10 Methods More Effective Than Like-Gating

Every marketer dreams to get recognized in the social media world. It was just a while ago that Facebook which is one of the most used social media channels these days was a sanctuary for all the marketers. These marketers created their pages on Facebook and then enforced different users to like their pages whether directly or indirectly. Most of the times it became obligatory for different user to like their pages if they wanted to view any content on them. This happened due to the settings of the landing pages due to which the marketers hide all the contents.

As a result of this users were required to like a particular page and only then they were able to view the contents.
Thanks to the Facebook authority who removed that particular function. Almost every user became happy due to this change. It allowed the users to first check out the contents of any particular Facebook page. If they find the posts interesting only then they like a particular page otherwise don’t.
I believe that it was one of the most wanted changes which Facebook made in the past years. It provided the users with a sense of choice. Even anyone cannot force me to like their page which I have not seen yet.

Removal of Like Gates

The removal of like gates just took place recently. Like gate basically related to the ability of hiding any content from your website or your social media pages. These included the contents like different applications, blog posts, information, contents and so on. Many marketers used Like Gate feature in order to hide their posts, blogs and almost all the contents which they posted on their social pages.

As a result of this whenever any user wanted to view a page they were asked to first like that particular page. So the users had to like the page they wanted to see otherwise their access was denied. Due to this fact the marketers were able to increase the number of followers on their page to a great extent.

This change was undeniably a nightmare for the marketers because the removals of like gate feature lead to minimize the number of followers. Many of them searched for different alternatives other than the Like Gate feature so that they could increase the number likes on their social pages.

In this article I have compiled some of the alternate features for use to which many marketers switched.

1. Make Good Use of an App Email Form Gate

Use Email Signup

One of the simplest ways which marketers use these days is the feature of Email Form Gate. This is a simple but a great alternate which you can use.

Focus on creating some interesting and attractive contents. This is undoubtedly one of the major keys to success. You cannot expect from me to like a page forcefully. I will only like your image or app if I find it attractive at the first glance. Otherwise I won’t because it is my choice. So you need to make it look good for me to like it.

Next, you need to make the landing page. This is an important thing to do. Try to make an attractive landing page so that you are able to implore the email addresses of different user. When a user likes your page it is pretty obvious that they will exchange their email addresses with you in response of your priceless effort.

In the next step you have the option of turning your landing page into an interesting Facebook app. You can easily do it yourself it is not that hard to do. Generally these kinds of Facebook apps are mainly considered as the iframes that you use while opening a different webpage. You just need to make the framework of the app. You can even search it from any other resources if you cannot do it yourself. And finally connect it directly to the opt-in option.

Congratulations! Now finally you are done and have your own Facebook app that gates different contents using an email signup rather that a like on your Facebook page.

2. Use Contests to Boost Engagement

You can also run an engagement-Gated contest post. This is another option which you can use to gate your contests. In this way you can gate your contests just by creating different types of contest for your audiences. Like for example you can display a message asking your audiences to upload the logo of your page in their comments and then share it on their Facebook pages. By doing this they can enter into the contest. Further you can also set up a contest entry requirement in which you can ask them to share their product image with their friends. The more pictures they will share. They will have greater chances of winning the set reward.

Now these types of contests are taking over Facebook these days. And the great thing is that Facebook does not have any issues with such contests. Today many businesses are promoting such contests in order attract a large number of audiences.

3. Host a WooBox Contest

Running WooBox Contest is also a good option which you can use. If you are not aware of WooBox then let me tell you about it. WooBox is basically one of those well-known services which perform quite a lot of functions when used as a part of the social media. Its main features include the unlimited quiz apps, picture contest apps, apps like “pin to win” and so on. In addition to this there are various customized Facebook tabs which are used for different social media networking sites such as the sites like Pinterest and YouTube. Further there are prize claim apps and many other useful features.

4. Run Consistent Promoted Posts

Another option is to run various promoted posts. If you have the resources than I believe that it is one of the best options which you can opt for. In this way you can easily make your posts visible to only some certain type of users by paying a set amount of money.

