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Highest quality in the market Guaranteed.

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1,100 – 141,958 natural views per day (the more you buy faster it gets)


Really amazing trust me!

Probably the best site I’ve ever found that does this very fast and very professional,  and also most affordable site for all likes, followers and everything!! Recommended indeed !


I was skeptical at first

This company has a lot of history and they made it to the Internets top 10 biggest hoaxes list, I’ve seen them at least 5 times on the news in September when they made their notorious Emma hoax, so I decided to try them out. The support wasn’t immediate (took 6 hours until they responded) but it was definitely useful. I have purchased 5000 views and received 7,000 instead, really grateful and will use them again for my campaigns.

Tim Clark

I tried to purchase Persian

I tried to purchase Persian likes from them, they told me they couldn’t do it and refunded me promptly, later I purchased USA twitter followers, received within 1 hour and was really happy about the quality.


Very good quality definitely worth it.

I bought 20,000 Instagram followers with them, the speed was perfect for me and was rather Instant ( delivered within 3 hours time),  they looked natural and did not trigger any warnings from Instagram’s side, I really trust them with my marketing campaigns and will definitely use them again.


Received ongoing support months after purchase.

I bought 1000 Twitter USA followers, and after 2 months, I noticed some drop of followers (around 50), and they replaced the ones that unfollowed me with new followers – AMAZING!


Got my Facebook likes….

Was getting a daily flow of Facebook likes, all were active and were 100% real. VERY satisfied.

george lukas

WOW I started getting comments and likes!

I had an Instagram account with only 50 followers. I already had five pictures uploaded with 0 interactions. I decided to buy 200 Instagram followers from Rantic and I finally have fans that like my stuff! I am happy; now I can grow my fan base on Instagram.




Here at Rantic we have worked with major household brands and former uprising stars that made it to the top now. The important part we played in their success was the initial boost they needed.

As you might know VEVO & Youtube have partnered together to create the best music video platform in the world, Musicians with a VEVO channel can benefit from the network's charting / front page features, Playlists & other promotional advantages.

Buying Vevo views is more than just pumping number .

With our top quality views we will help you channel grow and increase the possible chances of you finding more success in your musical endeavors. Buying Vevo views can be very effective especially if you buy the views right after uploading the video.

Vevo views + Guaranteed news coverage might be your best bet, Rantic owns a network of news sites. Our independent magazine and one that we are affiliated with, Both will get you on google news and both will make you stand out. Having news coverage is very important and it gives you a higher chance of getting noticed therefore acquiring you more targeted fans. If you are interested please visit our contact page and we will arrange something specific with you.





Are your Vevo views safe? - Yes, We provide your video with real views coming from our network of sites.


Which country are the Vevo views from? - From all countries that VEVO supports.


How fast do you deliver the Vevo views? 1,100 - 141,958 views per day, The more you buy the faster it gets sent.


Can I get on charts with your views? - Of course you can, But you will need to buy a big amount of them. We recommend an established fan base of minimum 5k before you start shooting for the very top.


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[…] Due to a popular demand we now provide high quality charting views, The views will be coming from all supported countries by Vevo helping musicians grow & trend, In this following page You can buy Vevo views. […]