15 proven ways to make a Legendary Instagram Profile

One of the simplest platforms to develop your following on is Instagram but it is not easy to manage it, you have to put in a lot of effort and thought into it, it all relies on how you manage your profile.

You can make your profile really grow very fast if you use it as vital support for the marketing of your brand. All you need to do is give your profile all the attention it needs. There are over half dozen social media facets that you’re using then it’s going to be hard for you to manage but if you are using Instagram to usher the traffic your way then it is a difficult ride for you.

That being said, the possibility of gaining popularity on Instagram is very high, you just have to put in your time and the right moves. This list has been compiled to help you in enhancing your profile. Some of these ways might seem a bit mainstream, nevertheless these pointers will help you getting ahead.


  1. Fill out each category

The first thing you have to do with any good social profile is fill out everything as completely as possible.

Every category and information slot should be filled properly and accurately. Add correct information and set up links amongst your website and Instagram and both with other social profiles to start spreading your page.

This is just a foundation on which a higher number of audience can be easily built. Just by following these suggestions you can gain thousands of followers and that’s not bad, Right?

Well in this age and technology, seeing is everything and nobody wants to see blurred and low quality pictures. Be sharp and technologically upgraded. Post HD quality images with witty captions.

No matter what business you’re running be it clothing, makeup, jewelry or your services as a caterer or photographer, it is a must that the pictures are taken by a professional and completely relevant to your business. Also get a good content writer to work on your written content, you might have to pay a bit extra but it will be worth it in the end. Never post mediocre picture or written content, it will drag your account down and so will the mood of your audience.


  1. Frequent Posting

The good aspect of Instagram is that there is no drop in engagement on posts when posting above the ‘perfect’ times. When compared to Facebook for example, if a page admin posts two times a day, it is considered perfect, posted a third time in a day and it loses most of its audience.

Instagram works on consistency, if you post three times a day you are supposed to do it three time a day consistently. Just keep up with the number of posts you decide to share with your audience as if you do more or less, it will be considered a spam.

Two posts a day is a decent way for you to engage your audience. Make sure they are interesting and relevant. May be a bit extra on weekends.


  1. Hashtags, Emoji’s, and a Link is the way to go!

 Choose the right kind of content for your posts be it written or photographic. Usage of Emoji’s especially for brands can boost your engagement rate, using emoji’s is a fresh experience.

Hashtags are also significant, though you might wish to use appropriate tags. Don’t post random tags only because they’re famous, I recommend two or three of branded tags, two precise tags for your image and some more common tags for your industry. It will attract audience from all around Instagram.

Use a link that is related to your post, if you link it to something irrelevant your audience will get very doubtful of your posts. Never link your homepage in every post.


  1. Tag a Friend

If you want to get the attention of users on Instagram, asking them to tag a friend is the fastest way to go. The users will get a notification and can view the post, from there they can view, click like, write a comment or share the post.

Ask your audience to tag their friends themselves not you tagging all your followers as it sounds like more of a spam. You can get creative and start a contest, for example if you have a photography page, on your Picture of a beach, you can encourage your followers to post a pictures of them enjoying on the beach. This way you attract a lot of audience and they can tag their friends.


  1. Follow Accounts Posting Identical Content

Go on random browsing twice or thrice a month, go through hashtags and tagged user to tagged user.

This will be directed towards to following and looking for the pages that post content of your interest or related to your business. It is identical to tagging people in your posts but there is a positive side to it that it is way more powerful because all the followers of those pages will be able to view your posts and page, usually they will follow you if your content is interesting and well put.


  1. Carry out Photo Contest

You can get more followers by hosting a contest. You know, provide an incentive for your audience to follow your account. Many game developers and software urge their audience to submit screenshots or images according to their theme. The more people participate the better it is for boosting your account.

There are some basic steps that you can follows like suggest a theme for your contest, ask your followers to submit their picture and tagging them in a hashtag especially for your contest. Give out a few prizes for your credibility. This will also encourage users to participate in the contests to come.


  1. Stick to a Broad Theme

 Most Instagram accounts have targeted posts. If you look at any of the famous accounts, you’ll see a theme. Thomas Keller posts food photos. Versace posts style and experience. Miley Cyrus posts casual selfies and warm moments joined with professional photos. Puma is always posting about the broader features of their brand.

