14 Hacks to Make Your Twitter Account More Popular



Growth hacking is a term commonly used nowadays in order to gain exposure on low budget with the use of social media, which helps to attain the attraction of crowd by innovative and cost effective techniques. This has become more effective and desirable technique preferred by modern companies than the traditional and costly ways of marketing which were used by marketers for promotion. The old promotional ways like printing of billboards newspaper, television and radio advertisement etc. which the companies used were costly methods which lack in gaining the attention of a large number of people. Today the modern companies prefer the social media promotion techniques including the twitter, Facebook, blogs etc. which is a cost and time effective hack and leads to fast exposure.

Two simple steps in growth hacking are; a platform and a goal. The twitter can be a great Platform which would lead to achieve your goal that is Exposure. With the help of these two simple and easy techniques can lead you to popularity.


  1. Direct Selling Attitude May Drive Customers Away

The basic aim should be the promotion of the business or the product itself. These days’ marketers use social media to promote themselves more than the business itself, which lacks in attaining the attention of the users, and instead it drives the users away. So, it is important that you should publish the business content more to attract more users.


  1. Use the Simplest of Hacks

A simple but important hack of social interaction is to mention your username or business name next to your blog posts or social media profiles when you comment, post or share a blog. It simply helps the user to interact with you easily and requires least effort in promotion.


  1. Interesting Content is Generally Retweeted

All you require is simple call to action. You should encourage your audience to tweet your content. You can ask them to do that in the end of your blog, because after they are done reading it will be easier for them to see whether they want to share or not.

The more people tweet your content, the more exposure you will get.


  1. Get More Followers and Retweets by Contests

Who doesn’t like free stuff, only a sign on your page about a contest and people will swarm to your page.

You can set a prize if you achieve a milestone for 5k followers. You can do the same for the people who retweet using a specific hashtag. You can giveaway anything from a coupon to special discount or any one of your product.


  1. Reward Referrals

You can offer gifts to anyone who willingly refers any other user. This really works best with applications and games. On the other hand, it can be used in many other ways as well, all you have to do is become a bit creative.


  1. Ask for a Review and Feedback

Feedback is really good for the reputation of your business especially when public feedback is posted by a user.

Users trust each other and reviews posted by other people. You would never buy a product if it’s top 5 reviews are bad or people complaining about bad customer service

The main reason behind trusting other users is that when you post testimonials on your own website it gives an impression that you have faked them. If you get negative feedback, it’s a great opportunity for you to improve your products and services.


  1. Follow the Thought Leaders of Your Industry

You should always follow the captains of your industry, they are a really good source of inspiration for you. You can also introduce yourself while interacting with them. This will draw the attention of their audience as well, who in turn might end up following you.


  1. Do not ‘Duck’ Praise or Criticism

Social media is all about responses and engagement, and none so more than Twitter. It’s the closest thing you have to an always-active chatroom, so make use of it for active responses. If someone complains, work to make it right. If they offer praise, thank them. It’s easy and it builds a great reputation for your brand.


9.  Sneak Peak of New Products

On any day of the week you should post special sneak peak of any one of your products. Post a few candid pictures with the post and encourage people to share your post as well. It will help your build a lot of engagement and set you off for a lot of potential customers.


  1. Ask for Retweets

It is very simple and extremely effective, add a call to action ‘retweet this’ at the end of an important tweet will increase the chances of your tweet being retweeted. You can also include appeals of retweet at the end of your blog post. The same kind of requests can be put up at the end of Facebook posts.


  1. Mention other authors when you share their content.

You shouldn’t come off as narcissist on your Twitter page, you should always be generous in sharing the praising content from other writers. Always mention @username of the writer. This way they will get Twitter exposure as well, which is well-deserved. This will lead to a mutual sharing and praising and your audience will take you as a generous person


  1. Create Impressive Content

All Social media revolves around the quality of content, if you create and post impressive content it will boost your profile. You have to schedule your posts weekly or daily and post accordingly. Avoid making typos and posting viral content from 2011. It will damage your reputation. Always stay updated and share most current content.


  1. Automate

You know who’s your best friend? Automation, that’s right. Every suggestion I made in this article can be easily automated. You can queue your posts and automate tweets. Just need some time to do this over the weekend and you are good till next weekend. These days everyone looks for an easy way out, automate all this and keep your system updated to get the best of Automation.