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Social media is not a luxury but a necessity nowadays. It does not matter that for which reason you are using it, as everyone wants same things from social media marketing; success, profits, and popularity. The online businesses use social media websites to promote their products and celebrities and individuals use it for increasing the popularity and fan base. Facebook is among the social media sites that are among the top of all other websites having more users than YouTube or Google+. For every 20 minutes, more than 1 million links are being shared using Facebook so you cannot say that it is not influential. It is no doubt the most prominent website that has covered and affected everything in the world now. From lifestyles to daily choices, Facebook is telling the users to follow the trends, and they are following it. Well, the significance of Facebook fan page cannot be denied if you want to build a strong social media channel via Facebook.

So if Facebook is among other websites that pile up the list of your online marketing strategy, you must focus on how you can make your fan page better and more visible. Facebook is like a superstore from where people get anything that they want to have within few minutes. If you are new on Facebook, it might be difficult for you to understand how it works! So for you, here is the guide for improving the e-commerce capabilities of your fan page which can help your business get a higher boost. Facebook is a successful platform for any e-commerce business. Well, by using these following applications, you can get even better results from your fan page in terms of e-commerce.
Iframe Apps
If you are not familiar with this app, have a look at what it can do for your Facebook fan page. It is a service that is popular for offering much tab apps for your Facebook page. The features of this app include store, a newsletter option, an iframe Embed tab and most interesting of all; a live stream option. You can only use the iframe tab and options to create a unique tab app that can be linked to your official website or blog. You can feature your website content on your Facebook page using this useful and quick app. Well, it can be an excellent way to link your website to your Facebook fan page as anything you will share on your blog or website will be shown on your Facebook page within few seconds. This app is great for internet marketers who want to save their time but want to use Facebook too!
Ecwid App
Well, you might have heard about Ecwid, which is a great to use App for Facebook. You can establish a web store on your Facebook fan page using this App. There is no need for specific hosting service or any payment method processor. The whole process under this app runs automatically including a range of payment options. You can buy the premium version of this Facebook web store app for a little cost and sell more than ten products, which is a limited number of products in the free version of this app.
If you want to create a particular and customized landing tab for your Facebook fan page, then Lendable is for you. You can use this tab for a landing page for advertising of your products. It allows you to make a landing page app that will be specific to your page. The organic visitors cannot use the landing tab, but it can be used through Google AdWords or any other third party advertiser.
Extended Info app
This is a very useful app for your Facebook fan page if you want to display much information in one place. You can divide your page info into many segments including the multiple contacts of your fans and writing more about your personal information. This is very useful for showing your visitors and followers your information and details about your contact, your website, and your products.
Any Woobox
Well, if you ask about the biggest app creators on Facebook, Woobox will be at the top. They are top creators of Facebook apps with more than 24 apps for different purposes, and all of these serve best results. Creating contests, prize claims, and sweepstakes was never so easier like it is now with the help of this app. While many of these apps need premium subscription for a very little monthly cost but few of them are free to use for your Facebook fan page related to your online business.
AWeber app
If you are a very organized type of person and you want to manage all of your contacts and posts properly on your Facebook fan page, you must use AWeber app. It is a program that works best to manage your contacts and newsletters setup. More than 600 templates can be created using this app. A lot of other benefits also come with this app like scheduled messages to your Facebook followers, customized templates and segmenting your Facebook audience in different terms.
For an easy description for you, if you add Landable and AWeber, you get a GetResponse app!
It can help you make and publish new landing pages on your Facebook fan page. There is no need for any hosting service for this procedure. You can edit your newsletters and create opt-in forms. It usually comes free of cost but for Facebook page owners who have higher number of subscribers, they need to pay a little monthly fee which is nothing for the benefits that you can enjoy from using GetResponse for your page.
Booshaka app
If you want to keep an eye on your Facebook page followers, you need to get Booshaka app for your page. It can tell you stats about how many users have joined your page and how many have left it. It can also tell you that if any particular user has stopped visiting your website or fan page or become highly active recently by careful analysis of your Facebook audience. You can connect with your fans in a better way and target them efficiently using Booshaka for your fan page.
So these were some of the top class and excellent e-commerce relevant apps that can help your page grow and develop using the latest technology. You can seek results of your Facebook marketing strategy in a better wa