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How Entertainers Benefit From Using YouTube.com

Dec 8, 2014 Posted by :   Jerry Kolman 2 Comments

It’s performing time for musicians or actors who are aspiring to be the next big thing. Most upcoming musicians are likely trying to find ways to promote their music and sell out shows. For some musicians, the life of trying to make it in the music industry is frustrating. Musicians are used to seeing artists who’s YouTube videos skyrocket with views and it seemingly happens overnight.

Most musicians are always left wondering how the 1% is able to find a way to break into the industry. Unsigned musicians never find out how and why these artists get so much attention online. A big portion of these overnight sensations are not even all that talented.

As in the case for actors, a big chunk of ‘undiscovered’ actors are waitresses in LA, waiting for the big moment to happen. The big sad reality is that for most of these upcoming actors, their chance may never happen. It is said that you need to know somebody to break into any of these entertainment industries.

But the real fact is that this is not true!

Musicians and actors have found success breaking into either industry by utilizing the power of social media. Well, actually only YouTube. This powerful video-sharing platform has made normal people into overnight celebrities. Whether it’s acting or music, YouTube has broken artists into the industry.

YouTube views are perhaps the most important factor for anyone that is hoping to use YouTube as a marketing platform. Almost every musician who promotes music on YouTube are glued into the view counter. Most people are rated on the site and ranked based on how many views the artist has. The more views, the more respect the artist has.

Same goes for actors, except actors are in the form of YouTube vloggers. Most of these YouTube vloggers that make consistent videos every week — are in reality aspiring actors or actresses. It’s in the best interest of any entertainer to utilize the YouTube view counter as the most important tool they will ever use. Not only have we seen these artists guest star on Ellen, MTV, VH1, Comedy Central, CBS, BET, Jimmy Fallon & CNN, we placed some of them in there. We never really booked them in there, but our marketing was the reason why they appeared on those TV channels and shows in the first place.

YouTube views are a powerful thing when it comes to entertainment marketing or promotion. Record label companies are not focusing on using social media as its primary basis for marketing and digital advertising. These record companies know the real structure and ability that social media platforms can produce. That’s why you now see A&R’s becoming more interested in online trending artists rather than musicians performing at bars.

Basically, the internet has made the music industry’s job a better place. Everything is basically done for them. The artists are ranked on the YouTube charts, Billboard Heat Seekers and even on news media outlets. All A&R’s have to do is hand pick which ones they want to sign and the entire artist-scouting job is done.

The same can be said about actors who are vlogging on the video sharing site, but these artists just rely on news media for exposure from talent agencies. Yes, there has been countless YouTube stars who were aspiring actors or comedians who have gone on to transition to television. FRED, Shane Dawson, William Ray Johnson, Lia Marie Johnson & Miranda Sings are just a few of them. They have all used YouTube’s platform to build a fan base and grow into a strong massive online phenomena.

Musicians on the other hand, have used YouTube to get A&R attention and go on to sign million dollar recording contracts. These recording contracts sometimes include modeling, business or acting additions in them. A&R like to sign the YouTube musicians who have millions of views, news buzz and a study subscriber base. If you are a pop artist, your subscriber base should be at least 500,000 to a million. In a different case, rappers don’t need that much subscribers. About 25,000 could work for an unsigned rapper.

As long as the views are in the millions or approaching, all heads will be turned to you. YouTube can easily benefit almost any type of business or goal that you can imagine. Musicians who are not looking to sign a recording contract can easily make revenue off the site. Putting your song independently on YouTube and sharing the link to your fans – can generate intense revenue opportunities. The same goes for actors or vloggers that want to sell merchandise.

YouTube is practically a place where entertainers can now generate revenue and pay their bills. Get paid for doing what you like, doesn’t that sound great? It’s basically a dream come true for some, but it’s because of social media. Social media continues to connect and bring innovative ways to generate revenue doing the things we love.

We hope that social media continues to connect us and give everyone some new job opportunities.


How WorldstarHipHop Can Generate Lots of YouTube Views

Dec 1, 2014 Posted by :   Jerry Kolman 1 Comment


Here’s a website that has influenced the Hip Hop culture since it first launched. A site that features the latest unsigned hype and trending videos. It is also a secret weapon that can be used to generate thousands, if not, millions of natural YouTube views on your video.

Those who have used WorldstarHipHop to the best of their advantage have all but gone viral. Rappers such as Chief Keef, Trinidad James, Bobby Shmurda have all broken into the music industry and became millionaires overnight. Many people think that this is just pure luck, but its not. Its all pure marketing strategy.

We don’t believe that any rapper can achieve the same success if they were to put out a music video and pay to put it on front page. Its all about content and the quality of it. You can pay $500 for front page and it will never blow. Always work on the content that you have to offer before you start paying for any marketing or promotion. Read our blog post from a while back about how musicians are using social media to boost their careers.

When an unsigned artist or user submitted video is uploaded on WSHH, it can receive anywhere from 1000-1 million views. The videos that are on the top, are the ones that get the most views. Since WSHH only posts its fresh videos on top, its important to get it to blow up before the day is over. Once the day is over, a new pile of fresh videos are put at the top and your video is no longer visible. Its all a timing game.

