25 Tricks to Boost Sales on Instagram


Effective customer engagement is very productive when it comes to branding and marketing. It can be achieved in man way through several mediums. You have to provide your customers with relevant content. You will have to find audience that will find this content useful and engaging.

You have to patiently engage your customers and develop a relationship.  Social media has provided platforms that businesses can use to increase their customers. Instagram is also becoming very popular with businesses who are looking to use social media   to develop their business.

I will lay out 25 ways to use social media platform boost your brand.


  1. Branding Your Profile


You have to understand the demands of your audience and provide the content that is relevant to your brand. On the other hand, you have to keep it controlled, choose the way you want it to appear and the level of direct engagement it brings.


  1. Strategise Your Posts


The technique that will keep your audience engaged is consistency, set up two days in a week and the post images related to your brand. Never post images without any strategy. Develop a schedule that your users will get acquainted to easily and can expect content from you.


  1. Don’t Post a Sale Pitch


Don’t make your page seem like it’s a shop, where just one-way conversation is carried out. Don’t push your sales too hard, you have built the relationship of trust with your customers in order to make sales. It will take time and a lot of patience.


  1. Promote High Quality Content


You have to come up with clever idea to make your products presentable in front of customers, make it attractive and use bright colors always. The images should be HD and very clear, the last thing your customers want to see is a blurred picture of your product.



  1. Think Out of the Box


Along with images you have to incorporate videos to boost your sales, you can post a demo of your product being used. It doesn’t need to be a long video; vines are enough to convey you message. Think outside of the box and never do what everybody on the internet is doing. Find your own creativity and go with it.



  1. Develop an Address Book of Customers


Develop a profile of the customers you have been having interactions with by monitoring them carefully. This will help you to see which market you should target while advertising.


  1. Link Your Profile


Instagram has been owned by Facebook of a pretty long time now, so they are basically attached. You have to coordinate both the profiles in order to double up your audience.


  1. Organize Your Posts on a Weekly Basis


Scheduling your posts for the whole week is the key to becoming a pro at posting. You have to set up posts for each day probably two or three times a day. You can set them up in way where they seem synchronized.


  1. Create Pre-Launch Hype


You can post candid photos of your products to create a hype among your audience. Make it more enticing and less promotional.


  1. Beauty Sells


This is not very technical, but it is extremely effective. You can use what sells best for example pictures of baby animals, children etc. you can use catchy phrases and beautiful landscapes.


  1. Express Your Brand


You have to seem very confident and display your ideas. By doing this you are depicting a more human side of your company. This is vital for developing a strong relationship with customers.


  1. Create an Immersive Culture


Instagram is a platform where you should let positive aspects of your company influence others to take interest in your products.The more strongly you build this bond the better the sales are.


  1. Make a Portfolio of Customers


Show your audience how your company treats their customers. Allow customers to review your products. if more people post reviews about your products it will build trust.


  1. Good Photo Editing Equals High Engagement Rates


Always use the right filter for your images. It will increase your engagement rates.


  1. Post a Picture of Your Physical Location


If you have a physical location of your brand, include it in your profile by posting a picture and using a filter that will make it look more splendid. Take a shot at sunset and you can use 1977 filter to make it look rustic. Never post average shots.


  1. Choose a Creative Style


Sustain a style of your images throughout your profile, it will help your audience remember you by that and it will give you something creative to work upon.


  1. Collaborate


You can start a joint venture with other businesses of your nature and this will help double up the audience and boost your business as well as theirs.


  1. Use Retro Filter


Don’t overuse filters but don’t neglect the ones that can have a positive impact on your sales. There are numerous filters to choose from but there’s something about retro filter that is positive for a buying situation.


  1. Don’t Use Out of the Blue Pictures


Always put up pictures that are a part of collection, posting lonely pics here and there are not as effective as a powerful picture from your new summer collection. Your photos should follow a theme in order to be attractive.


  1. Show Sass


never treat your Instagram profile as a portal for advertisement, it is like a sales person. It should have taste and a personality to be

presented in front of your audience.


  1. Don’t Post for the Sake of Advertisement


never post ads exclusively, they will drag your business own. For example, celebrities post their make-up lines but wearing it themselves. It will give the audience something to get entertained while subtly advertising your new range of eye shadows.


  1. ‘Sell’ If you see a Window


When you see that there is a pocket available for you to add call to action in your image, you can do that.


  1. Pay Attention to Comments


Always pay attention to the reviews your customers are leaving you, if there are complaints and advises take them very seriously. They will help you to improve your products.


  1. Utilize Hashtags


Hashtags are very effective in maintaining your brand, they are very good for making a buzz. A combination of tags can help you showcase your images properly to the right audience.