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Blogging is an excellent way to establish your online business and to advertise your products. Now a blog is your online platform you grab customers and to generate sales. Millions of people use blogs; from individuals to companies, and they make best of it using high-quality content and ways to engage followers. The simplicity is awesome but… need writing skills and marketing knowledge to become successful. Why is that that one blogger has a million plus followers and others could hardly touch a thousand? The answer is TACTICS and SKILL


Blogging was an instant hit since its appearance in the 90s. However blogging has evolved in the last 26 years. While people used blogs to share their opinions, the marketing aspect cannot be overshadowed, call it ‘commercialization’ – it was inevitable.

So if you have not started blogging to get success, start it right now! It is never too late to start anything that matters to you and there should be no excuse for, not having an online blog for your business. It does not matter if you are an individual entrepreneur or a corporate company; blogs are equally important to everyone who is struggling to achieve more visibility online. Your customers and followers want to hear from you, and you must not disappoint them.


Online businesses benefit from blogs a lot, after the advent of syndication like RSS, you can now easily make your blog unique and let people know about your product and services.  Your blog will teach your customers about your product/service while advertising it to them.




Internet experts believe that blogging is the window to a customers buying decision, it does not matter if you are a beginner at internet marketing, maybe you are struggling right but do remember, and blogging takes time and patience. You need to produce a blog which is well-executed and while being informative- your blog should be useful to your audience. When you audience trust your judgment, they will buy from you, it’s as simple as that.

Blogging is very important for any online business. It can improve the website ranking in the search engine results and increase the traffic to website as more and more people will follow your blog, they will know about your website and definitely that can cause a flow of continuous traffic to your online store. SEO, which is search engine optimization, can be improved using a successful blog for your company. The main reason for this is that search engines focus on quality content and quality links. When your blog will have quality for your followers, the search engines will automatically improve the ranking of your blog that will eventually improve the online presence of your online business.

This means that if you are blogging the right way and you have a well-maintained and meaningful blog with quality content articles and links. It will help to uplift your website by increasing the inbound links that are a direct ways to your primary website. The time that your customers spend on your website will be the biggest benefit you can ever get using your blog. You will not need to struggle hard for improving the ranking of your website on Google, Yahoo or Bing.

Blogs created a ton of trust between you and your customers; they can easily talk to you, comment on your blogs and discuss it with other members.

Your content should be refreshing and encouraging. Content experts suggest that negative content can have negative results. Focus on the needs of your customers and respect their opinion – you are blogging for a reason, do not forget that reason. Once your customers feel that you are genuine, they will help you improve your profits. But they won’t do if they don’t feel cared for, so empathy is of utmost importance.

If you are overlooking the importance of blogging for your online marketing, you are nothing but an enemy of your business. A successful blog is a name of a trust in your brand, and it represents you as an expert in your field. Having a stronger brand connection with your online followers will hopefully encourage others to connect and respond to you for your services and products.

Even Google wants you to blog


Google is the number one search engine out there  – not only that, It is also the most intelligent and complex search engine in the world.Few years ago, the search engine optimization was all about changing algorithms, building links, adding quality content, updating visual aids and other strategies that could prove very helpful in improving your website position in search results. Now the meanings of SEO have changed, and it is no longer just about techniques and tricks. Gone are the days when internet experts used to apply these tricks that bring your website to the top, as now trends have changed. Now people do not follow you if you do not have a blog.



You can save your time and utilize it on focusing your company’s website and for the fulfillment of your goals. So the time that you will spend on blogging, you can use it for making more money as an expert blogger for your business blog is a very safe investment too!

Well, blogging is not a hobby anymore! It has developed into an influential and powerful tool for the online businesses and companies, allowing them to get more and more customers. Blogging is a diverse term and it has proved that whether you have a business blog of a big company or a pop shop blog with senseless posts, the thing that matters is that how you make best out of it. You do not need to invest money; there is the need to invest your brains and creativity skills for an active and influential blog.


Bloggers are among the millionaires now, and they did it with right strategies, right decisions and the most important thing, consistency to provide quality to their followers. Internet marketing is never complete without any effective blogging strategy. Blogging absorbs everything from content marketing to customer service; and from advertising to video marketing. So if you are still waiting for someone to come and help you, you will keep waiting forever. Start blogging, start winning hearts and start making more money!


Can Your Twitter Profile Increase Your Profit?

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If you are not a twitter user, you will agree to the fact that this social media website looks dull and stupid but what is the reason of that much users who invest their time here? Definitely that would mean something which you really don’t know! So you must be thinking right now what is the secret of success of twitter and how can you make money out of it. There are a lot of options available for making money from your twitter profile; directly and indirectly but you have to understand how this can work for you. So have a look at the give below ways to start earning from today.


Active Profile attracts more users

On twitter, it’s all about content and contents everywhere! You can see that if you start using twitter and will agree to this that when people have something to share online, they choose Twitter! But the thing is that everything is so simple here that you can keep yourself engaged and active without striving hard for that purpose. So there are following types of content you might notice on Twitter.

Original tweets that are composed specially for the platform are the tweets that don’t link back to any other sites and there are no HashTags too! These are not ReTweets of any type and the users don’t intend to prolong the conversation when they use this type of content for sharing with the audience.

Another type of content is in form of ReTweets from the other users of Twitter which are either in the form of a comment or a promotional message.

You can also link your content on Twitter to other contents available on any other website. You can share your blog using Twitter and attract users with the help of interesting content material.

