a house hold name and is now a 300 million user base. The website is an image sharing website where us

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    How to become a professional model off Instagram

    In the digital age of humanity the ways of promoting ourselves is changing, One the new-fashioned ways for models to gain exposure is taking advantage of Instagram. Countless of agencies surf Instagram daily to look for the perfect swan swimming in the lake, How do you get to that lake? The so