Is it safe buying Youtube views in 2017?

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If you are an avid reader in the social media sphere, you would know that YouTube used to ban / remove videos that were boosted, the terrifying mistakes that were occurring on YouTube side is that normal non-boosted videos would get removed too!  What Youtube has implemented later on is a system that would catch boosted views and later the views would drop.

Here at Rantic we no longer have any issues with drops and no videos getting removed at ALL, it is because YouTube cannot catch 10,000,000 unique IPS and traffic from organic sources & referrals. Our views are mostly desktop too because we do not use any exploits that blackhatters use.

We have successfully landed musicians on top of Vevo charts already at the begging of the 2017! what a great year.

Are we really selling fake followers & likes? The answer is complex.

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Since we offer a wide verity of services, for every service we use different marketing techniques and strategies to deliver in the most effective way.

For example, Our Facebook post likes & page likes are 100% real, they have friends on their own and their own daily content.

For services like Instagram likes, we would mix ghost profiles with real active one’s for fastest delivery because our clients want to appear on top of hashtags and most popular posts in the location posted.


Rantic marketing runs the media, we manipulate 100+ most popular news outlets.

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We will let you on one little secret, for our exclusive notable clients Rantic offers guaranteed PR on the top news websites.

We work with our clients on a story ideas and we spread them, we have over 50 editors across 125 top 1000 visited news & entertainment websites.

This is an exclusive service for already notable brands and celebrities only.

Buying targeted Youtube views can make you trend locally!

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Rantic now offers targeted views from USA, Australia, UK, and many other countries, a lot of clients have been reporting successfully being promoted on the Trending page in their country by Youtube. This means that our targeted views can land your video on the trending page!


What is needed to trend on Youtube?

  1. Buy the views as you finished uploading the video
  2. Good ratio of likes & comments, for example if you have bought 50,000 views have at least 1500 likes and 50 comments.
  3. Select a category for the Youtube video that is least selected in the trending page.


Good luck!

5 Tips for Seasonal Marketers

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You can see stores like Target using sneaky holiday strategies, decorations, pumpkins, and Christmas trees. While this is a great time for shopkeepers, it is a miserable time for shoppers. For seasonal marketers, though, it couldn’t be any better.

Holidays mean marketing advantage, the holiday fever hits everyone and for marketers, it is the right time to gauge the impact of their marketing strategy.

The tips we will give you are tried-and-tested; many people have been successfully using them for years now. Lets start!

Some tips are tried-and-true techniques that many marketers have been using for years, whereas others have emerged recently as more options have become available to digital marketers. Regardless, these tips and tricks will help kick off your holiday marketing campaigns with a bang, so let’s get started!


  1. Ad Extensions are your Friend

Ok so this one is a little on the nose but, most marketers overlook this and don’t make use of ad extensions. What is the purpose of your ad? One word….REACH. When you launch a holiday marketing campaign, consider using features like review extensions, sitelinks and call extensions. Make your ad stand out. Therefore it is worth revisiting your ads while checking them if you are getting the most out of them.


  1. Shopping Campaigns are Profitable

Shopping campaigns are specially effective for those are selling tangible products, shopping campaigns were also known as PLAs, Ads, or product listings. Without any doubt, this is and should be the center of your marketing strategy.

They are to the point and are great from the perspective of user experience, your prospect gets everything that helps him/her to make a quick decision. The most important part of an ad are pictures and the price, ads make these elements more visible – making Shopping campaign a powerful tool.

Obviously you will be competing with others so the most important thing here is price. You can differentiate your product via price and unique images. So overall, Shopping Campaigns can boost your holiday sales if you implement them correctly.


  1. Ad Automation

Its important that we spend at least 45 minutes a week on refining and optimizing our research strategy.  You need a hands-on approach for managing your campaign and we highly recommend it for your holiday marketing plans.

There are tons of tools you can use in AdWords, you can resume, pause, and commence your campaigns, this depends on your timing. For example, you can create campaigns for Christmas shoppers now and your campaign will automatically start, commence, and stop.

There are many variables in automated process, make sure that you delete campaigns or disable them after the holiday is over.