Twitter experts suggest that for an active profile on Twitter, you must post few of the above posts each day. But everything doesn’t work for everyone so experiment with your posts and analyze which types of posts bring you more customers.


Twitter messages can promote specials

If you are a seller on Twitter and you want to attract customers, running a short term promotion may be your way to success. Just advertise it on Twitter and offer coupons or discounts to the Twitter users so that they find encouragement in buying your products. You can also share links to your website so that they can follow you and deal with you in future if users want to! This will be a great way to help twitter get quality backlinks too; although Twitter is not dependent on your links and efforts but yet it is generous to do this by your side.


Twitter Giveaways Promote Well-timed Discussions

Users of every social media platform are attracted to giveaways. The special offers are loved by every internet user when they come with new opportunities to get accessories or products. You can gain more audience following by awarding anonymous users your products. Many social applications allow Twitter users to enter a contest for winning any specific product. You can use your particular video or text while you run the content manually followed by a specific HashTags. But one thing is there to remember, always target the audience which is right for your business. If you just share something unrelated to the audience, your followers will not show any interest. Definitely you cannot sell diapers to teenage girls but awarding free diapers to moms on Twitter can help you sell more packs.


Tweeting Blog Posts improve your Audience

If you are a website owner and you want to use Twitter for selling your products, you must link your Twitter profile with your blog. The blogs are helpful to the online businesses in getting customers as the internet users search a lot before buying anything online. They can get the required information from your blog about any product they want and the reviews of the people on your blog also play a very important role in convincing the customers regarding decision to buy a product or not! You can write a quality blog post and share it on your Twitter profile. If your followers like your post, they share it within seconds and this can spread your message to more people. Another benefit of using Twitter is that the posts are not curated and analyzed like the way Facebook do!


Twitter HashTags Grant admittance to Lively Spectators

HashTags are the best ways to categorize anything on Twitter. For example you can use the HashTags to categorize your conversations for campaigns or contests. This will save your time and makes it easier to see all related content in one place. People use HashTags for promoting their opinion about political, religious, social and personal issues. This can generate a series of conversations among Twitter users. You can also use forum boards from linkedin or any other website for promoting your specific conversation using right HashTags that are relevant to your business online. Just link your website where it’s necessary and don’t overstuff your profile with multiple and useless HashTags.


Retreating Business Leaders shares their spectators

If you are novice Twitter user, you will find that a lot of people are really successful on Twitter and they carry out their businesses so well that you can only imagine that for you. But the thing is that you can be that much successful too if you choose the right ways to promote your business. Following successful people on Twitter is very beneficial if you are a beginner there. You can ReTweet their original posts and add your own opinion about them. Definitely, Twitter users will search for those famous people but they can land on your posts as you included the name of particular person the users were searching for! So you can introduce yourself to Twitter users indirectly. You can also write in your blog about what you think of those famous people and let people read it and comment on it. People who will comment on your blog will spread the word and this can introduce you to even bigger audience on the internet.


Following thought leaders fetches unlimited advice

If you want to use Twitter for attracting more users, you can use the trick of following  people on  Twitter. They post useful advices and interesting facts which can be related to your business or your blog. Their posts can be used by you after you retweet them and add your own HashTags to them. You can also keep yourself up-to-date using their posts. So follow right people on Twitter for right benefits.


Public Listening Motivates Fresh Products

You must understand the mentality of your target audience if you really want to make money on Twitter. Listening to them carefully and analyzing their interests through their posts may prove very beneficial for your business. You can get to know about their priorities and how they want things to work. For example if you have an online business and you want to know what your audience want from you, ask them about their dreams or wishes. Some may want to get free deliveries on online purchases so you can offer them free delivery next time they buy anything from you. This can be extremely helpful if you are using Twitter for business purposes. Talk to your audience on Twitter and engage them in order to make them feel special.


Customer service on Twitter Inspires Trust among users

Twitter offers quick response as it is simple to use and visible to everyone. You can get a reaction for your action within seconds. So it can be used for promoting your customer services. If your users tweet something they don’t like about you, ask them as quickly as possible about what you can do to satisfy them. Getting back to your audience with appropriate solutions and answers can build trust among them promote your business too!


Twitter lead generation and Follow-up is Influential

Recently Twitter has introduced a new concept of lead generation cards which help in finding new leads. You can develop the leads using your cards and use them for your own benefits. It is very powerful concept as it is the latest way to attract more customers towards your business with a higher conversion rate.


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There are literally thousands of different ways to FILL UP your Facebook page, but do you want to just fill up your page with useless jibber jabber, buy expensive software or invest a ton of money? That is no guarantee that you will receive followers – ORGANIC followers to be EXACT.

All you need is a keen eye to understand the ‘platform’ and apply your creativity. Business is about YOUR ideas against your competition

You can buy your traffic via PPC but do you think it’s a good idea to depend heavily on money? Consider this before solving your problems with dough – the whole platform is free, all you need is a keen eye to understand the platform and apply your creativity. Business is about YOUR ideas against your competition.


It takes a lot of patience to run this free platform because everyone else is taking advantage of it as well. Trial and error is the best way right? It does not have to; you can learn from other people’s experiences and reduce the element of error.

Use you money where it counts, your competitors may spend a lot of cash to rocket their way up in the ranks but you can save that money and use your cash when it’s really needed.



