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Jun 12, 2016 Posted by :   Zack Khan No Comments

Chances are that you have read countless articles, books and have even attended seminars about business in general or in a specialized area like sales, customer service etc. This is part of your learning, and right beside your goal to strengthen your business. However, sometimes you need to know what-not-to-do so you can save more money. Here are 10 mistakes which you might be making.




Can you judge a book by its cover? Well, the general consensus is that you can’t and should not especially if you’re a business person. For instance, you can judge a customer through your first interaction and you might say “I don’t think this is a genuine customer, only wasting my time” rather than doing that, try understanding every customer and contemplate the reason if there is no sale. Dismiss your judgment and try learning more about your potential customers, take a leap of sales-oriented-faith and have fun.



This is a world of fierce competition and customers who have a lot of alternatives, unless you are selling something you have imported from MARS, chances are that your competition is also selling something similar. The key is, RESPONSE TIME. People email for inquiries about your product or service, they are your potential customers. If you don’t reply them back within a suitable period of time (which is immediately) they will simply go to someone else. Yes folks, replying within 24 hours isn’t enough! You need immediate response giving your customers the impression that you are ready to serve.



Some people are generally rude and are honest in presenting their thoughts. Obviously, they do not expect the same honesty in return, and especially when they are trying buy something. It’s imperative that you believe in the old saying “the customer is always right”

Some people are just having a bad day, you can turn their day around with a few witty remarks or using your positive attitude to genuinely help them buy. They might ask you silly personal questions like “Do you go to the gym?” or “I have a friends daughter who looks exactly like you” or “Are you sure this is the right business for you?”

It is always better to ignore such people and get on with your sales pitch. Don’t let anyone discourage you from your main objective. You are smarter than that.



People want more than just a product or service; they need to feel that you care. If are snippy with your customers, that will not work well in the long run. Maybe what you are selling is doing pretty well, but that will build a FRIENDLY brand. The longevity of your business is not dependent on one sale, no sir! You need customers who come back to you. You don’t have to take your customers out for lunch, (unless you’re a real-estate person), simply take interest in them, and make them feel special.



You can’t do everything by yourself, even Geralt of Rivia needs some help now and then. Your customers will have issues and they will contact you, if you are solely handling customer queries, this will take a huge chunk of motivation out of you. Instead, train your staff to do that. Train them in the dark arts of customer service, teach them to handle each situation and make your customers happy, this is a great way to ensure a repeat business. You can keep a keen eye on your staff, delegating responsibilities to them does not mean that you should stop reviewing them. Form compliance and train them to follow the rules of your business. don’t make these mistakes



Who doesn’t want a balanced life? But business is not fond of the 9-5 regime; your customers can have a stomach ache and decide to contact you at 3am via email asking you something about your product of service. The level of competition has made it that difficult, because if you don’t reply back, your competitors will and that weakens your stance in the market. Obviously you cannot stay up 24 hours a day but do try answering customer queries during the weekends.



“SPEED” is the word, business is fast and relentless. Taking too long to make decisions can hurt your business badly. For instance, you are operating your business solo and need someone to handle the content for your website, your handling sales, website content, customer service, seo, social media accounts etc. There is a limit when it comes to your productivity. Do not wait for opportunities to come by, hire someone now. Same goes for sponsorship opportunities, if you don’t take it, someone else will. Trust your gut, it will point you in the right direction.



Your contact information should be easily visible to your customers. People get frustrated when they are unable to find phone numbers on your website or your email. Even your most loyal customers will give at one point and go to your competition. Make sure that your customers find it convenient to contact you.




Every word on your page tells your customers about your brand and it eventually becomes a vital part in your customers buying decision. Use top-quality material. There is no alternative.

The most difficult thing to do in business is to take advice from others. However, this is how the ball rolls. All of us learn something from others and later on make it our own, you can be inspired of a concept and then create something of your own by personalizing it. Intelligent business people learn from other people’s mistakes. Look around you, you will find plenty of examples, learn from them and apply them, long term success is right around the corner.


Rantic Marketing Launches Twitter Followers Discount For Politicians

Apr 9, 2015 Posted by :   Jerry Kolman No Comments

WASHINGTON — With the 2016 US Presidential campaigns under way, Rantic Marketing has decided to launch a ‘special discount’ feature for any US politician wanting to increase their Twitter campaign.

According to our panel, an order of ‘1000 Real Twitter followers’ costs around $10 — without the politician discount. With the discount in place, in addition to verifying credentials, the price for Twitter followers drops to $7.99 per 1,000.

Of course, we will verify the authenticity of those who are purchasing Twitter followers as politicians before the order is made. If you are affiliated with a politician or party and want to purchase followers, please contact us for the discount code.