  1. Your Ad Copy is Your Way Out

No need to concentrate on time-sensitive sales because there is more financial reward, people usually call it a day and this is a big mistake which will cost you. Make sure that you revisit your ad copy before launching your campaign.

There are many options you can use, you can write it yourself and maybe rewrite it again to make that it hits your target market. If you do not have the time than hire a freelance writer, some freelancers can be expensive but some can be very modest in terms of price. To be frank, it will cost you a little more than you expect because good writers charge $50-$75 per hour, some may write it in 5 hours and for some it may take 8-9 hours.

In any case, writing a good copy is integral to your success. There is super competition and unfortunately its rising day by day. So marketers have to be sharp because of competition, its like a war – everything is fair. So put yourself ahead of everyone else, because holidays are hectic for marketers, there are so many things to do and so little time.

The first thing you need to do is to make that the offer in your copy is current, its not important If you don’t mention your promotion in your copy, the key is to understand the REASON why would your prospect click on your ad. This does not mean that you should overlook key areas like sales and discounts – you need those in your copy. Holidays are a great time to push your sales and find more customers so that your reach becomes higher.

In any case, position your product in your copy, make it compelling so that it creates interest…enough interest for your target market to click.


  1. The Holiday Rush and You

The holiday is long awaited for and is probably a miserable time for most. People driving under stress to find the best gift for their loved ones or someone who is a sit-at-home-shopper and gets the wrong package. We face smart advertisers and to compete with them, you need to appeal to your customers, making sure that you had planned your campaign in advance. You can make your customer’s holiday stress free, that is a feature that will help you bag more sales.

You will need to entice people with your special offers and carefully crafted sales copy. Making sure that your landing pages, ads and social media set up is in order. Giving your customers the ‘act now’ promotion which helps them save time with lesser stress. You will be surprised that people are willing to pay an extra buck for convenience. Its obvious that TIME is an important factor, most people don’t have it, they are busy with their jobs and when holiday season approaches, they are completely dumfounded by the amount of stress. You can create a sense of urgency NOW because people would go to extreme lengths to avoid the holiday rush, imagine the crowd on Christmas Eve, that image would put a dent on any plan.

If you aren’t doing it, START NOW because the clock is ticking, now is the time to observe your competition and gain a head start in the race. That is your best chance to start selling early – before your competition.


Real Estate Agents Underinvesting in Facebook & Search Engine, Says Survey

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Social media and Google have become one of the biggest marketing tools available today. It’s power can drive huge business and revenue to almost any type of industry. It is particularly effective in the Real Estate business.

According to an Inman survey, most real estate agents are not utilizing the potential of Facebook and search engines. Those who are, have seen a huge spike in revenue.

“Search engine and Facebook ads provide the best return on investment among online lead sources included in the survey, with leads generated by the two sources ranking as the only types to earn more ratings of “great,” “good” and “mediocre” collectively than ratings of “poor,” the survey found.


While Google or Facebook ads may be a great way to increase revenue, it’s nothing compared to SEO.

SEO or (Search Engine Optimization) is perhaps the most important factor when using the internet as your marketing tool. While it’s not an easy task, there are numerous sites that devote their time to increase your SEO rankings. As a result of higher real estate SEO rankings, your realtor business will become more visible to hungry clients.

One site,, provides powerful SEO to realtors who are looking for a strong online presence. This is just one of many online sites that can increase your search engine visibility.

Besides Facebook ads, promoting your realtor business through shares, can also improve visibility. Facebook is considered the most visited website on the web. It is also the transmission for almost every viral marketing phenomena.

Now that you know how effective Facebook and search engine are to the real estate business, it’s time for you to reevaluate your online marketing plan. And when I mean reevaluate your plan, I mean upgrade.

h/t: FoxWeekly

Making Money with Google AdWords

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Google AdWords is a system that is developed to assist online marketers in advertising their products and services in the Google search engine. Using text ad, the AdWords appear on the Google search results and affiliate websites when relevant keywords are searched by any Google user. Just like the system of PPC; or pay per click works, the Google AdWords work the same way! When any user clicks on your ad that appears in the search results, you get paid by Google. You can specify where your ads are to be placed, and you can customize them using the relevant keywords to your web page.