Facebook is a strong platform and all of its strength comes from one thing an one thing only – data. Everything is visible and nothing is hidden, there is no secret. You can be part of it and utilize it like any other. With Facebook you need not worry about data, you can get plenty information about your audience and with it you can formulate your strategy. You can easily determine your demographics by using the search option segregate and group them. Become a regular charmer and persuade your customers.

download (1)


Not in an occult way, that’s obvious – target them. What good is information if you cannot use it? Facebook will give you all the information you need, now you have all the information so what will be your next move? Simply use that information to target your audience, consider their likes and dislikes and reflect that in the content you share. For instance, if your audience is sensitive about gun laws, don’t post about this topic. It’s vital that you understand what they like and dislike. It’s also important that you post something meaningful, something that is interesting and will help your readers. You can use the paid ad system on Facebook but if you thread smartly, you won’t have too.



Your tone will determine everything, this is how you are communicating with your audience so it’s vital that you know the right nuances, phrases and metaphors, you don’t want to use star trek metaphors to star wars fans – that won’t go well

if you are running a pet store than a corporate tone won’t do you much good and if you are an auto part manufacturer than an informal tone won’t work. Of course you do not want to sound like that you have let your 10 year old son run your business. It is important that you find the right tone that appeal to your audience.



Keep trying different things, remember VARIATION is key but make sure that you know your audience’s limits. They can make your business and break it. When you take on the responsibility of self-marketing your business, you sir have invited a very kinky demon in your arena. Trial and error, cling on to that as well, post different things and gauge your audience’s interest through their likes and comments. If there are no comments, need not worry about posting that again.



Back in the 80s, there was a craze in the cinema with world-dominating robot Sci-Fi flicks, but that has nothing to do with the header above. By organic, I mean REAL people who post and comment, sharing their feelings and interest. Make sure your posts are witty and creative while keeping the respect of your audience, never post something disrespectful.

The best way to do that is story-oriented content; this will give you a good chance to induce discussions. Create interest among them.

You can post interesting news related to your area but don’t post your internal matters about communication systems or how one of your employees slipped and fell face first on a coffee mug which was glued to the floor. But that kind of story could stir some discussion, especially about the mysterious mug glued to the floor.



We live in a world of tolerance and intolerance but nobody likes a close minded post. Rather than posting judgmental or suggestive posts (you know what I’m talking about) try posting content that makes your audience feel secure and safe.

That is why these companies do not share direct sales messages, they use it subliminally and so should you.  Make a schedule and update your content regularly, you should be able to develop consistency in a month’s period. Your audience has a schedule and if you don’t than they will stop reading, this will inhibit your readers to build that very important subconscious rapport that the Mayans predicted 3000 years ago (not true but I got you thinking there for a moment) that is exactly what you want in your posts. When you are posting the right content at the right time with a healthy frequency, you will succeed; there is no rocket science to it. It’s a matter of experimentation and determination.

Each message that you post is an opportunity for you to get closer to your audience, think big, and think competitive. Don’t be intimidated by anything, if you are following the rules, you will be just fine. And don’t forget to give good customer service, when your audience comments, you should reply back.






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Chances are that you have read countless articles, books and have even attended seminars about business in general or in a specialized area like sales, customer service etc. This is part of your learning, and right beside your goal to strengthen your business. However, sometimes you need to know what-not-to-do so you can save more money. Here are 10 mistakes which you might be making.




Can you judge a book by its cover? Well, the general consensus is that you can’t and should not especially if you’re a business person. For instance, you can judge a customer through your first interaction and you might say “I don’t think this is a genuine customer, only wasting my time” rather than doing that, try understanding every customer and contemplate the reason if there is no sale. Dismiss your judgment and try learning more about your potential customers, take a leap of sales-oriented-faith and have fun.



This is a world of fierce competition and customers who have a lot of alternatives, unless you are selling something you have imported from MARS, chances are that your competition is also selling something similar. The key is, RESPONSE TIME. People email for inquiries about your product or service, they are your potential customers. If you don’t reply them back within a suitable period of time (which is immediately) they will simply go to someone else. Yes folks, replying within 24 hours isn’t enough! You need immediate response giving your customers the impression that you are ready to serve.



Some people are generally rude and are honest in presenting their thoughts. Obviously, they do not expect the same honesty in return, and especially when they are trying buy something. It’s imperative that you believe in the old saying “the customer is always right”

Some people are just having a bad day, you can turn their day around with a few witty remarks or using your positive attitude to genuinely help them buy. They might ask you silly personal questions like “Do you go to the gym?” or “I have a friends daughter who looks exactly like you” or “Are you sure this is the right business for you?”

It is always better to ignore such people and get on with your sales pitch. Don’t let anyone discourage you from your main objective. You are smarter than that.



People want more than just a product or service; they need to feel that you care. If are snippy with your customers, that will not work well in the long run. Maybe what you are selling is doing pretty well, but that will build a FRIENDLY brand. The longevity of your business is not dependent on one sale, no sir! You need customers who come back to you. You don’t have to take your customers out for lunch, (unless you’re a real-estate person), simply take interest in them, and make them feel special.



You can’t do everything by yourself, even Geralt of Rivia needs some help now and then. Your customers will have issues and they will contact you, if you are solely handling customer queries, this will take a huge chunk of motivation out of you. Instead, train your staff to do that. Train them in the dark arts of customer service, teach them to handle each situation and make your customers happy, this is a great way to ensure a repeat business. You can keep a keen eye on your staff, delegating responsibilities to them does not mean that you should stop reviewing them. Form compliance and train them to follow the rules of your business. don’t make these mistakes



Who doesn’t want a balanced life? But business is not fond of the 9-5 regime; your customers can have a stomach ache and decide to contact you at 3am via email asking you something about your product of service. The level of competition has made it that difficult, because if you don’t reply back, your competitors will and that weakens your stance in the market. Obviously you cannot stay up 24 hours a day but do try answering customer queries during the weekends.



