3 Easy Steps to Proofread and Retitle Your Facebook Page Tabs



by Nazia Khan-Ahmed

Facebook Tabs are a useful tool. You can find these tools helpful in many ways. There are a number of actions that you can perform by using the tabs these include presenting of various offers, conduct contests, giving information and also marketing and selling of products. It is important to mention here that every tab app comes from the source of a third party. These third parties have their own branding at the time they appear on your page. It is important that when they appear on your page, you should make changes as you want in order to match it with your business page. It is a simple process which you can perform easily. Following are the three basic ways mentioned that you will find helpful in customizing the Facebook page tab apps

Go to Facebook Page  

To get started on Facebook first of all it is important that you must have a Facebook profile page. You can name this page according to the name of your business or brand. If you already have a Facebook profile page, then you will need to rename the tab app that is available. In order to give another name to the tab app, you will be required to log in to the Facebook page as the administrator or the editor of the particular account having the authority to make changes or customizing the tabs. After you are logged in as the administrator or the editor of the page the next step is to click on the triangle that is upside down. You can find it on the top of the Facebook bar located on the upper right corner. Now, a list will appear which contains the name of those pages which are permitted to edit or customize. For changing the tab app on this list, you will have to click on the particular page which contains the tab app that you want to rename. You will now be located to the Facebook main feed. Here you can view the new design that you have customized. On this page, the list of tab apps will appear in a narrow column on the left side of the page. These will start from the Home and About fields.

Click on App Settings

If you want to go to the app settings menu from your home page, there are two possible options that you can follow. First option that you can choose to get to the app settings is through the list of tab apps. On the page you will see a list of tab apps which is located on the left sidebar. When you view the list of tab apps, on the bottom of this list there appears an entry named the “Manage Tabs”. Here, it is important to note that only the page admin or the page editors are able to see this option. The viewers will not be able to see it.  On this list when you click on the tab you will find a light box that will appear along with the installed tabs on your Facebook page. On this point you can make any changes that you like. For example, you can order them again, include different new tabs as you like or delete the old ones from it. On this light box, you will not be able to find the option of rename. For this purpose, you will be required to click on the option of “Add or Remove Tabs” which you will find at the bottom of the box. From here you will be directed to the app settings menu.

The second simple option that you can follow is to click on the header of “Settings”. You can find this option on the upper right corner of the Facebook page located next to help option and under the area of notifications. Now you will be directed to the menu of general settings. On this menu you see the list of categories on the left side of the menu and the specific settings on the right side. If you want to go to the “Apps” you can find it on the left hand side by going down two third ways. When you get to the option of “Apps” you will have to click on it. Now from this point you will get to the menu of app settings.

Both the option mentioned above is very simple that you can follow easily. It is up to you that which option you prefer to choose. Both these options are almost same and lead to the same point by just following two simple steps.

Choose Name of Your App  

On the menu of app settings, a list of installed will appear in front of you. On this list you will also find some of the basic Facebook apps. The Facebook apps include the Notes, Posts, Videos, Likes, Events, Photos, and About. These apps are set up by default and you will not be able to make any changes or rename any of these apps except the Notes. If you want, you can just rearrange the default Facebook apps.

All the other apps except the default Facebook apps are installed. These apps can be renamed or customized. These customized apps contain the link of “edit settings”. You will find it under the description in the small box. When you click the edit settings link a box will appear on your screen containing two to three options. For example, the option of uninstall app, rename the app and change the app image.

In order to give another name to the app you just have to type a name that you want to give to your app. You can type the name in the custom tab name field. Now click to save it. On the other hand, if you want to give the default name to the app then you can leave the name field box blank. In this way the apps original name will be restored automatically when you save it.

Nonetheless, you will just be required to type a new name in the name field and you are done when you save it. The new given name will appear where the app is actually placed.