Our strong privacy policy has made Rantic one of the most trusted social media marketing brands on the internet. We will NEVER disclose any purchases or orders acted upon by any politician.

As of now, we will NOT be lowering the prices for our other social services.

How Instagram Can Take Twitter’s Throne

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Instagram is now one of the biggest websites on the internet. With the strong 300M user base it has, it can now dethrone Twitter easily. Twitter should now be worried about this Facebook-owned company.

Instagram is not that old and neither is as popular as Facebook is, but, the amount of attention that it has garnished is significant. The only social media platform that should be paying attention to the latest Instagram headlines is Twitter.

And here’s why.

Both Twitter and Facebook has been known to be competitors like McDonalds and Burger King. Since Facebook started owning the image sharing website Instagram, its chances at taking both top spots for social platform is closer than ever. With the rapid popularity of ‘selfies’ mixed with this ever growing addiction of these narcissistic-like behavior, Instagram is soon to dominate Twitter completely. Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom has recently announced that their social media platform racked a staggering 300 million active users. A number that now exceeds the amount of active users that Twitter has.

Most people didn’t see it coming, but now Instagram basically has Twitter by the throat. The music or entertainment culture is further popularizing Instagram and the whole taking self-portraits, which has helped bring Instagram to where it is today. While Facebook shows no signs of slowing down, Mark Zuckerberg’s net worth is expected to multiply.

If Twitter doesn’t step up its game, Instagram will dethrone it very easily. Twitter is still more known than Instagram, according to a poll study that was conducted in numerous forum boards. The poll study basically involved forum communities from all parts of the world and people were to vote whether the people around them knew more about Instagram or Twitter.

Twitter was voted higher than Instagram which potentially means that Twitter has not been forgotten or dominated just yet.

The matter of the truth is that Twitter, which was released 8 years ago, is attracting less users than Instagram, a site that has only been up for 4 years. Twitter is on its way to 300M users, potentially in the next year. This is assuming Twitter registrations are continuing to climb and not decrease.

With fake ‘dummy’ accounts on the rise of third-world countries, the Twitter and Instagram game will spark a certain amount of confusion. Instagram is not trying to get into the same mess as Twitter or Facebook and is attempting to wipe off the accounts it thinks are inactive or fake. A problem that will likely never be fixed because the account creators are from places like India or Kenya.

Whatever the case may be, 2015 is set to be the most interesting year yet for social media. As more elderly people are starting to adapt to the internet, things are about to get wilder in the new year. We at Rantic, being called one of the most notorious social media marketing sites, can totally see Instagram slaying Twitter and all other social networking sites.

And you never know, Instagram could catch up to Facebook too.

How your followers would look if you buy USA Twitter followers

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Many people want the highest quality of twitter followers, So when they buy followers their profiles won’t look like it’s been slammed with spam bots. Rantic does not offer such type of low-quality followers. Here Is an example of what kind of followers you can expect when buying USA twitter followers from us:

Buy Twitter USA followers


Rantic can deliver 100,000 USA followers INSTANTLY and 500,000 worldwide one’s as of today. If you are looking to boost your profile and grow on twitter, We are here to help.


How to get a link of a twitter tweet

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So you want to share a tweet with a friend or you are looking to buy retweets/favs from us and don’t know exactly how to get the direct link that would link to the tweet?

Here is what you need to get the direct link of your tweet:

1.Go to you twitter feed

2.do you see a time stamp on the tweet? Click on it.


3.Copy paste the URL


4.You have the direct link of your tweet now.

Study: ‘Those Who Buy Twitter Followers Are Successful’

Nov 22, 2014 Posted by :   Jerry Kolman 1 Comment

Those who buy Twitter followers are prone to success. Its that simple and basic. The facts are here as we prove why buying Twitter followers can make your successful.

Those who don’t know yet already, buying social fans is not a new phenomena and has been around since the start of social media. The only problem is buying Twitter followers from a trusted or safe social store. So that way you get the MAXIMUM results you need to succeed in your brand or company.

Rantic has conducted a study during the past couple of months and have concluded that those who buy Twitter followers among other services, tend to be more successful in their marketing campaign. Those who buy Twitter followers are aged around 15-25 and are mostly male. The U.S. and Russia are the two top countries for this interest of service.

On top of that, the amount of followers after the campaign was complete, was significantly and consistently larger. So if you have a company or a brand, you should consider potentially investing in a Twitter marketing campaign to increase awareness of your brand. Its really helpful and millions of businesses have found successful results with it.

Who knew Buying Twitter followers can make you so successful huh?

How Many Twitter Followers Should I Buy?

