32 Marketing Ideas to Boost your Business (part 2)


In part one, we presented sixteen ideas that you can use to boost your business, we will outline sixteen more in this final part and this will surely add an edge to your marketing arsenal.

  1. Tweets are Sweet

You can build subscribers and send fast messages to them; your business will experience a touch of personalization while adding benefit of your product/service to the reader. Remain creative; this will build your Twitter and Facebook audience. The world of digital media offers you limitless creativity, don’t go for hard sales pitches because people like to forward “value” not commercials. 

  1. Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

Go with the flow, sometimes it’s best to follow the trends and the standard procedures that everyone is comfortable with.

  1. Don’t Sell Commercials on your Social Media Platforms

If you start pitching commercials directly to your audience they might get bored and will not respond as positively as you would have hoped. Try to avoid direct selling on these platforms, become a practical influencer. Rather than spending money on flashy promotions, try creating a “unique experience” for the reader so they can learn and transfer that value to their network of family and friends.

  1. Community Service

Assisting a non-profit organization that your target market is familiar with will help you gain their trust and validation. Community service fortifies brand loyalty and creates a positive perception. Attending events and sponsoring events can enhance networking and can help you build stronger relationships with your customers.

  1. Build Brand Associations

Find likeminded individuals and companies who can become an asset for you, it is difficult to forecast exactly how many brands will become part of your organization ring but once you reach a “packed stage” you will trigger a bigger reach and influence. You networks will grow and the grander the structure – the bigger your profits.

  1. Have a Balanced Online and Offline Structure

The digital media will enable you to become closer to your audience; the 360 background will also promote face-to-face interactions. While you may concentrate your efforts on building online presence, do not forget the importance of offline activities.

  1. Evaluate Yourself

Evaluating your performance and will build your direction for the future, it’s a simple mindset and a positive activity that will add the element of “constant improvement” do not cloak yourself from constructive criticism – think of it as feedback and a chance to get better.

  1. Go For the Affordable Policy

For this year, go for the quick and affordable policy. The ability to take calculated risks can be achieved – but you will have to take the first step or the first RISK. No need to wait for the perfect deal or the perfect opportunity, just do it. Demonstrate true faithfulness with your target market and give yourself time to generate a  plan- that with a longer tail of influence.

  1. Blogging

Blogs are an excellent way to increase you customer base, you can blog about anything but you will have to work on increasing your search engine ranking, using SEO techniques for your blog is a good idea.

  1. Youtube is your Friend

Video marketing has shown to be superior in many ways; it is a great way to advertise your service for free. During the last decade, youtube has become a favorite internet hangout for many, the videos are easy to upload and you can target a large demographic.

  1. Offer your Space

You can offer free exhibitions to new artists who are looking to perform. This will increase word of mouth and you will get a lot of customers this way.

  1. The Magic of Trade Marketing

Offer workshops to your suppliers and have someone give an educational presentation to your customers or clients, this way you will get free collaboration. Your suppliers can sponsor these events and you can benefit from it

  1. Get on the Radio

Host your own show, of course you cannot directly advertise your product/service in your show but what you will get is exposure. People will know more about you and that will have a carry over on your brand and overall sales. Radio is considered to be a powerful motivator and believe it or not, people still love the radio. This channel refuses to give up!

  1. Print and Give away Stickers and T-shirts

It’s still a neat way to let people know about your brand, you can start at your gym. Start giving away your stickers and t-shirts to your gym colleagues and let them market your brand.

  1. Facebook: Find Pages

Facebook has one great benefit – it’s free. Apart from being a great source of online traffic, Facebook can have a carryover on your sales and brand loyalty. There are like a million pages on Facebook, each filled with a certain demographic. All you have to do is to find your target market but Facebook advertising has made this even easier though you can search your target market very easily on Facebook but the paid advertising is also a good option. You can unify your social media by linking your webpage, blog with the social media platforms. This will ensure that all of your audience on different platforms will be able to see your fun or promotional posts. 

  1. Start an Online Community

Starting an online community will take you very far in building stronger relationships with your audience. Though It is not easy but with determination and good strategy, you will easily be able to construct a responsive online community who engage regularly on your platform. Forums are a great way to do that, though you can also do it through Facebook but having a separate forum is a better idea. Forums are kind of necessary and unnecessary at the same time but they do have their purpose, let’s say you have an online store for car parts, having a forum where people can discuss about cars will create stability in your brand equity and you will also notice that your traffic is increasing.