5 Posting Habits that will Increase your Page Likes



So you have a page and you post but do you have a methodology that you use, what are the topics, and what time do you choose to post? Your ultimate goal is to use Facebook’s platform to humanize your business but is it working out for you like you imagined? People do not like mechanized posts in fact they want to see the human element, your business launch and your selfies may not interest them. In this article, we will give you some tips which will help you keep the energy up on your Facebook page.


Post Something Fresh Every time

Posting frequently is good and that is what common wisdom tells us but do not post the same old news over and over again. Make a schedule of your posts and be consistent, the nature of your post is also as important as the frequency because only 12% of your posts can be seen by your users. That happens due to an immense amount of clutter but posting the same news again will not coax people to engage with your brand, when you posts are not interesting enough for your audience, they will simply switch.

So try not posting repeated news, maybe you will get a different set of people who may see it but the question is that why people go to your page in the first place? Because they like your brand and they are engaged, if these people do not remain engaged than they will not come back because they do not want to read or see something that they have already seen.

It’s easy to get away with posting the same news many times but only if it’s a current event which is also relevant. People love to read fresh content, content is king and so is quality, you can share your blogs, videos, images and anything that will create interest. Determine the number of posts that you will post every day and also plan the content.


Post about Topics Your Supporters Would Like to Know

Again, it all revolves around the frequency and quality of your content. While you can post curated content, images and videos, it’s not necessary that your followers will like that post. For instance if you are a gaming company than you can post relevant posts about the game that you just played on your PS4 but won’t work if you are a pet store. Try to post content which is relevant to your business and something that would be interesting for the majority of your audience.

There is also a lot of nonsense that you may have seen on public profiles like someone posting about having cold or talking about that bowling game on Saturday night; these are best described as trite. Of course you can post about your morning commute but that will not create interest. Posting about celebrity gossips is also not something that you should latch onto in the long run, just leave that to the ones who are already doing it. People who follow business profiles want to follow the page so that they can get regular updates about your business not because they want to know about Misty, your CEO’s cute pet dog.

Post systematically not randomly

There are some issues with automation if you are using a scheduler but you should be using a scheduler. Just make sure that you are there to engage with your audience when your posts go live, that will work out for you.

The difficulty with not systematizing or scheduling your posts is that you tend to only post when you feel up to posting. Sometimes you may spend some agonizing time to figure out a creative idea and you will probably stop posting and that means that you will miss your deadline and you content will be best described as “half-assed”\

That’s the issue with a random schedule, if you want to maintain a good reach on Facebook than maintaining a strict schedule should be your priority, so if you start lapsing for a long period of time, you will lose some serious viewership, your reach will do down and it will take your page with it.

Write posts when you have motivation and calendar them out, so you always have something to write. Always have something to post, and use the same analogy for your blog.

Posting Without Reading

Always proofread before posting, nothing is more unprofessional than typos on a business page. Just use a simple method, when you are finished with your post, simply take 5 minutes and read it thoroughly. Going over it once will not harm you in anyway, make sure that there are no editing and grammatical issues and everything is spelled correctly, to make sure the grammar is correct and to make sure it can’t be misinterpreted as something damaging. These type of issues can kill your page –seriously.

Post latest Content

Ok, so you like posting some content which you may have posted before but that is still not that bad, the worse is when you post something boring – there is a fine line between them and crossing that line means lesser engagement with your audience. and that cant be good right?

Let’s say you have a bunch of blog posts, you can share them again as a Best of blogs etc. And this can give your audience a new exposure to people who have not read it and people who have read it and are willing to share.

But one thing is for sure, do not post something which was not popular, if a post didn’t work out well the first time than the second round can be worse. Just let those old post’s be, let them enjoy their alone time with their low reach.

Stay away from celebrity posts unless you have a gossip site. Try posting news that will give you a viral boost, stay away from old techniques that are boring and simply don’t work