15 Growth Hacks to Fuel Your Twitter Popularity

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So you want to understand the growth hacks for promoting your Twitter profile but you don’t know where to start? There are a lot of people out there like you who want to do a lot of things but because they are unaware with finding new ways, they could not execute them. If you are an online business owner or just have a blog, you can use Twitter to advertise your webpage effectively. The idea of growth hacking is very simple in the sense that all the activities that are responsible for making your online presence comes under one umbrella. They can be creative writing techniques, modern technology methods, tricks and small changes that can aggregate to improve your social image. These hacks are the short-cuts to higher online growth of your business.

In order to understand these growth hacks, you need will need to know two things; one is the platform and the other one is the goal. So while you talk about Twitter, the platform will be your Twitter profile and your goal will be to increase your social media exposure. So let’s have a look at the following techniques to get more publicity online.

  1. Promote your content without promoting yourself

When you are trying to impress your audience on Twitter, sometimes you forget that the important thing is to promote your services and products; not you! People want to know about your products and follow you because you are a source to get something they need but they don’t need to know about you all the time.

  1. Post your Twitter profile link everywhere on internet

If you want more and more people to recognize you and your brand, you need to post your link to your Twitter account everywhere on internet. For example, you can add social sharing buttons on your blog which can lead people to your Twitter profile. Whenever you comment online, write your name as @xyz so that people can follow you if they intend to. Your Facebook profile page must have your Twitter link in the description. So just advertise your Twitter profile for getting more followers online.

  1. Inspire other Twitter users to tweet your content

Adding an option of call to action at the end of your blog post can work wonders for you as people can share it instantly and your message will be spread. This is also beneficial as when more people share your content on the internet, you get indirect traffic to your blog which can eventually lead to more Twitter followers.

  1. Use your content to attract followers and more ReTweets

You can apply a lot of techniques to engage your users into retweeting your content! Many users are attracted with rewards so offer them anything for completion of a milestone. Ask them to retweet your posts and spread them and in return, you must retweet their posts as well so that they get instant reward. If you want to direct your followers to your online store or website, offer them coupons and discounts on products for sharing your tweets and content online.

  1. Recruitment to access gated content

Another way to make best use of Twitter is to offer your followers any gift for getting you more followers from their circles. If you are creative, you can use many online applications for making a theme of rewards for your followers. This will definitely attract more users to your Twitter profile.

  1. Ask for feedback from users

Never overlook the importance of getting feedback from your customers. They spend time to tell you about your product which includes constructive criticism. So be thankful to them for leaving a feedback as online users check feedback before buying anything online. Even if few feedbacks are negative, you don’t need to worry as this is part of business and it will also show people that you are not hiding your feedback – this will build trust.

  1. Follow similar interest accounts relevant to your industry

If you want more followers to retweet your posts on Twitter, you must use popular people accounts for your benefits. Retweet their posts and add your HashTags to them. This way you can draw more Twitter users to your posts.


  1. Be open to face criticism

If you cannot face criticism, you are in the wrong field as social media is not always encouraging. You might find people who will break you and abuse you for nothing but you have to face them for the sake of your reputation, so you need to be patient in such cases. People complain most of the times and it is the quality of a good leader to listen to them and respond in a polite way. This will build your reputation among your Twitter followers because one moment of patience can save you from thousand moments of embarrassment.

  1. Tactfully newsjack current events by adding value

You must poke yourself only in the relevant posts and discussions. Newsjacking can be harmful for your Twitter reputation as it can risk your brand. If you are not related to any event, newsjack away if you have potential to add something positive otherwise control yourself.

  1. Build hype with tantalizing countdowns for new promos

Each day, release something about the coming days. This way people will get excited to know what’s coming up in next and will wait for that! Be creative and tweet about happenings each day as it will build an interest among the followers of your Twitter profile and you will not have to worry about the active engagement of users.

  1. Ask your followers to retweet

You can simply ask your Twitter followers to retweet any post you want them to share. People get encouraged when someone asks them to do anything and you can notice the increase in your ReTweets by just adding a simple note with your every post of blog.

  1. Join in Twitter HashTags chats

You can join in the conversation related to your industry and use HashTags during comments. This way you will not directly advertise your products but you will get a real exposure as an active participant. People can follow you if they feel that you are interesting. So this way more users will come to you without asking them to follow you.

  1. Don’t forget to name authors when you use their content

The worst thing you can do to your reputation is to copy someone’s material and use it as your own. If you post something from others in your industry, add their name to the content. People will respect you for this gesture and you will get more traffic which was actually drawn to their name on Twitter. Mention their @username in your tweet and you will drive their audience towards your posts too.

  1. Produce and publish new and regular content

Before you share anything via your Twitter profile, ask yourself if you really want to read it from a follower’s perspective!  Content is king and an important part of your marketing strategy, so try to create heart winning content to establish your name on Twitter. Use captivating words so that users don’t feel distracted while reading your posts.

  1. Automate as much as possible

You can use the above described tips for making your Twitter image stronger. Automate the content and posts that need to be scheduled so that you don’t miss anything.

Well, all of the techniques above are merely suggestions and there is nothing like real hacking for growth unless you don’t dedicate your hard work and time to your social image. Apply your creativity to your communication skills and online visibility and make right choices at right times. The only thing that will make you go a long way in growth hacking is uniqueness and originality of your personality.