10 Silly Theories in Social Media


What goes wrong in the mind must come out


It all starts with a great idea. A team grows and social media becomes essential for the growth of your business. Two premises for success in every field are that it comes with hard work and learning from your mistakes. Social media is no different. Most of the beliefs listed below are, at one time or another, present in a business venture. Hopefully you haven’t yet committed some of the ones mentioned here, or you’re not too late to correct them.


  1. it’s all about the content


Web Writing is an excellent tool to control and direct your customers if done professionally. However, it is not the only thing out there. Many of us are image responsive and require photos, graphics, something to show us what we are buying. Some of us react more to inviting sounds or audio explanations. Good imagery, clean information, price and a promotion or two are the base mix for every sale.


  1. I’ll make it and it’s done


Some business owners believe it only has to work once to last, that after that first push to get it “live” it is mostly over, and they can’t be more wrong. Customers want the latest information, the new news, the cutting edge design or the newest tech. maintaining the same content will eventually drive away customers and keep away new ones. Supply a steady flow of regular flow new information or content and you’re sure to attract more visitors.


  1. Let them say what ever they want


Negative feedback is as important as a positive one, because it is feedback. New ideas, solutions, problems you and your team didn’t even imagine can pop up anywhere and this is where customer feedback is so important. After all, didn’t you tailor the product or service for the customer? What ever it is, take the time, listen, let them know you hear them, and keep improving. As your business get’s better so do the sales.


  1. Oh, just one more


The other side shows its face. Eager beavers. Some business owners believe that a flow of information is good, but unfortunately they over do it, both in the area and amount. When we get constant reminders or suggestions our brains tend to consider them as white noise. Too much information on one subject, either repeated or redundant content and excessive amounts of topics make the perfect recipe for confusion. Yes, do post new information; customers crave it, but much like beer, with moderation.



  1. I have to get personal with everyone


In online sales customers tend to want to be left alone. If some of your regular clients are online, please avoid chatting with them or sending them emails while they are present. Like before, information is golden but it has a time and place. Update your info on the main page or launch a small promotion to get their attention, because the important factor is that you are present, with customer support on an online chat or quick response online form.



  1. it’s so good the sales will come to me


Social media is just a platform, not the phone book. It is designed for your business to interact in a more stress free environment, safe for the user. Leaving your contacts on a social network and little more will most likely send everyone looking for a more complete source, one that at least takes the time to explain to them what they do. Remember, to trust you, they must get to know you.



  1. Beauty is the answer


Great graphics and extreme videos are a good idea, but not at the expense of the product information, terms and conditions that make scenes, or surprisingly, your store address. As said before, information is gold. Make sure your content and information are updated and complete. A map can be beautiful and well crafted, but if it leaves you stranded halfway from your destination, it’s useless.



  1. We have a business relationship


Some companies keep their customer relations manual in a freezer. Some points need to be taken seriously, for example, an online payment policy. But if you promote a New Years Eve event on that tone, odds are you’re going to be there alone. With overly professional and formal content and communication, customers usually tend to find more relaxed businesses where they can relate better. Always keep in mind that we do business where we feel most at ease and comfortable, with who we trust.



  1. We are all just one big family


A lesson most of business owners learn the hard way. Keep your personal account and business pages separate. Mixing them up is likely to endanger both. Private messages or teasing comments from a friend might be fun, but it is sure to ruin most of the credibility you hope to achieve to boost your sales revenue. Allow you’re social networking a place to work, on social media, and stay away from the nicknames in high school.


  1. It will run itself for years


Creating websites, twitter accounts and other online media requires a constant and keen eye on them. As explored before, these are the fastest and main source of information for your customers. It is also where they are most likely to reach out to you. Let them feel that wherever they may be, you’re right there with them.


If you started reading this and found some similarities with your company, don’t worry. Many out there have at least one of these beliefs. Just be sure to steer yourself the right way, the profitable way this time around.


In short, a great marketing recipe has many elements, and so does social media. Professional content, stunning visual aspects, intuitive and technical effectiveness is not enough. Keep it professional but light, remember to check in new information, update any changes and keep up to your costumer base, and you might have a winner.


Either you win, or you find out ways how to avoid failure.