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    What Does Facebook’s “Dislike Button” Means

        By Nazia Khan-Ahmed Mark Zuckerberg mentioned in a recent press event that he is building a “dislike” button – that may present a new set of challenges for the online business world. This button is however in the testing, and will be released for pilot testing s

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    Get 1 Million Facebook Page Likes in these Easy Steps

      By Nazia Khan-Ahmed To reach the milestone of having a million likes by Facebook users is insane. Nowadays many large businesses as well as the small businesses either emerging or mid-level ones compete with each other in order to have more and more likes. For this purpose, mos

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    Chances are that you have read countless articles, books and have even attended seminars about business in general or in a specialized area like sales, customer service etc. This is part of your learning, and right beside your goal to strengthen your business. However, sometimes you need to know wha

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    Rantic Marketing Launches Twitter Followers Discount For Politicians

    WASHINGTON -- With the 2016 US Presidential campaigns under way, Rantic Marketing has decided to launch a 'special discount' feature for any US politician wanting to increase their Twitter campaign. According to our pane

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    How Instagram Can Take Twitter’s Throne

    Instagram is now one of the biggest websites on the internet. With the strong 300M user base it has, it can now dethrone Twitter easily. T

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    How your followers would look if you buy USA Twitter followers

    Many people want the highest quality of twitter followers, So when they buy followers their profiles won't look like it's been slammed with spam bots. Rantic does not offer such type of low-quality followers. Here Is an example of what kind of followers you can expect when buying USA twitter follow

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    How to get a link of a twitter tweet

    So you want to share a tweet with a friend or you are looking to buy retweets/favs from us and don't know exactly how to get the direct link that would link to the tweet? Here is what you need to get the direct link of your tweet: 1.Go to you twitter feed

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    Study: ‘Those Who Buy Twitter Followers Are Successful’

    Those who buy Twitter followers are prone to success. Its that simple and basic. The facts are here as we prove why buying Twitter followers can make your successful. Those who don't know yet already, buying social fans is not a new phenomena and has been around since the start of social media. T

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    How Many Twitter Followers Should I Buy?

    SAN FRANCISCO -- Many people who are interested in buying Twitter followers often find asking themselves, how many Twitter followers should I purchase? The answer is, it depends. Let me explain. Everyone's marketing goal on Twitter is different. Whether you have a local restaurant, business or co

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    What Are The ‘Benefits’ of Buying Twitter Followers?

    LOS ANGELES -- It is becoming more known now that social media is dominating the entire marketing and advertising world. Public relation agents, digital marketers, advertisers and company CEOs are adapting to the new world of social media marketing. Its grown from a small business to a multi-billio