People who use Google AdWords to make money online will be telling you to follow steps in order to make an AdSense account and building a website but nobody will be ready to tell you how exactly this system of AdWords work! So here is a quick guide if you are not familiar with this system of making money online and it is also known as lead generation. Have a look;

  1. Creation of a new website which collects leads from interested people in related products on the website, for example if your website is about ladies bags, you will get leads from people who want to display ads of ladies bags.
  2. Finding a buyer for these leads is the next step, and your buyer can be anyone dealing with ladies bags online.
  3. Advertising your website of ladies bags on Google is the next step in which you use AdWords to generate leads that will be sold online.
  4. Your advertising costs and your profits from selling leads is the difference that is your earned income. This is how this system works!

Well, that sounds interesting and easy but in reality it is not simple like that. If you have an online blog or a retail website which has enough traffic that you make your living out of it, then you can be sure to get benefits from Google AdWords. The program that is run by Google is known as AdSense, and online advertisers use this program to sell leads through the AdWords. Google makes money while showing these ads in search results, and you earn money when people click on them. Little bit complex, right?

If you want to earn money using Google AdWords, you can start right now as many people are already working on this system, and they are making millions out of AdWords. Many benefits are also associated with these ads that are the reason advertisers are investing in these ads. Have a look at some of the following pros of Google AdSense program;

  • The content that is related to these AdWords is relevant, and there are more chances to earn money.
  • These ads are not pushy, so Google users do not ban them.
  • People have trust on Google AdWords, and many internet users are Google loyal fans.
  • The money earned is quick and simple, and everyone can try to make a living out of it. There is no fraud or scam in Google AdWords.

So if you are now convinced about making money through Google AdWords, you must understand how to start this! Well, in the starting, you might not get desired results as nothing happens overnight but once your leads will start selling; you will get rewards and much real money. Have a look at following steps that you must take in order to get started on Google AdWords;

Make a website

If you do not have any website, it is time to make a new one! Choose the category and niche in which you feel passion as you need to build it and communicate with your online users. Select a topic that is relevant to the keywords in which you are interested in generating and selling leads. Much website making tools is available, and you can get help from any of these.

Using relevant and right keywords

If you have a website related to lipsticks, your keywords must be relevant to your products that you want to sell online. You can choose keywords like; how to choose the right lipstick, red lipstick, new lipstick trends and names of brands that are loved by lipstick users. If you are unable to choose right keywords, you can take help of Google AdWords tool for choosing keywords. Just make sure your keywords are relevant and not too much short-tailed or too much long tailed. This step is very significant so always do a thorough research before choosing the keywords.

Write your ads

So now you must have chosen the keywords that you want to use for your AdWords. Now you should create some ads that are relevant to your keywords. Sign up for Google AdWords and start your journey of making new ads easily. An encouraging title with a little product description is enough to place a perfect ad. Don’t forget to add your URL of landing page which can take the users to your website when they will click on it.

Your web page or landing page

The next thing to do is to have a landing page where your internet users will land after clicking the URL in the AdWords. So this way, you can direct customers to your official web page that is your sales page.

AdWords program is not totally free of cost

You must place bids for the keywords that you have selected for your AdWords. The Google place ads on first three positions for these keywords that have highest bids so if you want to come in the top 3 AdWords, you need to bid higher. This is a first-time investment as when you will start getting traffic; you can decrease your bidding budget. You need to invest if you want to make money.

Well, this is the whole process of making money out of Google AdWords. You must choose the keywords correctly and try to create ads that are compelling to the viewers. The process of making money from AdWords is not a one-day thing. You need to experiment a lot, and you might lose some money, but it is all worth it as when you will understand how it works, you will get the rewards.

Online Contests: Let the Games Begin

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Among all of the other tactics that are used on social media websites to gather more audience, the contests are listed on the top. For many online businesses, running contests is addressed as an important step towards better engagement and participation. Well, this is perfectly right that online users run for contests and anything that can make them win. It can be a contest for getting discounts on products or just a photo contest that means photo sharing; it just can be anything as contests never fail to entertain your audience. You must never underestimate the power of the word; contest!