Nov 20, 2014 Posted by :   Jerry Kolman No Comments

SAN FRANCISCO — Many people who are interested in buying Twitter followers often find asking themselves, how many Twitter followers should I purchase? The answer is, it depends. Let me explain.

Everyone’s marketing goal on Twitter is different. Whether you have a local restaurant, business or company, your goal will vary. If you have a big named company, then you will need as much as you can. If you are looking to market a local restaurant, you will only need local or national advertising which will be less followers.

For entertainers or video creators, its best to get as much Twitter followers as possible. You will need to get as much as possible to ensure maximum exposure of your content. The followers will also need to be high-quality and need to give back some very good results. Musicians and actors are the hardest to gain a natural following without a boost, but its still possible and with a good marketing plan, you can do it.

For local businesses or brands that don’t need a global push, 5,000 to 50,000 followers is good for a jumpstart. With this you will need to push your marketing plan to the max to get the full results you need to convert the exposure to revenue.

On the other hand, for big named brands or companies, you will need as much as possible. 50,000-250,000 followers is a good starting point. Of course, it all depends on the goals of the business owner and what you have in mind. The maximum exposure should always be what you should seek — when initiating your marketing plan.

Entertainers have a different goal, their goals are to gain the most fans as possible. Musicians are taught to be dominate over their competition and to gain the most following. Getting as much followers as possible is crucial but should be done responsibly. High quality REAL followers is important not just for musicians, but also for ANYONE who’s interested in purchasing Twitter followers.

What Are The ‘Benefits’ of Buying Twitter Followers?

Nov 20, 2014 Posted by :   Jerry Kolman 1 Comment

LOS ANGELES — It is becoming more known now that social media is dominating the entire marketing and advertising world. Public relation agents, digital marketers, advertisers and company CEOs are adapting to the new world of social media marketing. Its grown from a small business to a multi-billion dollar industry that has even seen revenue in the trillion.

Twitter is no stranger to this success as it has dominated close to its rival Facebook. YouTube follows up close to these 2 social media giants, and Instagram right by it. Twitter followers has become extremely important and is now seen as a sign of authority or popularity. These two factors have made Twitter a household named brand and powerful internet platform.

There is nothing that can come close to Twitter except Facebook. So what are the benefits of buying Twitter followers?

Its simple. We will break it down in three simple words. “Authority”, “Popularity” and “Business”.


One of the best things about buying Twitter followers is the amazing type of authority that comes along. Its hard to build authority on Twitter, especially when you only have 35 followers. This is where buying Twitter followers can be extremely effective.

When a person buys Twitter followers from a respected social store like Rantic or Fiverr, then you are able to gain authority. So, I have authority, now what? You will receive extra heads who will see you as an important brand or individual.

By psychological perception, when a person sees a high social following, he automatically is trained to see you as an authority figure. Kind of like when you see a police officer on the street or a celebrity being followed by paparazzi. Its a natural human instinct and it can make huge opportunities possible for your brand.

Doors open very frequently for people who buy Twitter followers and use the extra boost correctly. The jumpstart of followers is not necessarily the end of your marketing plan, it should be only the beginning.


The big thing that can occur with buying Twitter followers is the popularity and potential viral outcomes that can happen. Sometimes brands become viral overnight by using this marketing tactic. You can gain a TON of followers from this marketing strategy.

A lot of Twitter users who see accounts with a large amount of followers, will follow you because you are popular. Others will just click to see who you are and why you have so much fame. This will not give you a follow, but it will get people to check you out and maybe even click on some links in your tweets. If you are a musician who needs music to be heard, this is crucial.

The more heads who listen to your music, the more exposure and more album sales. And of course, the more revenue that you make. Popularity = $$$


If you are the one who owns a company, big corporation or local business, social media marketing is now VERY IMPORTANT. Business owners now make a significant portion of their revenue through social media. Getting the word out about your business should be a must for everyone.

More people, business or companies will want to work with you if your brand looks marketable.

www.theepochtimes.com/n3/blog/benefits-of-buying-twitter-followers/ or here.

This article was originally published on The Epoch Times and has been rewritten with proper permission from the publisher.

Is It Safe To Buy 100,000+ Twitter Followers?

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Many people are cautious these days because they do not want to jeopardize their business over buying twitter followers,


It is one the most common marketing strategies currently. To answer the question Rantic can speak out of experience,


Rantic had countless of clients that needed 100,000 + followers to get the “authority look” in fact the 100k mark is one that makes you stand out from your competition.


Has Rantic ever had problems with twitter before? No is the answer, Buying twitter followers from us will guarantee 100% account safety or refund.


We are sure with us you will not get any trouble, and your account will stay safe because we send the highest quality of followers that never got a single account suspended.