If your video starts to go viral in other sites, then your video can be uploaded on WSHH by a staff member without doing anything. It has happened where a video was never submitted and it has gone viral accidently. This shouldn’t be your goal though.


What should be done is to be sure that your content is good. Once your content is very great, then pay for submission on WSHH and pray for the best. Do your best to spread on all forums, blogs and social media sites for best results.

Viral potential videos are those that perceive strong emotional response from its audiences. Whether its a LOL, OMG or WTF reactions, these are the ones that will make people want to pass the video to their friend or relative. This should be the goal for any future viral video.

So this means that a good video on WorldstarHipHop can transfer about 50,000 to 3 million hits to your YouTube video, if its embedded. This is a very good jumpstart. Its a chance at going viral for any unsigned rapper out there that is struggling.

YouTube Views, Billboard & The Music Industry

Nov 30, 2014 Posted by :   Jerry Kolman No Comments

NEW YORK — The music industry has always been about competition and dominance. With the Billboard charts becoming more harder to secure a spot position. The music industry has recently incorporated YouTube views into its charting system, which makes it easier to rank popular singles.

This recent YouTube views formula has made charting new singles more simpler because all the system has to do is scan the latest  online plays. Its a big step that Billboard took when it changed its algorithm for its singles charting. This means that you can now chart on the Billboard Hot 100 with only YouTube views and Spotify plays.

This makes it easier for internet breakthrough artists to enter the Billboard charts and receive airplay. Some singles that broke into the Billboard charts because of this new algorithm are “Harlem Shake”, “Gangnam Style”, “Chinese Food”, “Hot Ni**a” and “#Selfie”. All these successful singles have one thing in common, they have a strong YouTube, Facebook and blog presence.

This is all it takes for a single that top the Billboard charts now a days. Billboard is making it easier for any musician with a good online following to have a chance to top any chart system. The Heat seekers chart system is a more easier system to chart compared to the Hot 100. Artists like J-Dash, Jake Miller and Megan Nicole have all topped this chart with online followings.

For any artists that’s looking to take their career to the next level, its important to increase your sales and plays. Spotify is a good site where your music needs to be listened. Your YouTube videos should be receiving a massive amount of views. Sites such as Facebook, Tumblr, Reddit & 9Gag are known for making unpopular videos go viral overnight.

This can cause a Billboard chart entry or a Twitter trending chart entry. Whatever chart you enter, just know that social media now counts more than ever before.

The Big ‘Buy YouTube Views’ Industry

Nov 20, 2014 Posted by :   Jerry Kolman 1 Comment

Its becoming more apparent that social media has taken over the internet. With social media giants like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, it is becoming easier for us to connect with each other. Content is also easier to pass around and upload with the help of another social media giant known as YouTube.

YouTube has dominated the online video industry on the web and is the second largest search engine. Right behind Google, YouTube has a huge reputation for its video content. It is very apparent that with the billions of videos that get uploaded a week on YouTube, the amount of audience interaction that it has is very significant. Especially when it comes to advertising and marketing.

Since the start of the YouTube industry, the ability to Buy YouTube views for a price has been available. It is a marketing strategy that tons of celebrities, companies, actors, brands and even politicians have done. Its no secret that almost everyone buys YouTube views. The question that many people ask is, is it effective to Buy YouTube views?

The answer is, Yes and no.

The reason why its yes and no is because it depends on what your goals are as a video user. If your goal is to gain more exposure, popularity and increase a subscriber base the right way, then yes. If your goal is just to raise your view counter and wait for your fans to magically start pouring, then you’re better off sharing your content like everyone else who only gain 50 views.

Just like any social media marketing services, your YouTube views should be an indicator of how successful you have marketed or promoted your content. Having a high view count should be an advantage to make your video even bigger, instead of it being the final landing pod. The people who use these jumpstarted views to their advantage, end up becoming consistently viral and achieving phenomenal things on YouTube.

It all depends on what your goals are and how hungry you want to be successful.

YouTube To Take Down Indie Music Channels

Jun 16, 2014 Posted by :   Jerry Kolman No Comments

YouTube is about to release their ad-free streaming music service and controversy is already brewing. YouTube has announced the termination and blocking of many independent music channels from their site. This comes after they announced their new music streaming feature that will be released later this year.

Jack White, Adele, and Arctic Monkeys are just a few artists that are at risk of losing their music and channels, says The Guardian. The pricing for the music feature services has not be published yet and YouTube has yet to comment on the removal of these recording artists. Many indie musicians have to took it to the Google forums to protest the music streaming feature.

Since the music service is not free, YouTube has also stated that the music will be available to listen even when you are offline or disconnected from the internet. This sounds good and interesting, but does YouTube really think that blocking the indie music channels or removing them, will make their users want to pay for their music streaming service?

News outlets such as BBC, NYTimes & VBTimes have reported about the lost of channels. Hannah Jane Parkinson

We hope YouTube comes to a safe clean resolution with this.