“SPEED” is the word, business is fast and relentless. Taking too long to make decisions can hurt your business badly. For instance, you are operating your business solo and need someone to handle the content for your website, your handling sales, website content, customer service, seo, social media accounts etc. There is a limit when it comes to your productivity. Do not wait for opportunities to come by, hire someone now. Same goes for sponsorship opportunities, if you don’t take it, someone else will. Trust your gut, it will point you in the right direction.



Your contact information should be easily visible to your customers. People get frustrated when they are unable to find phone numbers on your website or your email. Even your most loyal customers will give at one point and go to your competition. Make sure that your customers find it convenient to contact you.




Every word on your page tells your customers about your brand and it eventually becomes a vital part in your customers buying decision. Use top-quality material. There is no alternative.

The most difficult thing to do in business is to take advice from others. However, this is how the ball rolls. All of us learn something from others and later on make it our own, you can be inspired of a concept and then create something of your own by personalizing it. Intelligent business people learn from other people’s mistakes. Look around you, you will find plenty of examples, learn from them and apply them, long term success is right around the corner.



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In part one, we discussed some very basic components that would give you a ‘good’ start (per say) – before I go any further let me get down to the ground reality first. Marketing is all around you, open your fridge and see the things you have, ask yourself – Why do I buy these brands? If you are able to answer your questions, you can easily understand your customers. Regardless of marketing tools, understanding your audience is the single most vital ingredient in your marketing pot (yea I said it ‘POT”). The second ingredient is your choice of words and phrases, for example – “marketing pot” (who says those things? And is it the cooking pot or the smoking one?). Folks! There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to phrases and metaphors, you can use anything as long as it is not RUDE – NEVER DISRESPECT YOUR AUDIENCE. While negative publicity is known to give a lot of HOOT, but let’s just leave that to Fox news, they do it best.

Let’s get back to part 2



Most young entrepreneurs are indulging themselves in video marketing, while at times they are – what word should I use? Aaah, yes, “excessive”, they use it excessively, repeating it over and over, but notice that I used the word “excessive” three times while using a synonym once without annoying many of you. Repetition (the synonym again, HAA!) can be a strong influencer but only if used in conjunction with logic. Key words can be tricky but they have a strong function to send your clients towards in your direction.

Videos are not only popular, they have become a cornerstone for the lazy-boy consumer. People don’t like to read anymore? No, that is not true – to some extent…..However, people find it convenient to SEE and HEAR rather than just SEE. SEE? Right-o.

You can put a small rocket-booster on your sales projections with a well-developed video, many entrepreneurs started making some serious cash with YOUTUBE (or at least enough to cover the cost of the video). Studies show that video marketing can increase your sales and improve your standing in the market. Your landing page is your window, a video creates interest, its like you have your own theater – Think about it!.


You can upload videos on your landing and use YOUTUBE in tandem, this will widen your horizon, and think of when you switched to wide screen TV, everything changed didn’t it?

Building your company’s online presence is not easy, while this statement is a cliché, it needs to be repeated EXCESSIVELY (yup, I used it the fourth time), attracting new customers with so much competition is exciting. Your mindset will determine the level of competition you can endure, you need people commenting of your videos, what you need is a ‘lull’, that ‘lull’ will ensure that your brand is visible and is IN the market, engaging relentlessly with customers, convincing them that you are THE best choice.

Unfortunately, this is how it works, there is no second or third, you are either number one or zero, well that was a bit excessive – you need to URGE to be number one, that will be all for now.

If you are generating your specific videos, don’t bound yourself to promotional videos about your products or services only. Making instructional videos that can help your targeted audience to solve common problems will get far more coverage than promotional videos.



What use is your website if no one can find it? A website without a decent optimization strategy is like a needle in a haystack. However, optimization your website is only a start –therefore you need constant work, constant coverage and monitoring, need I mention the word ‘constant’ again.

Here is what you can do:

  • Refine your website
  • Monitor your keywords
  • Check your coverage on different search engines
  • Build quality back links
  • Post keyword-rich content



Yahoo local, Bing local, Google Plus local are awesome directories. All you need is a good description and a link of your website; it’s as simple as that.



Attracting new customers is made a tad easier with location based services like Foursquare and Yelp, use them! This will aid you in finding new customers and making your business more visible.



Everyone has a social media account, every business has a social media page, do you? Of course you do, I’m just joshing. I don’t need to tell the benefits of have a social media account, but having an account is not enough. It’s like the saying from Shakespeare where he said that making laws are easier but abiding to them is the hardest part.

Here are some tips to help you getting started:

  • Keep your page updated, don’t leave it – it’s not wine, it’s not going to get better with age without you caressing it.
  • Develop a posting habit, i-e posting 2-3 times or more per day or week.
  • Only share content that is valuable to your audience.
  • Review content before sharing; make sure that it’s not offensive in any way.
  • Engage with your customers, follow others, share their content and engage in active/positive discussion.




This is an effective way to get your website listed on several search engines. Effective both in the short and long run, Google Adwords should be a key component in your Marketing- Closet.

Here is what you can do with it:

  • Improve your rank.
  • Set a monthly budget to keep your cost per click in check.
  • Notice your ROI with the right targeting.
  • Use advertising vouchers.



