Making a Great Story


The main purpose of a marketing/branding story to stir up enough emotion in consumers so that they are compelled to buy, for instance, Disney wants more people to come to their park then to spend money on hotels, NGO’s on the other hand would want people to make donations. However all of that depends on how powerful the story is, two words…Native Content. This makes content potent is valuable to the customer.  Something that motivates the customer to buy or sign up…inspiring the horse to drink from your source.


It all comes down to the business jabbing enough to convert the rules and changing the mindset of customers. A story should be compelling but not intrusive, it should be like a natural step that comes along the customers path. Timing is also vital, how did Nike knew when to launch their “do it” campaign? They had the perfect story, which they cooked from intimate knowledge of their target market.

Branding is all about story telling, your customers are interested in how you express your brand. Every successful brand you see has a story….a strong story.

Coming up with a new campaign without analyzing the history of the brand and competition is likely to lead towards failure. It is not necessary to alter the identity of a brand for different platforms; the brand identity should remain the same. However, the tone of the brand can be changed.


The Science Behind the Practice


There is no fixed blueprint for a storyline, sometimes you can get in throw a right hook and at most times, you need to jab, The science is just like boxing, brand needs to pay attention to their environment and react according to the situation. For instance, what tagline would work best? And does using slang increase customer response? The goal is to generate a high level of customer response.


Its difficult to establish a budget for these studies. However, it’s vital to experiment and get results. Designing the right formula is imperative and it’s also necessary to respond according to the results.


A boxer would learn everything about his opponent, he knows his weak points and his strengths, but if during the fight, the primary strategy doesn’t work, a change of approach is required, if you cant hit him on the face, hit him on the body. Each opponent is different; similarly, each platform is different and requires different nuances and contexts. There are three essentials for social media content:


  1. The Call to Action should be simple.
  2. Complete understanding of nuances.
  3. Compatible with mobile and digital devices.


This will improve your jabs, but you need to throw them but the only way to knockout your customer is through an engaging story. You need a strong call to action, something that resonates with your customers, it is not necessary that you use main stream call to action, just keep it simple and easy to understand. Secondly, you need to understand nuances, how would your customers relate to you if you don’t?

The internet has literally reduced distance, we can connect to anyone via Facebook, Twitter and email regardless of where they live. You on the other and will be communicating with potential clients who have different demographics, therefore, NOT knowing the proper nuances may even offend some of your potential customers…Yes business can be a little tricky, its no ball game – competition is tight, everyone is looking to win and you are in the middle of it. That is also the beauty of it, without competition, there would not be any progression – fewer competition means that there will be few products with no price control…That is not exactly consumer friendly or even business friendly!.

Its also vital that your content is compatible with mobile and digital devices. You can cover most of your target market this way. Not everyone is going to open your page from a desktop, some will use their smartphones and some will use a tablet. So compatibility is not just vital, its a necessity or you will be missing out on potential customers.

Should I Start Blogging?

Should you?….YES. In the last 5 years, blogging is THE tool for internet marketing, making its appearance in the 1990s, blogging is the platform where people share their opinion, feelings and ideas. Many people used to have blogs for travel experiences of their lives and similar topics but now it has evolved into an excellent way to establish your online business and to advertise your products. Now a blog is your online platform you grab customers and to generate sales. Millions of people use blogs; from individuals to companies, and they make best of it using high-quality content and ways to engage followers.

It is so simple to make a blog and even a nine-year-old can make it impress his school-fellows. You can write, publish, share, link and discuss anything with anyone around the globe via your blog. Billions of followers are out there, and you can hit them with right tactics! Now blogs are meant to be helpful in increasing the online presence and development of online companies. In fact, it’s said that if your business does not own any online blog, you are missing out on a great opportunity to improve your visibility limiting your digital reach. So if you have not started blogging to get success, start it right now! It is never too late to start anything that matters to you and there should be no excuse for, not having an online blog for your business. It does not matter if you are an individual entrepreneur or a corporate company; blogs are equally important to everyone who is struggling to achieve more visibility online. Your customers and followers want to hear from you, and you must not disappoint them.

The important thing is that you try getting as much as followers as you can and than you can get sponsors…Yes you need them – and their money