A general, wider theme gives you sufficient of flexibility without making your account a hodge-podge that people don’t know what they’re receiving. You want to be credible with your content, while still having the broad options important for experimentation and shift standpoints if necessary.


  1. Like and Comment on Linked Content generously

I have mentioned above to hit ‘follow’ on accounts that match your content but this doesn’t mean you have to hit ‘follow’ even if you don’t like it. Go through their content and hit like only if you think it’s close enough to your liking. This way you will avoid liking the stuff you’re not interested in. if you find something exceptional and eye-catching, leave a comment. Use following and Commenting side by side, both are extremely influential. These are just the ways to get your users attention. Commenting can engage your audience on low level and attract people, whereas follows tend to get your more targeted returns.


  1. Find Amplifiers and Tag Them

On Instagram specifically and on other social networks generally amplifiers or influencers pop-up. They don’t post any content on their own, Like Buzz feed they take content all around from Instagram or the web and curate it in a way which is appealing to millions of users. The way to do is just tag them in your post and the then get your post the boost it requires, usually attracting millions towards your page. Now who wouldn’t want that!

Not only your content will get the boost but you following will also increase immensely.

You can do the similar thing with typical influencers, but be alert that a lot of influencers right in your place are going to be rivals, and a portion of the rest aren’t really looking for to help out other people without something lucrative as repay.


  1. Play around with Instagram Video

Instagram video is a bit similar to Vine, just with a bit longer length limit and a few distinctive requirements. It’s exciting to use, but a lot less brands are able to steadily use it for their business. That’s why I think play around with it. Post an interesting video and watch its response. avoid posting videos every day, or even weekly if they don’t get a sufficient response on investment. Video can be technical to make in a way that is persuasive, much more complex than a photo, so you have to actually get something compelling out of it if you want to get response.


11. Display the Casual Side

The trick to getting attention of your followers is to post casually sometimes, for example if you’re running a clothing business, post a few candid shots of your workers ‘working on a project’. If you are a running a gym post a few candid shots of your models working out. If you are running a shoe store post pictures of a few of your customers try on shoes or your designer drawing illustrations of shoes. This will not only give your audience a sneak peek to your business but also show the ‘human side’ of your business. You just have to maintain the balance between too much information, some people might like the product better than the production process, so you have to cater to their needs as well. Keep an eye on every aspect, plan and execute properly.


  1. Expand to Explore more Options

In addition to the casual posts, you should sometimes share photos that are not what you usually post. The core of this idea is to alter and test your general theme. If you’re typically posting one type of pictures and written content, but a picture of another semi-related content gets a higher number of engagement, you might want to try altering your overall profile’s character in that way. Using this process, you can gradually increase your audience with different interests, as well as discovering fresh things to snap a picture of that aren’t quite as monotonous as your typical subjects.


  1. Be Scientific!

At a certain level, you might run out on development, now to get over this glitch is by adopting a more scientific approach and maximizing your response rates. Who doesn’t want the easy way out or doing less for more responses. There are three key points you need to keep under consideration

Optimize your posting, find out which time of day you receive a lot more engagement. Second is optimizing the usage of your Hashtags, use Instagram’s Keyword Research. Third is Optimization of the content you post, find out with color schemes are most helpful, which subjects attracts the attention of your audience. This is the best way to boost your posts and as a result your profile.


  1. Purchase Smaller Numbers of Followers

 It’s fine to buy followers on Instagram, though it’s complicated how much you are supposed to buy, what basis they should reach to you, and of course their cost effectiveness. Preferably, you want organic followers, because fake bots will be removed and won’t be of any benefit while they stay on your profile. I strongly suggest that you buy followers in a smaller number, though. For example, if you have 1,5000 followers, never buy more than 1000 or at a time. You’re considering to boost a smaller number of followers, not increase thousands of followers overnight.

  1. Purchase an already popular  Account

Another stimulating method you can use if you want a kick start is to buy a whole account, change the brand name, add up your information and run it. If you are not looking for the struggle beginners have to face while the start of an account this is the way to go.

You might want to start finding an account that shares your genre, so you won’t end up eliminating your followers from your previous page. Usually all will jump the bandwagon as it is, so you want to minimize the losses.