5. Run Facebook Ads Traditionally

There is certainly no doubt about the fact that Facebook ranks highest when it comes to advertising or marketing of your products. Even though the like gates are removed but that does not mean that Facebook has lose its importance. It stands firm. No one can defeat it. Facebook consists of a PPC that is very strong. Possibly one of the strongest among all the other available ads systems you can find till date.

The main reason behind this fact is that you can get a high amount of reach by just paying a small amount. By paying an amount of as little as $100 you can easily reach maximum number users without any restrictions.

6. Produce Excellent Quality Content

I strongly believe that one of the most effective ways of attracting your audiences is by posting some excellent contents on your social media pages. The same thing also goes for your Facebook profile page too. Posting of some interesting and unique contents greatly helps in attracting a large number of audiences.

7. Create Videos that Implore Likes

Post Link in YouTube Video Description

Try posting interesting videos. I am saying this because the visual contents leave a far better impact on your audiences than the written contents. The most prominent examples of this is the YouTube. YouTube used many different videos to attract a large number of audiences. And it surely did succeed.
With the passage of time Facebook also launched its video platform. And today some experts assert that Facebook video has greatly outdone YouTube.
Every time you play a video on YouTube or you Facebook in the end of it you see a video preview option or a link attached to it. These options are generally inserted to the videos for the purpose of promoting more views. Additionally the link is provided so that you can directly get connected to the video creator.

8. Facilitate Mobile Users

Today almost two third of the world’s population are mobile phone users. They use a mobile phone not only as a mean of communication but for many different purposes too. One of the most important things which you need to remember is that nowadays people can easily access their social media profiles including Facebook page by using their mobile devices. Thanks to the mobile devices which have made everything easy to access these days. Due to this today almost around 70% users access their social media profiles by using their mobile devices including their mobile phones, tablets or iPads etc.

Another great thing is that these users not only use their mobile devices to go through any particular website but they also use them to post their comments and keep track of different posts made by pages.

With an increasingly high rate of mobile users it is a good idea to promote the mobile contents as much as you can. I am sure that this will greatly help you out in attracting a large number of audiences in a very short time. There are many ways of doing it. And the best part is that you really don’t need to do a lot of efforts in this too. Just make sure that the website which you are using for your business promotions is mobile friendly. Well as for a start this is one of the major aspects which you need to take care of. Nowadays Google has started marking the mobile friendliness of any website as a ranking factor. So it is better that you must make sure that the website which you are using is mobile friendly too.

Run Different Ads

Another factor by which you can promote your mobile contents is by operating different types of advertisements which are mobile specifically made to run on mobile phones or the mobile devices. It is because the mobile ads are more effectual as compared to the desktop version advertisements. People check their mobile phones after almost every minute. Even I check my mobile phone about 3 times in a minute. And mostly check updates on my social pages through my mobile phone. While checking the updates almost every time I get to see a new ad on my newsfeed. So I believe that this might be the case with you too and in fact every other user also. So it is a great idea to create mobile ads so that more and more people view them and get attracted.

You can also create different mobile applications too. Nowadays there are millions of mobile apps which are available on Playstore. People download these mobile apps on their mobile devices and use them. You can create one too and then promote them. Many users will surely get attracted towards these apps, download them on their mobile phones and then use them. In addition to this you can also create a task oriented app as well. This will be useful for you as well as your audiences in many ways due to which the users can use the app directly without facing the hassle of going to the app site first and then using it.

9.Concentrate on Something Other than Likes

Nowadays most of the marketers have all their focus on getting more and more likes. Rather this is the only thing that most marketers do. Getting maximum number of likes is a good thing but sometimes it may lead you and your businesses into trouble.
I suggest you to start focusing more on posting some attractive and high quality contents rather than focusing on increasing your likes.
“Likes” holds a direct relation with your contents. If you post some good contents on your Facebook page then no one can stop you from getting a maximum number of likes.

10. Don’t Abandon Facebook Entirely

Facebook is there to stay. It will never die. Many people think that by removing the like gate feature the Facebook authority has taken a step to abandon it. This concept is totally wrong.
Facebook authority is efficiently working day by day to make it more successful. It will stay there forever.