Many online marketers focus on contests for making their brand marketing successful and more entertaining for all of the internet users. These contests spread like epidemics, and any page or brand that is running them becomes popular in real terms. Well, if you are striving hard to make an online presence and you are wondering how to surprise your followers, running an interesting contest is a great idea. Using any of the popular social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Google+, you can easily target your audience with your contest running strategy.

When you start any contest on your social media channel, your followers spread the word and bring more organic traffic to your profile. This is not only beneficial for your visibility but also for getting more traffic which will help you in getting a higher ranking in search engines. The search engines like Google work in a way that the websites and social media profiles which have higher clicks and user engagement tend to rank higher in relevant results. So contests can be extremely beneficial for growth of your online brand and business.

If you want to know more about the benefits of contests for better engagement among your followers, have a look at these points which can convince you that you must be running a contest right now!

Contests encourage discussion

If you want your users to engage in healthy discussions on your social media profile, you should consider posting a contest. People like to win and participate so they will discuss the details and ways to win through your posts with other people. They will bring in more followers by encouraging them, and you can get more and more followers for your profile. Your audience will discuss the contest, and you can also join them by replying to their comments and queries by directly answering them on public posts using their name. People like this and you can get a chance to make your followers happy too!

More comments on your posts mean more engagement and that is what you need to grow your business. Tell your followers about your contest details and discuss on the posts using comments. Don’t go for personal messaging as it cannot be shown to other users. When your followers will see that you are responding back, they will become even more active in commenting and trying to get your attention. So all in all, running contests is beneficial for your profile.

Improved EdgeRank

If you are using Facebook for promotion of your online brand and products, you can be sure that contests can help you improve your EdgeRank. It is an intelligent system used by Facebook to determine the engagement of users on any profile or post. It does not matter if the quality of comments is good or not as EdgeRank will rank them as comments and as your comments will increase, your EdgeRank will also improve. This is highly beneficial for your Facebook profile as the pages with higher EdgeRank are considered trustworthy and they are shown on higher search results.

Better advertising in the form of an engaged audience

If you are running a contest on your social media platform, you can expect people to talk about you in public. They will discuss the contest and about your brand. The winners will advertise your profile online as they will share their winning and celebrate it with others using their other social media channels. You will get more exposure as the friends and connections of winners will also follow you. The winners will spread the word about their winning like viral posts, and the best thing about all this scenario is that your brand will be getting same publicity like your winners.

Bring back loyal customers

Contests are viral for bringing back your old customers who rarely use your profile to engage with others now. So a contest can be a great way to invite your customers. Every time a user shares your contest details to his network, people will start liking it and sharing it on their social media networks. The reason is that people want to win and for this, you can ask them to share your posts and images to their profiles so that they can spread the word. This can bring back your loyal customers as they will try to win the contest too!

Networking with other social media profiles

If you are managing a photo contest on Instagram, you can share the details on your Facebook page, Twitter profile, and Google+ channel and your official blog. So in this way, you can encourage users to enter into the contest that is taking place on Instagram. Your Facebook followers and Instagram users will follow you back on your Facebook page. This can benefit you in many ways. For example, you will not have to force your followers to like your other social media profiles as asking directly might leave a bad feeling on your behalf. Running a contest is a simple invitation to your followers from all of your social media channels to focus your one channel where the contest is being held. Hence, more followers will like your specific profile just for the contest, and you can divert organic traffic to your particular social media profile using that contest.

So in this way, you can get benefits from contests as nothing is better than an active social media profile. Contests related to photo sharing, video sharing or anything that is relevant to your brand never fails. People want to win and spread their winning in order to become popular. You must have contests from time to time so that more and more of your followers can win and help you advertize your brand.


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In this age of technology and advancements, everyone has a smartphone and according to a recent research; there are more mobile phones on this planet that people. The social media has protruded in every field of life and use of smartphones has amplified this fact even more. Now you do not know about your neighbor, but you talk to a prince living in Dubai City. Your choices, meals, diets, preferences, and the living have changed just because social media compel everyone to follow the latest trends and people are forced to join the herd. If you are wearing flats in the age of wedges, people will consider you outdated! In addition, you would not want that!

