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    Unmasked: EmmaYouAreNext.com Hoax

    UNITED KINGDOM -- It was one of those nights, I had Netflix opened up on one tab and Pizza Hut on the other. Skyping with my co-workers we look through all the hottest trending headlines. Upon scanning dozens of headlines, we find one that's just about right for a viral campaign.It was Septembe

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    Study: ‘Those Who Buy Twitter Followers Are Successful’

    Those who buy Twitter followers are prone to success. Its that simple and basic. The facts are here as we prove why buying Twitter followers can make your successful.Those who don't know yet already, buying social fans is not a new phenomena and has been around since the start of social media. T

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    Artists Buy Twitter Followers As A ‘Career Boost’

    Musicians Who Buy Twitter Followers Are Successful?Musicians who are buying Twitter followers tend to be success

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    The Big ‘Buy YouTube Views’ Industry

    Its becoming more apparent that social media has taken over the internet. With social media giants like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, it is becoming easier for us to connect with each other. Content is also easier to pass around and upload with the help of another social media giant known as

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    What Are The ‘Benefits’ of Buying Twitter Followers?

    LOS ANGELES -- It is becoming more known now that social media is dominating the entire marketing and advertising world. Public relation agents, digital marketers, advertisers and company CEOs are adapting to the new world of social media marketing. Its grown from a small business to a multi-billio