32 Marketing Ideas to Boost your Business (part 1)

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32 Marketing Ideas to Boost your Business (part 1)

Marketing is a vast field and not to mention –expensive. While you can hire a consultant but of course that will not be easy on your wallet. That is why you need to find effective solutions which are not only innovative but functional. As an entrepreneur, your premium dollars spent on marketing consultancy may give you results but wait a minute, why not bring results yourself with creative techniques. In this article we will discuss 52 innovative ideas that you can apply to your business and boost your sales.

  1. Good Old Publicity and PR

This is not only the oldest trick in the book but also something that many have overused at times. You can make this a core strategy and just give your local journalist a juicy story; they want great news content, spin it and create interest.

  1. Free Billboard

You can hire graffiti artists and have them paint your shutter or the back of your building. You can use an area to paint depending on the viewer-ship.

  1. Ever Tried Hosting Exhibitions?

Hosting exhibitions is a great way to display your premises and for building a stronger client base. Everyone wants to come to something flashy. So top up your public relations and let the wine flow.

  1. Try Window Displays: They are Awesome

It’s like having your own billboard, it’s good to turn heads – its profitable. Creativity will help you get the attention of your customers. For instance: Apple’s smashed window effect on their stores worked wonders, people started talking about it and that is always good. You can put a debatable picture with a nice catch phrase or get your staff working live on your windows.

  1. Pop-ups

Pop ups are a heavenly tool, the ice cream of marketing – sweet and hard to resist. You can use vacant spaces and get more attention from your customers.

  • There might be a vacant spot at your local bar, it’s a great idea to use that space for your banners.
  • Find vacant spots near your business, a flower shop or maybe a bakery, be creative and get your customers at places they don’t expect.
  1. Graffiti: An Inquisitive Tool

We believe that this is jazzy and snazzy, creates lot awareness and is a head turner. You can select a suitable location like on a bridge or maybe an old building.

  1. Email Marketing: Old is Gold

Its cost effective and it does not take much time, of course you will have to strategically select your audience whom you want to target and create a very strong sales copy. This is an excellent support strategy that will strengthen your overall marketing plan. Buy web-scraping software and get as many as 1000 leads per day. Good thing is that these web-scraping softwares also offer an email software, so you can easily scrape and mail.

  1. Seminars: They Work!

You can conduct seminars in educational institutes. Choose a business related topic and give a good presentation, talk about the strengths of your business and how you go about it. This will strengthen your brand, plus, you will be doing a social activity by sharing your experience – that strengthens your sense of corporate social responsibility and creates trust.

  1. Get Direct With B2B Marketing

Large organizations organize a lot of events, it could be a product launch or maybe it’s a company dinner. Suit up and put on your A-game because selling directly is the way to go.

  1. Your Local Cable

You can place a slot for yourself and advertise through your local cable. People watch a lot of cable and especially during prime. It’s very cost effective and will give you a very high return. Make a long term deal with your cable operator and get a price that you are comfortable with in the long run.

  1. Networking is the Way to Go

There is nothing like it, it’s something that will increase your client base, people meet you and you tell them what you are all about, they like you and they like what you’re doing, it’s not really that simple. You can network with hotels and many other businesses.

  1. Business Cards: They Pack a Punch

 Sometimes we may not value the power of the business card; the impact of this immense little marketing is HUGE. We live in a “digital age” but the importance of this printed card is still vital. It’s like a mini brochure and nowadays you can get those tri-fold business cards which are more than just cool. Develop the habit of giving away your business card, have your contact information and your area of specialization plus your logo on there.

  1. Illuminating brochures

Just like a business card, a brochure can help you strengthen your appearance as a professional in your field. Clients make decisions about buying your product and service based on the information that you are giving them. A brochure that hits the right spot will induce more sales.

  1. Customer service

Definitely a great way to keep your customers satisfied, if your customers are satisfied then they will come back for more and they will also refer you to others.

You can take some training courses in customer service or maybe hire a consultant for a few hours. You may also want to study your competitors and observe their protocols that they use. Customer service and after sales service has become a very important part of business as consumerism is on the rise and people are looking for the best. Some businesses need more customer service than others, for instance: someone selling a software may need to have a support team to help their customers figure out technical difficulties.

  1. Are you on Facebook?

“Connect” that says it all, you can not only connect to your friends but you can do some serious business on Facebook. It’s a smart network and it has made life easier for people who love networking. Create back links which lead to your website, you can post your links on many pages and you can advertise on Facebook for a very low amount of money.