3 Emerging Trends in Social Media Marketing to Follow this Year

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Social media has evolved and developed a lot in the past few years. It has faced a lot of criticism and negativity during the time of its beginning and people used to call it a way to waste time. In earlier days of social media websites, people used to connect with other people and share photos, content and videos for personal purposes. With time, social media improved itself, and now any online business cannot become successful if it does not have a social media presence. Now people are more aware and they have realized the wonderful power of social media in marketing and business sense. If you are one of the online businessmen who want to earn money by selling products and services to online customers, you must have an active presence in social media. It is one of the vital factors to become successful nowadays.

Social media marketing includes marketing on all of the present social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Vine, Instagram and Google+. Many global brands have strong online presence at almost most of these websites as it is the best way to capture maximum audience from every online platform. Although managing all these channels are not easy, and a single person cannot afford that, but you should try to be present at a right choice of social media website. For example, if you have an online store of beauty products and accessories, then Facebook, Instagram and YouTube could help you as you can easily upload high-quality images and videos of your products in front of your online customers. Well, if you have an online business of resume writing and you offer writing services, then you should select twitter, blogger, Google+ and relevant content based websites for effective marketing. Hence, it depends on the type of business you own and your preferences too! However, all in all, social media marketing has changed and now you have a lot more options than before.

Have a look at following the modifications social media has faced in the past few years and how trends have changed now;

  1. Video sharing is a new social media craze now

With the advent of new video sharing websites like Vine, you could say that this new trend of video sharing will influence the social media marketing in this year. Videos are all about time-saving and conveying the message in minimum time. A video is worth a thousand posts and thousand pictures! So this is the new phrase of this decade as video marketing has emerged as a powerful tool for online business to showcase their products in front of the online audience. Now Facebook has started advertising using videos and YouTube is also working harder to upgrade the viewing experience of its users to a next level.

Now more people like to share videos and links to videos as compared to content or simple posts. The viral video making craze is also rising, and many online marketers are trying strategies to make viral videos. Now, music videos and trailers are launched on top video sharing websites and within seconds, they get millions of views. If you are underrating the importance of videos for marketing of your online business, you are going to suffer as video marketing is a new trend of social media marketing and it is strengthening its roots day by day.

  1. Generating online conversations and discussions is the new way to engage customers

You might have seen page owners on Facebook talking to their customers on public posts. Why don’t they use message tab to talk to any particular customer? The reason is that they want to engage more and more online users in healthy conversations, and that’s why they don’t send you message; instead they post your profile and tag you with their message so that everyone could see that on internet. This new trend is equally popular on other social media websites like Twitter where brand owners start conversations and tag people using @ before their name. This way, they could generate more online discussions and more publicity online. Messaging customers using private inbox is an old trend now as everything is going public.

With a right use of HashTags and other features, you can help your online brand to become more visible on the internet and search engine results. So, now you could visualize why encouraging your customers to talk to you publicly is vital for your online visibility.

  1. Advertising is not free anymore

Gone are the days when posting your ads and brand information was free. Now you can take help of Google and Facebook paid ads to advertising your online business and products in a lot better ways. The best thing about these ads is that they are shown to the audience that is already interested in your products, so your chances of online conversion become higher as compared to advertising techniques used few years back.

Now you should not expect that you can advertise your business without money as paid advertising is the new social media marketing trend and if you are not willing to pay those social media giants, they will not let you market your products effectively. If you pay for Facebook ads, your page and website will not be shown in newsfeed of people but if you consider paid advertising, Facebook will advertise your brand in front of millions of relevant profiles and people. So this is the difference now, and it has become mandatory to invest in paid ads now.

So now you can conclude that social media marketing has changed and now it is all about paid advertising everywhere. Now you cannot expect to get best results without investing your money. Even buying fans and followers require money! So, just organic reach cannot bring significant changes and improvements to your social media marketing campaign; unless you invest in paid media leads and generate more online conversations with potential buyers. If you want to become successful in these constantly changing conditions, make sure you update your knowledge from time to time and focus on the effects that any change brings so that you could change your marketing strategies accordingly.