A good strategy will lead your business and set it apart from your competition, whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting out. The strategies mentioned in these articles are proven to give your business a BOOST by giving your more customers and building a brand.



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One of the biggest challenges faced by small business owners is the question “how to market effectively?” there are literally thousands of techniques and methodologies which you can follow, but that means that you need to filter through the clutter of the internet or go through the aisles of particularly-large libraries – don’t have time for that? Well keep on reading.

The ‘right’ approach may be waiting for you right in the corner, maybe it’s in a blind spot and you cannot see it, however, IT IS THERE. The problem is not the technique you use, the main issue is the budget, now that is a constraint which may force you to select your mode of marketing. That is why marketers are always scratching their heads, smoking and using weird humor to fight the challenge of ‘small budgets’ and ‘big dreams’.

Alright, your budget is important but is it the most valuable tool you have? NO it is not. The most valuable thing any small business has is a solid marketing strategy which is tuned according to its demographics. People don’t respond if they don’t understand your brand, so the first part would be LANGUAGE. More in particular, I am talking about nuances; you need to speak the language of the people. A 250 pound muscle head won’t respond to a….let’s say a TEA advertisement unless you HARDCORE-IT-UP by giving this demographic a REASON and a visible BENEFIT. In this case, a muscle head would be more concerned with caffeine which may aid him/her during workouts. Expecting this demographic to sit down with other muscle heads and having a tea party is not recommended…or possible.

This is a three part guide and in this article we will discuss the most effective strategies for 2016. Something that will help you connect to your audience helping your business grow.




Do you have a website? Good, make it more….attractive but, make sure it is professional. The best way do that is to hire a critic, just kidding, you can hire a website reviewer (yes people make a living with that job). Your website should be functional and should have the ability to FACILITATE your customers – this means that your website should be up-to-date.


  • Can’t afford a mainstream web design? Not a problem, there are several sites which can help you run your business cost effectively. You can also design your own web template and write you own content.


  1. BLOGS

Not only is blogging an effective tool for marketing it’s also a staple for you business – a great way to keep yourself connected with your audience. Obviously need to set aside a few hours per week to write, if you don’t have time, you can hire a freelance writer.


  • Get the most out of your blog by writing humorously, people like funny stuff but it’s not a prerequisite. You can write DIY articles which are helpful to your audience
  • Increase your publishing frequency, this will build TRUST.



While we all know the vast benefits (or complete uselessness) of email marketing, many business fail to build an EFFECTIVE email which can aid them in leveraging their website. Email marketing won’t work effectively if you don’t have subscribers and followers on your website/social media. You need people who would follow you and are interested in what your posting.



  • Have a simple sign up on your website, this will produce results.
  • Send your audience weekly newsletters or a freebie (eBooks, whitepapers etc.)



A great way to promote your business is through weekly or monthly press releases. Of course you will need to follow editorial guidelines so that your press release is accepted on major press release distribution sites.

  • Follow the correct “copywriting” concepts to get your message across; being visible is irrelevant if your message is boring.
  • Contact your local newspapers and magazines to get the best results.



What you need is TRAFFIC and nothing gets traffic to your site than spicy conversations. The audience from your blog and social media should be converted into customers.



  • Have an awesome call to action on your site; use the same with all of your marketing material.
  • Your call to action should be visible for your customer to click.



Copying your competition is never going to work out for your business in the long run. Instead of copying, learn from them, find out how they do what they are doing and ask yourself, “what can I do to bring similar results?”

Everything is at your disposal, your competitor’s website, Facebook profile, twitter profile, LinkedIn profile etc. Study their methods, their techniques and create your own unique strategy.


  • Use competitive-analysis tools; give your business an advantage.
  • Be inspired with your competition and learn new ways to tackle their marketing strategy.



Everyone loves a discount, offering them in the form of deals will help you connect with more customers; this will give your business the extra coverage which you were looking for.


  • Use articles and blog posts to promote your deals.
  • Make offers through social media.
  • Send email offers to your email list.



An effective way to market your business is through running competitions, a good prize can be used to entice your audience, obviously your prize need to be relevant. This will help your brand,  you want people to discuss your brand, try it and comment on it, this  is an awesome way to become the ‘hot spot’ of the social media town.


We will be discussing more in part 2 of this series, we will discuss video marketing in detail and other techniques, stay in touch!































Making your Video Ads Work

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YouTube was the first… (I thought I make this clear before comparing facebook with Youtube). Nevertheless, facebook is a fierce competitor and they give users a variety of video viewing options. However, the ever-changing policy of facebook is somewhat good (many users do not like change).

Marketers are always trying to find different ways to enchant their users and that is why they plan and strategize so that they are able to utilize digital tools like facebook and YouTube. While YouTube is a standalone video viewing website, facebook is a tad more…but wait…We are not giving the verdict yet.


Using Facebook And YouTube For Videos

It’s no surprise that the brands now convey majority of their messages through the social media – it’s not just common…its necessary that they do. That is why the social media is also evolving with Facebook introducing features like video viewing. Facebook is a little expensive when it comes to video advertisements.

Is Facebook the best video ad solution…NO. They do want to capture the market but the expensive nature of their video ads restricts users from using them frequently. Additionally, Facebook publishes their video views on their platform. This is validation tool for their audience, helping them believe in Facebook, giving the perception that their views are organic.

Organic views are what marketers look for. Internet marketing or Digital marketing has a strong reach but then there is dishonesty, commonly known as Inorganic views. I mean what good is a view if it is not from a human. You are not being viewed by aliens, really you are not…inorganic means that the view is fake and a waste of your premium dollars.

