10 Blunders That Will Ruin Your Social Media Marketing Campaign


When it comes to social media marketing there is one thing you cannot do, that is to make mistakes. Once you make it, the mistake will haunt your entire campaign and will cost you a lot of time and effort. The business who has hired you to execute social media marketing campaign for them will not be willing to invest again in your company. The first sensible thing to do before launching the campaign is go through these points and see whether you are doing them or not, if you are, stop right there and go through it again.


  1. Ignoring the Importance of Pictures


Nobody on social media likes to go through endless rant from a brand ranting about their stuff without any pictorial proof to support their claim. If you post ads like this, you will get zero engagement and absolutely no response. To clear my point of view you will get no sales and that is basically the purpose of marketing. Only images cannot do you any good, you have to add a caption as well describing what is the product and its price. Usually companies don’t mention the prices, instead you can add a call to action. Always use high quality and vivid pictures for your products. Nobody likes seeing blurred and distorted pictures on social media. You can hire a good photographer to do this job and trust me it’s not an investment you will regret.


  1. Under Updating


If on a page there is a postdated 3 months back and same content they have been posting for years now, no engagement should be expected. You have to post fresh content with images and videos to get more users to like and respond to your page. Customers are always interested in knowing about your new products, discounts, new store opening and new advancements. Keep your customers and general public updated by posting at least twice a day or else EdgeRank on Facebook will put your page far away from the sight of your customers. I know this is last thing you would want.



  1. Ignoring Criticism


People don’t hesitate to share their opinion about your products or post reviews from time to time. You cannot expect everyone to like or adore your products or services. There are some people who will write bad reviews and use really bitter words. The one thing you can do is deal with them politely and show them that you are working towards improving. If they have a legitimate issue like late delivery or technical problem, refer them to a customer services representative and get it solved. Nothing destroys a business then these concerns being left unattended.


  1. Over Updating


Now you have to find a balance between updating and over updating where you are posting every 15 minutes. I always block the page whose post updates I see all over my Newsfeed, so will everyone else. Trying toning it down to a level where you leave some users wanting for more, posting a sneak peek here and there is the best way to get maximum response. People will anticipate your next update and will surely engage in it.


  1. Excessive Messaging


if you see that your friends are online and you start in boxing them asking about their opinion of your new product range, sounds awful and extremely needy. You don’t have to message each and every person separately you should just update your page and that’s the way to keep your dignity intact.


  1. Leaving Info Fields Blank


There are some pages who just fill out their contact information and leave their page. All the other information fields are left. Would you contact them? I presume your answer is in No. more information filled will build customer’s trust on your company and it will help you get more business. Also quickly update if you have changed store timings, location, phone or email of your business.


  1. Important Details to be Left Out


On Facebook pages businesses have shared flashy photos and other content but no office hours or the days your shop is closed due to an emergency. These are important details that need to be filled by your admin on regular basis. If you are running a clothing store it is a very smart idea to upload pictures of your clothes with prices mentioned for customers to view. Let me remind that always put up good quality pictures on your page. Nobody will buy the products by seeing distorted images. If you are running a page for a restaurant, it is a wise idea to post good pictures of your dishes with prices along with working hours.



  1. Sounding too Formal


The biggest advantage of social media is that you can become a little less formal with your customers. This will give you a change to connect with them and make you seem less stuffy. People usually like the business whose personnel are less formal and more friendly, if you sound too formal and cut and dry your customers will seek their business elsewhere.



  1. Keep Personal Account for Business


the one mistake you cannot make is run your business page from your personal page. Your family will not feel close enough to you and you cannot upload intimate pictures of yourself on your profile. It is not good for your business either, you will seem less professional. It will also seem odd for strangers to contact you on your personal profile.


  1. Ignoring the Page


Some business creates a page never to check upon it again. This is the worst form of neglect for your page. You can give the responsibility to someone who is trustworthy enough to not use your page for other purposes. You can set one person to manage you Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms. You have to manage the comments people have posted on your page and remove spam. Your customers will have tons of complains if you don’t check your page and they will never do business from your page.


These are some major blunders made when it comes to the social media marketing. Be sure that you do not make any of them or that you correct existing problems right away.