Types of Tab Apps

There are a number of people who do not use the tab apps. This can be due to the fact that these people might be using any of the minor app or most probably they might not be aware of the actual tab apps and also how these tab apps work. These people might also not be aware of the main purpose of the tab apps and how to make use of them effectively. In reality these tab apps are very useful for the people. In addition to this these tab apps are very simple and easy to use.

Nowadays there are a large number of businesses that have made the use of the tab apps effectively. Some of these existing businesses are also specialized when using the tab apps. One of the main examples is the WooBox. There are also many companies that help you in creating a particular type of app. Some of the companies also create different types of apps that are linked with the other functions that they provide. The main example of this is the Gleam.

Nowadays, as there have been different advancements made you can find numerous tab apps. These tab apps can include the specific types of tab apps as well as the task oriented tab apps. You can find these tab apps very helpful in many ways. One of the main purposes of these tab apps is to improve the ways of your marketing.

Some of the main types of tab apps that you can create are mentioned below


Custom tab apps for specific tasks  

You can create different tab apps which you can assign for specific tasks. These tab apps can be related to your business or the services that you provide to the users. For example, you can create tab app for a hotel through which the people can check out the available rooms and reserve them without facing any difficulty. You can create a tab app for sports through which the users can check the scores, upcoming sports events etc.

Generate an email opt-in form

You have the choice to create an email opt-in form in the tab apps that can be related to your business. This can be operated as a passive email list builder. This can be useful for all those users who follow your business page on Facebook.

Design poll apps You can create altered poll apps

These apps can be useful for your business point of view. There are many different poll apps like the SurveyMonkey which is helpful in order to get the information and the research that is related to a specific business. Many businesses set up polls in order to get the feedback of their audiences which are related to their products, services or features etc.

Generate an RSS feed display

You can make up an RSS feed display through which you will be able to display your blog posts that you have created. In this way it will become easier for the audience to view it without any hassle.

Make an app that assimilates another social network

You can create an integrated app. This will help you to merge the features of two apps at a time. For example, you can integrate the Instagram and Pinterest through an integrated tab app. Similarly, Facebook can also be integrated with a tab app.

Generate a media viewer app

You can create a media viewer app through which you can preview or display any media. For example, trailers can be put up by movies, drama episodes can be put by the Television shows etc.

Make an entrenched storefront 

You can easily create an embedded storefront. This will be helpful for you if you want to sell your products. Some available examples of the store apps are Ecwid, ShopTab and StoreEnvy.

Create a contest app

You can create a contest app where you can put up different type of contests for the audience. Some of the main examples of contest apps are Gleam, Heyo and TabFoundry. The contest which you want to set up can include a coupon offer, an opt-in or it can simply be an enter and win contest.

Generate a livestream app

You can create a livestream app through which you can show the live updates to your viewers. Nowadays it has become a great way of marketing. The YouTube live streaming app is a good example of a live streaming app.

Generate a review app

You can create a review app for your business purpose. With the help of review app you can get control of the reviews that are left by the audiences. In this way you have the choice to filter the reviews from your Facebook page that you do not like.

Schedule appointments through app

You can create a schedule app through which you can set up reservations that can include the hotel reservations, the restaurant reservations, the air ticket reservation etc. It will be a great benefit for you. You will just need to keep the informational database updated.

App for Customers Service

You can create an app for providing the customer services. You can include several option to this particular app. In order to perform effective customer services, you can include the contact form. This can be further merged with the live chat option through which you can answer the customers directly.

This will help you develop a more personal relationship with your customers by establishing a customer services app to deal with their issues and queries. This age and era also enables you to deal directly with your existing customers and potential customers. This app is just for the case when you want to interact directly with your customers and business colleagues.


About the Author 

Nazia Khan- Ahmed is a Social Media Writer who has majored in Textile Designing. Also Holds Bachelor’s degree in Education and English Language Certification. Finds it impossible to discuss herself in third person but is doing so as per the demands of this bio. She is a home-maker and teaches Textile Designing to degree classes at the same time. Being nocturnal has taught her to manage her work in the night and her home at day time.