YouTube works on a very simple principle – that when a specific number of views for any video reaches a certain number then the algorithm changes and the details of how this video sharing website counts the views is still not public. You have ready access on YouTube, however, you don’t have that on Facebook.

YouTube views are logical and validated as people watch videos after searching for them and playing them intentionally. No matter how many views Facebook videos will get, they will never surpass the views of YouTube videos.

Regardless of which platform you use, you should be aware of the features and benefits of each platform:


  • YouTube uses a different strategy for their advertisements than Facebook. You can post promotional videos as long as they are original. However, users need to search to find the specific advertisement.
  • Users can also subscribe channels, they will get regular updates.
  • The pre-video feature is also a good feature, it helps in saving time and users can also check if their video has the desired content or not.
  • The method of advertisement compliments the advertiser in making more money.
  • The YouTube sidebar banner ads are also a way to advertise
  • Another method of promotion is the addition of text at the bottom of the video on YouTube. You can add links, simple text and customize texts for better advertising. So the viewers will watch your message along with watching the video



  • They have their own advertisement called premium video advertisements, which have a cap of 15 seconds.
  • These videos are part of the target market’s video feed
  • The sales are pushed on Facebook
  • Facebook also uses PPC ads where images and text comes in the newsfeed as page posts
  • The PPC ads are also visible on the side bar, they are clickable and will take you to the product’s landing page
  • Another way to advertise with Facebook is that they tweaked their algorithm for improving their own videos but decreasing the weight of YouTube videos.

There is a variance in different styles, many people use them differently, for instance, Jukebox and Home Theater suits better to YouTube. Users can easily create playlists and watch TV at their convenience.

YouTube is mainly used for watching music videos, dramas, anime, bloopers, funny videos etc. However, Facebook is not just about watching videos…It’s a lot more!

You can browse feeds and promote your own business online. BUT – there is on problem. There is no video library, this means that you cannot search but videos are not the only reason why people use Facebook, they have YouTube for that.

People visit Facebook to get in touch with their friends and to share the content which they feel interesting. Many brands and online companies use Facebook for promoting their products and they may add videos for better marketing but the videos are not the only way to advertise on Facebook. Users don’t watch Facebook videos with an intention to watch them. They just pass through any video and it starts auto playing but the truth is that most of the users don’t even bother it playing as they scroll down the next moment and the video stops automatically.

If you want to promote your business by video marketing, you can use both of the social media websites without comparing them for their benefits as the main purpose of video marketing is advertising and Facebook as well as YouTube can help you in this matter.

The best decision you can make is to use both Facebook and YouTube. Put more emphasis on written content and compliment your content with a nice video. There is a lot of clutter so you have to clearly plan your strategy. The volume of ads we see every day is increasing and sometimes It becomes really difficult to get your point across to your target market because competitor is also doing the same. Your best chance is to be consistent and have a plan. You should also keep up with the video marketing trends, they change very frequently and if you are not up with your competition, your competition will eat you alive….Of course that is figuratively speaking…But they will take your potential customers, so think about how you can take theirs first.



Making a Great Story

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The main purpose of a marketing/branding story to stir up enough emotion in consumers so that they are compelled to buy, for instance, Disney wants more people to come to their park then to spend money on hotels, NGO’s on the other hand would want people to make donations. However all of that depends on how powerful the story is, two words…Native Content. This makes content potent is valuable to the customer.  Something that motivates the customer to buy or sign up…inspiring the horse to drink from your source.


It all comes down to the business jabbing enough to convert the rules and changing the mindset of customers. A story should be compelling but not intrusive, it should be like a natural step that comes along the customers path. Timing is also vital, how did Nike knew when to launch their “do it” campaign? They had the perfect story, which they cooked from intimate knowledge of their target market.

Branding is all about story telling, your customers are interested in how you express your brand. Every successful brand you see has a story….a strong story.

Coming up with a new campaign without analyzing the history of the brand and competition is likely to lead towards failure. It is not necessary to alter the identity of a brand for different platforms; the brand identity should remain the same. However, the tone of the brand can be changed.


The Science Behind the Practice


There is no fixed blueprint for a storyline, sometimes you can get in throw a right hook and at most times, you need to jab, The science is just like boxing, brand needs to pay attention to their environment and react according to the situation. For instance, what tagline would work best? And does using slang increase customer response? The goal is to generate a high level of customer response.


Its difficult to establish a budget for these studies. However, it’s vital to experiment and get results. Designing the right formula is imperative and it’s also necessary to respond according to the results.


A boxer would learn everything about his opponent, he knows his weak points and his strengths, but if during the fight, the primary strategy doesn’t work, a change of approach is required, if you cant hit him on the face, hit him on the body. Each opponent is different; similarly, each platform is different and requires different nuances and contexts. There are three essentials for social media content:


  1. The Call to Action should be simple.
  2. Complete understanding of nuances.
  3. Compatible with mobile and digital devices.


This will improve your jabs, but you need to throw them but the only way to knockout your customer is through an engaging story. You need a strong call to action, something that resonates with your customers, it is not necessary that you use main stream call to action, just keep it simple and easy to understand. Secondly, you need to understand nuances, how would your customers relate to you if you don’t?