Mobile video sharing is among the latest trends in online social media. It is growing, and nobody knows about the zenith of this new hype? Vine is among the social media websites that allow video sharing to their online users. It is not an old video sharing platform like the legend YouTube, and it just got birth in the January of 2013. However, despite this fact that Vine is a newbie among other fellow social media platforms, it attracted more than 13 million users worldwide in the first six months. This was no doubt a huge success that was followed by a rival, Instagram that launched its video sharing app and got more than 130 million monthly active users worldwide! Well, not to mention, most of these users were Instagram followers who converted into video feature users, but in any of the cases, the competition was fierce!

Vine is owned by Twitter, and the users of Twitter are automatically directed to Vine for sharing and watching videos. Vine offers a 6 second video feature in which you can add multiple clips and featured images to create a loop that plays in the Twitter timeline automatically. It can go on repeating till you stop it or change your web page. While using Vine, you can view all of the other videos as well as create your 6 second videos instantly with just a few clicks.

Why Vine? Why not Instagram?

There are many reasons people prefer Vine as compared to Instagram. Vine has more daily shares of videos than Instagram, which was the best before arrival of Vine. The main reason that is lagging Instagram behind Vine is the factor of humor that is present in the creation of Vine. The 6 second looped video seems hilarious, and people take it as a quick joke of 6 seconds. You might need thousand words to describe your post or your image, but the video has an ability to convey that message in just one view. Actions speak louder than words! Now you can believe this old proverb. So no matter how funny or creative any Instagram video is, it will still not have the hilarious theme of a mini movie. Audience will choose to watch that little movie that is easier to load and funny to watch.

People notice humor and fun on social media quicker than any other type of creativity so this makes sense of that much popularity of Vine. Well, if you are still confused that whether you should Vine or invest in Instagram for your social media marketing, you can check a quick comparison between video features of both of the social media channels; Vine and Instagram.

Characteristics of the video app

In Vine, you can makeup to a 6 second video and add a title, caption, add a location tag and edit it easily. You can share your Vine videos to your Facebook fan page or Twitter profile. In the case of Instagram, the videos can be of 15 second length. Similar to Vine, you can edit the video, add caption and location as well as share it to your other social media platforms or you can mail it to anyone who is using the internet. So what’s the reason for increasing popularity of Vine videos when this channel shares almost similar features with Instagram? Check this out!

Difference # 1

You can embed the Vine videos in your Twitter streams easily. However, in case of Instagram videos, there is no such option that means no embedding for Twitter.

Difference # 2

You can easily make your Vine videos available on the web using the web code, but Instagram videos can be watched only if you are using Instagram. There are no other ways to watch videos that are shared on Instagram other than Instagram account.

Difference # 3

The feature of the auto loop in Vine videos is an amazing and wonderful feature that is the basis of the videos being hilarious as repetition is funny. The Instagram videos do not provide this feature, so the score for being funny is significantly lesser than Vine.

Difference # 4

You can use latest hashtags for your Vine videos and make them more popular by selecting right and trendy tags because Instagram does not allow the users to make videos with hashtags.

No doubt both of the video sharing applications are marvelous and super easy to use, but the few differences in features and working of the apps make them rivals. The purpose of both is same; to share small videos for quick audience targeting. Vine and Instagram are the best mini video sharing platforms that have given YouTube a hard time. YouTube has also changed its features and updated the policies so that it can again come on the top. If you are confused about using Vine or Instagram, the above-given comparison might help you make this difficult choice.

If you have a huge fan following on Twitter, using Vine can help you boost your profile as you can embed your Vine videos in your tweets easily. However, if you have a steady flow of likes and comments of your loyal followers on Instagram, you must consider creating videos using Instagram video app. It is totally up to your choice. However, if you are a newbie and you are setting up your social media channels, then comparing both of the video sharing websites is very crucial as both of these are different if you are a starter here. If your online social media marketing strategy is focused on images, you must choose Instagram and the video app of this site. However, if you are not focused on image sharing and your online business needs general posts and tweets, you can choose Vine for sharing your videos.



Vine – Can you go viral after buying vine followers?

