10 Steps to build a Strong Facebook Business plan

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Social Media Marketing is very important for any business these days (sounds familiar?). If you want your business to have a great web presence, then you cannot ignore the possibilities of Facebook as the best platform to launch and promote your business on social media. It is very important that you make the correct choices while creating your professional presence on the social media. Facebook being the most influential social media, it is crucial to create a positive impact on it to get maximum results. There are several points you must consider before using Facebook, these points are given below:


  1. Create a Personal Account


The first thing to do when marketing your business on Facebook is to create an account in the name of your business. This is vital as you will not be able to create a page on Facebook without the account. The Facebook account will allow you to ‘friend’ people and add them to your business network and this is where the success of social media lies – in networking.



  1. Create your Business Page


Next step is to create a page in the name of your business, which will allow your business to be visible. This will give you a tool for personal and one to one interaction with your customers, allow timely updates of your products and services, analyze your business and its performance regularly so that you have the pulse of your customer and can guide your business according to the demand, likes and dislikes of your customers. The page will allow your customers and interested users to ‘like’ your page and then get a feed from your page of all updates you make on Facebook. This is invaluable as a marketing strategy as you are giving information about your business instantly to a devoted and interested group.


  1. Upload Your Cover Photo


Once you have the page, the next step is to upload a cover photo for your business. If you open any page on Facebook, you will notice that the top half of the page is taken up by the cover photo. This is the area that gets instant attention once a person opens a page. This provides you with an excellent opportunity to showcase your business and its specialties. A picture speaks a thousand words, so make sure the image is the representative of your business.


  1. Create a landing or welcome tab on your page.


This is the first message that you are conveying to your customers, so it has to be friendly, welcoming and interesting enough for people to ‘like’ your page. Once they like your page, they are ready to be informed in depth about your business.


  1. Create Additional Tabs


Don’t let the welcome tab be the only tab on your page. Create some more or maybe, a lot more. Think about your target audience, their demographics and what they might be interested in, or what they might want to know about your business. Additional tabs need not be all about your business chatter; talk about anything you think might be of use and interest to your customers. This exercise can add to your fan base and enhance it by drawing in people who are not directly interested or related to your business, but come there because of the interesting content you have on your page.


  1. Like similar Pages


One strategy to follow on Facebook is to be actively involved in it. Find other pages that you are interested in or that are in the same area of business. Visit and ‘like’ these pages. The protocol on Facebook is such that if you ‘like’ someone’s page they are likely to ‘like’ you back and increase your fan base. So don’t hold back in liking your competitors as well, it just demonstrates that you are confident about your business and not afraid of your rivals. This in itself is a great message to send across.



  1. Stay Focused


Focus on people who you want to become your customers. Facebook allows you to target your messages and reach. It is in your interest to look for people whom you think you can convert to customers. Think about what your customers have in common, consider their age, interests and living standards; consider how your business can help them and who will be open in receiving news and updates from your business. Then target your page at these people. Create an email signature with your Facebook page and use it while sending e-mails. Leave your Fan page address where ever you believe there is an interest in your business. This will help to create awareness for your business in a sphere that is relevant to your business.


  1. Be Active


Be active on Facebook and keep updating your status often to create a buzz and generate interest for your page and your business. If there is nothing happening on your page, people will lose interest and not return back. So keep the conversation flowing, listen to the heartbeat of your page and understand what it is saying. It is a powerful feedback system for you to gauge your business and its performance and adjust your business policy accordingly.


  1. Make effective use of insights


Facebook has an insight tool built into it. Use it often to understand the pulse of your business. Insight will provide you with data about your page’s performance, the effectiveness of your marketing promotions. It will help you analyze and predict future trends and fashions which will assist you in steering your business towards better profitability. Facebook sends you a weekly report of your page data. You have to sign up to receive the report, but it is invaluable in planning your business strategies.



  1. Utilize Facebook Ads


Facebook has 1.35 billion users and the numbers are growing every day. That is a huge number of people and potential business opportunities for anyone. Any ad on Facebook is likely to reach a huge number of people. So do not ignore Facebook Ads as a way to promote your business. Facebook can be personalized to a great degree to target areas that you want to explore for your business. For a cost that is a fraction of the conventional media cost of advertising you are reaching out to a much larger audience and prospective clients. Facebook ads provide a link to your page making it easily accessible to more people.