The internet has literally reduced distance, we can connect to anyone via Facebook, Twitter and email regardless of where they live. You on the other and will be communicating with potential clients who have different demographics, therefore, NOT knowing the proper nuances may even offend some of your potential customers…Yes business can be a little tricky, its no ball game – competition is tight, everyone is looking to win and you are in the middle of it. That is also the beauty of it, without competition, there would not be any progression – fewer competition means that there will be few products with no price control…That is not exactly consumer friendly or even business friendly!.

Its also vital that your content is compatible with mobile and digital devices. You can cover most of your target market this way. Not everyone is going to open your page from a desktop, some will use their smartphones and some will use a tablet. So compatibility is not just vital, its a necessity or you will be missing out on potential customers.

Should I Start Blogging?

Should you?….YES. In the last 5 years, blogging is THE tool for internet marketing, making its appearance in the 1990s, blogging is the platform where people share their opinion, feelings and ideas. Many people used to have blogs for travel experiences of their lives and similar topics but now it has evolved into an excellent way to establish your online business and to advertise your products. Now a blog is your online platform you grab customers and to generate sales. Millions of people use blogs; from individuals to companies, and they make best of it using high-quality content and ways to engage followers.

It is so simple to make a blog and even a nine-year-old can make it impress his school-fellows. You can write, publish, share, link and discuss anything with anyone around the globe via your blog. Billions of followers are out there, and you can hit them with right tactics! Now blogs are meant to be helpful in increasing the online presence and development of online companies. In fact, it’s said that if your business does not own any online blog, you are missing out on a great opportunity to improve your visibility limiting your digital reach. So if you have not started blogging to get success, start it right now! It is never too late to start anything that matters to you and there should be no excuse for, not having an online blog for your business. It does not matter if you are an individual entrepreneur or a corporate company; blogs are equally important to everyone who is struggling to achieve more visibility online. Your customers and followers want to hear from you, and you must not disappoint them.

The important thing is that you try getting as much as followers as you can and than you can get sponsors…Yes you need them – and their money


How Digital Marketing has Changed

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The Phone


One of the most important electronic items in this century is the cell phone. It is nearly impossible not to spot people using them during the day…or at night. There are 32.25 million subscriptions in the USA alone, people play games, use social media or browse on the internet, additionally, the smart phone is also a networking device and has indefinitely changed the way people communicate.


Facebook and Twitter also gained a boost via smart phones, it is estimated that over 71percent of people in the USA are on Facebook – globally, there are half a billion people on Twitter. It is usual for people to check their Facebook and Twitter account at least once a day; it has become an ideal way to keep in touch with family and friends.


Majority of the market is controlled by baby boomers (about 70%) and now they do not need to carry a laptop with them, nor they need to be tied to their desktop. Smart phones and tablets have enabled them to network ‘on the go’….so wherever they go, they have access to social media.


The nature of social media is addictive, some experts even call it a ‘drug’, the fancy images, videos and posts are hard to ignore, there is clutter. However, users filter the information. This emerging trend has also changed the way brands communicate with their customers.


The Digital and Social Blend


Marketing has evolved into a combination of – social, digital and traditional. Has the consumer lost interest in TV commercials, radio and the print media? The answer is ‘yes’. Digital marketing has pulled consumers from the traditional marketing tools. However, marketers try to align the three mediums to the get the best of both worlds.


During the last decade, banner ads, email marketing and search engine optimization was considered to be the cornerstone of a digital marketing plan. However, they have lost their relevance if used without the social media component.


Empirical evidence tells us that the internet replaced traditional marketing, before the internet, the Radio poached the audience away from print media, similarly, the social media has conquered them all.


The important point here is ‘speed’ it took more than 30 years for 50 million people to have access to a radio…For Instagram, it took a year and a half. The credit goes to smart phones, tablets and laptops, they have increased multitasking. People can share Pinterest while sitting at the park, they can watch their favorite TV show while checking their social media account, they can tweet while crossing the street.


The social media is growing and this is a healthy sign from a marketing perspective, companies have realized that and almost every brand have a Twitter and Facebook page. Brands have to be mobile, just like their consumers, networking on the go.


Its important to understand the opportunity which the social media offers in terms of brand growth, they key is content. Popular networks like like Facebook, While brands post a lot of content on popular networks, they are not investing in it. Most brands invest only 1 percent of their marketing budget here, consumers spend a lot of time on social media and this is increasing.


Its important for brands to tell a story…something that filters through the clutter and creates value. It’s the word of mouth which sells, social media sells nothing, some experts even say that the social media sells crap.



Boxing and Storytelling


Traditionally, businesses where punching customers left and right with jabs and hooks with the television, radio, outdoor, print and the internet. It was like a one sided boxing match, customers had nowhere to go but now things are different. Brands have to soften up their customers before they land the final blow. Its vital for brands to make their customers laugh and feel appreciated, the jab can make that happen, it’s the story brands need to make the final sale.



When jabbing, brands need timing. A jab is complimented with the ‘right hook’. That can happen if a brand can create quality content; they need to know the right nuances and consistency.


Fact is that many businesses are hung up on traditional marketing and while they have social media accounts, they do not really use the right language. Businesses would throw money at television, print and the radio…more innovative businesses would spend money of SEO…not a good idea. What people need is a strong response, getting that on the social media takes time and a lot of effort. Businesses feel that it’s not financially feasible for them in the social media because it’s hard to sell, it’s not that difficult, once the proper respect has been given to a community, they will follow.


This is the age of the smart brand manager, questions like “How to make it better?” are now centered within the social media strategy. This also involves in attracting talent if one wishes for a progressive business, talent is destroyed with the fear of failure, its diminishes the many possibilities. Every platform is different and it deserves its share of respect. Therefore, brands need to tell a story which the PLATFORM wants to hear.