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Social media websites are influencing everything and every person who is a part of this world. From buying decisions to political opinions; people turn towards the internet to search information and discuss on social media platforms. A lot of new websites and apps hit the market from time to time and share the rat race of getting more and more popularity. If you are an active internet user and marketer, you must know about the newest social media video sharing platform named as Vine. It is the hype nowadays, and the craze of posting videos is just increasing day by day! The six second videos that are posted on this social video posting website are noted by millions of people out there within minutes. Not only individuals and teenagers; but also many companies and online businesses are using Vine to build a strong fan base by posting creative videos in the form of just six second clips.

Vine is getting popular; although it looks similar to Instagram! However, the thing that makes it unique is the six-second looped videos that can be shared to your social media channels like Twitter or other websites using the embedded code. Just like the popularity of this site is growing, more and more businessmen and marketers are using it for promoting their online businesses and brands. This is a new platform, and if you use your creativity and more followers, you can beat the others who are using the website. The competition is no doubt tough here, but it is not like YouTube or Facebook where brands have monopoly. So you can take advantage of this thriving website and build your brand presence.

Well, the idea, of buying Vine followers for making a video that just goes viral, is interesting. Businesses have started using Vine to market their items by making viral videos. However, you cannot build a fan base of a million fans on Vine like those Vine users who already have many followers. So you can buy the fans and let people recognize your videos with a higher number of likes. Buying followers can benefit you in many ways, and Vine users will start noticing you. You can simply say that if your videos have more likes, more Vine followers will join you. So your video will automatically go viral this way.

Buying Vine followers will make you more visible on the internet as people share Vine videos that go viral to their other social media platforms. So more and more people will share your videos, and you will get much organic traffic to your Vine channel. It is not wrong that video sharing is spread like a craze and videos are among the top marketing strategies for internet marketers. You can just shoot your 6 seconds video and buy followers and next thing your get is enjoying the popularity of your video. Your video will go viral, and your brand will go boom!

So have a look at the following ways that can help your video to go viral after buying Vine followers.

Viral videos can make you a powerful Vine user

Popularity and power come hand in hand! That is right when you are operating any social media channel. You can influence as many people as you want and make them think like you do. Your fan following your power and you can change the trends; in fact you can set your trends and make millions of online users follow you! However, the thing is that you need to be popular for that. You may have seen celebrities and famous bloggers who just post anything about their pet and go viral! This is their power, and you can get it by buying Vine followers.

More members and Vine video like mean more visibility. There are many secrets of making a viral video, but you can simplify these secrets by just investing in a reliable online service that can provide you Vine followers.

More Vine followers mean you are being recognized by real followers

If you have a million of Vine followers, you will become more valuable in the eyes of other Vine members who have not joined you yet. So they will join you and become your new followers. So you will get benefits in both ways. This will act like a magnet, and you will start getting more followers who will follow you with an intention. So if anyone tells you that these members that you bought will not interact with you and will not give you any benefit, you can tell them that actually it is nothing like this!

Better and improved content sharing

Just like the worldwide phenomenon of content distribution, videos work the same way. If your videos are having more than thousands of even millions of likes and followers on any social media network, you can expect people to share the content with more zeal and zest. Online users want to follow the trends and latest hype. Your viral video, which was just having followers, will go viral in reality, and you can expect double results.

More members will make your brand go viral too!

If your videos are being shared worldwide and people are sharing them on their Facebook profiles and YouTube channels, how your business will not flourish? It will get a boost, and your online social media strategy will be an enormous success. Brands and companies are using Vine nowadays as this platform is not very old, and the scope of success is much higher than YouTube of any other social media network.

So you can be sure that by buying Vine followers, your videos will go viral and spread around the world. However, while making these efforts, you must not forget that the importance of quality content should never be overlooked. If your videos are not worth watching, even if you buy followers for them, you cannot expect long term results. People will watch them and regret watching them if they do not have any clear idea or good content. Buying followers will only give you an advantage if your videos are worthy. So use this shortcut when you think you can handle the after effects too!

You will not like people to recognize that you have bought followers as this is a common practice nowadays! Stick to quality and get a boost with buying Vine members! That should be your strategy to win the hearts and to be a mega star on Vine.