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    Social Black Market Takes A Beating From Instagram

    UNITED KINGDOM -- Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have all took turns swinging at the social media black market. One who hasn't yet, was Instagram. Well, that changed today.Instagram is still a fairly new social platform and is currently growing in users. With that being said, Instagram wanted to

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    Study: Social Media Causing ‘Concerningly More’ Clickbait By Reporters

    LOS ANGELES -- It is pouring on a typical stormy weekend morning with people staying in to avoid the weather. Taking a sip of some warm coffee, eyes are glued onto the screen as I check the latest trends on the news. With what seems like just casual click baiting by today’s press, I stumble up

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    How Reddit Can Increase Your Social Awareness

    This day in age, Reddit is known as one of the top internet communities. It has a massive amount of internet traffic that can convert into viral opportunities. A lot of people see Reddit as a way to generate lots of YouTube views and social fans.For musicians and video makers, Reddit can general

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    Artists Buy Twitter Followers As A ‘Career Boost’

    Musicians Who Buy Twitter Followers Are Successful?Musicians who are buying Twitter followers tend to be success

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    3 Tips To Help Grow Your Social Presence

    With the obvious suggestion of purchasing legit high-quality social fans from a well-respected social store, there are 3 other easy tips that can help grow your presence on the web.Social media has continued to show no signs of slowing down and will continue to dominate the world over the next c

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    The Big ‘Buy YouTube Views’ Industry

    Its becoming more apparent that social media has taken over the internet. With social media giants like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, it is becoming easier for us to connect with each other. Content is also easier to pass around and upload with the help of another social media giant known as