These platforms have gained a lot of success, ignoring them is plain stupid, clinging on to nostalgia is not recommended for marketers, the reality of the market comes first…even before the principles.


Some snobs are afraid of technology, this fear limits their potential to succeed. Lets take the example of YouTube, we all have seen silly videos posted their, people dressing up doing weird things, some of them would put things puts bulbs in their microwaves. However, YouTube is considered to be the future of television, many brand managers and entrepreneurs spent a lot of time to understand the platform.


Just like boxing, one needs time to observe and test his/her technique and learn from mistakes. Its also important to observe what the competitors are doing, this helps the boxer to take that information in the ring and win.


Armed with the right information, businesses can create better content that connects with their users. Storytellers are tuned to their audience, they tell the story which would relate with people and create awareness. With data mining on our fingertips, achieving audience awareness is easily achievable, the social media provides real time feedback which can help anyone formulate an effective strategy.


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5 Tips for Seasonal Marketers

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You can see stores like Target using sneaky holiday strategies, decorations, pumpkins, and Christmas trees. While this is a great time for shopkeepers, it is a miserable time for shoppers. For seasonal marketers, though, it couldn’t be any better.

Holidays mean marketing advantage, the holiday fever hits everyone and for marketers, it is the right time to gauge the impact of their marketing strategy.

The tips we will give you are tried-and-tested; many people have been successfully using them for years now. Lets start!

Some tips are tried-and-true techniques that many marketers have been using for years, whereas others have emerged recently as more options have become available to digital marketers. Regardless, these tips and tricks will help kick off your holiday marketing campaigns with a bang, so let’s get started!


  1. Ad Extensions are your Friend

Ok so this one is a little on the nose but, most marketers overlook this and don’t make use of ad extensions. What is the purpose of your ad? One word….REACH. When you launch a holiday marketing campaign, consider using features like review extensions, sitelinks and call extensions. Make your ad stand out. Therefore it is worth revisiting your ads while checking them if you are getting the most out of them.


  1. Shopping Campaigns are Profitable

Shopping campaigns are specially effective for those are selling tangible products, shopping campaigns were also known as PLAs, Ads, or product listings. Without any doubt, this is and should be the center of your marketing strategy.

They are to the point and are great from the perspective of user experience, your prospect gets everything that helps him/her to make a quick decision. The most important part of an ad are pictures and the price, ads make these elements more visible – making Shopping campaign a powerful tool.

Obviously you will be competing with others so the most important thing here is price. You can differentiate your product via price and unique images. So overall, Shopping Campaigns can boost your holiday sales if you implement them correctly.


  1. Ad Automation

Its important that we spend at least 45 minutes a week on refining and optimizing our research strategy.  You need a hands-on approach for managing your campaign and we highly recommend it for your holiday marketing plans.

There are tons of tools you can use in AdWords, you can resume, pause, and commence your campaigns, this depends on your timing. For example, you can create campaigns for Christmas shoppers now and your campaign will automatically start, commence, and stop.

There are many variables in automated process, make sure that you delete campaigns or disable them after the holiday is over.


  1. Your Ad Copy is Your Way Out

No need to concentrate on time-sensitive sales because there is more financial reward, people usually call it a day and this is a big mistake which will cost you. Make sure that you revisit your ad copy before launching your campaign.

There are many options you can use, you can write it yourself and maybe rewrite it again to make that it hits your target market. If you do not have the time than hire a freelance writer, some freelancers can be expensive but some can be very modest in terms of price. To be frank, it will cost you a little more than you expect because good writers charge $50-$75 per hour, some may write it in 5 hours and for some it may take 8-9 hours.

In any case, writing a good copy is integral to your success. There is super competition and unfortunately its rising day by day. So marketers have to be sharp because of competition, its like a war – everything is fair. So put yourself ahead of everyone else, because holidays are hectic for marketers, there are so many things to do and so little time.

The first thing you need to do is to make that the offer in your copy is current, its not important If you don’t mention your promotion in your copy, the key is to understand the REASON why would your prospect click on your ad. This does not mean that you should overlook key areas like sales and discounts – you need those in your copy. Holidays are a great time to push your sales and find more customers so that your reach becomes higher.

In any case, position your product in your copy, make it compelling so that it creates interest…enough interest for your target market to click.


  1. The Holiday Rush and You

The holiday is long awaited for and is probably a miserable time for most. People driving under stress to find the best gift for their loved ones or someone who is a sit-at-home-shopper and gets the wrong package. We face smart advertisers and to compete with them, you need to appeal to your customers, making sure that you had planned your campaign in advance. You can make your customer’s holiday stress free, that is a feature that will help you bag more sales.

You will need to entice people with your special offers and carefully crafted sales copy. Making sure that your landing pages, ads and social media set up is in order. Giving your customers the ‘act now’ promotion which helps them save time with lesser stress. You will be surprised that people are willing to pay an extra buck for convenience. Its obvious that TIME is an important factor, most people don’t have it, they are busy with their jobs and when holiday season approaches, they are completely dumfounded by the amount of stress. You can create a sense of urgency NOW because people would go to extreme lengths to avoid the holiday rush, imagine the crowd on Christmas Eve, that image would put a dent on any plan.

If you aren’t doing it, START NOW because the clock is ticking, now is the time to observe your competition and gain a head start in the race. That is your best chance to start selling early – before your competition.