5 Reasons CEOs Should Definitely Use Facebook

 Most CEOs show inflexibility while using Facebook or other social networks. Do you have any idea about all the CEOs of large number of companies? You might not aware of all these but most likely you must be familiar with them. For instance “social media” familiarity.

I am a very passionate Facebook user, and really interested in knowing CEOs who are active on Facebook and others who have socially interactive approach. Unfortunately CEOs are not typical public celebrities. There has been a lot of rumor about these CEOs and their involvement on Facebook.

CEOs are exceptionally busy in their official matters that it is improbable for them to involve in daily social network usage, and this is quite logical .according to recent study, two third of customers agree that their perception of CEOs having   ultimate impact on their perception of the company. Yet only 30% of Fortune 500 CEOs have an active social media presence on at least one platform, where 45% of them use Facebook. FYI, Twitter is the most popular social media tool among CEOs (almost 50%).

In my view, CEOs should take advantage of Facebook.  With more than 500 million active users, CEOs can’t really turn a blind eye and say; “Not relevant to my industry”, or “Just for young people” As the main spokesperson and leader for the company, using Facebook should rank highly on the CEOs agenda. So, why should they?

Facebook can increase the efficiency by providing customers impending into the company.

Directly or indirectly everyone in our world is connected to the world to Facebook .So being the CEO of a company you can provide a communal culture that promises   precision, teamwork and improvement through Facebook. Furthermore it can be an effective way to advertise their product and widen their labels. With the upsurge of innovative technologies and strategies, marketing are no more limited to television or newspaper.

CEOs are influential in upgrading the productivity by keeping an eye on consumer-centric associations. Facebook plays a major role in communication and as a platform it educates customers and clients about different products and services. Apart from that it carries more

Influence and worth when it directly comes from the person leading the company.

Customers can also be influential in providing excellent knowledge to CEOs through interaction. And Facebook made this dealing possible through social approach. Moreover with the number of likes and shares it gives them more access.

It is in the hands of CEOs to make their products more acceptable in other means to make them more “social-friendly”. CEOs can also use their fan’s comments or feedback to gain more knowledge regarding the outcomes of their products and services. Although CEOs are not very well aware of their customers sensitivity but still to certain extend they are able to make an estimate regarding their company’s acceptance or rejection in the social media worldwide. Heck, Facebook Pages is free, you know. Why not tap in with this amazing tool?

CEOs’ dependability and steadiness can be raised with the help of Facebook as it can make them appear and sense “human being”.

Despite the fact that CEOs may be quite mysterious but for some they are more like alien, the once whose existence are even uncertain. Some doubt on their human function as most of the time they are cut off from their community. As a consequence they become totally stranger for their employees and for customers as well. Most of the time their conferences are strongly organized and managed, their meetings are so much over rehearsed ,and the only motive behind  was to disclose as little as possible.

Facebook improves the credibility of CEOs in the eyes of customers simply with face to face communication. It’s like a platform where both share their experiences and views regarding the betterment of their product and industry. This idea is really appreciable as communication between different poles seems like something human, close to nature or reality. The connection of CEOs through facebook turns out to be a good one. These social CEOs could be so influential and powerful that they can easily deal negative criticism by maintaining their own credibility and influence.

It gives a human title to the company instead of just looking at them as a brand or label. Customers sometimes are more eager to hear the vocals of CEOs. Instead of just seeing the posts of logo or brands. This ensures the company’s reliability and honesty in the long run.

 Facebook is influential in making leaders

Facebook help CEOs not only in communication or learning but also helpful in making great leaders. As mentioned earlier that not only the consumers find their leaders stranger even their own employees think alike. In this organizational hierarchy it seems very difficult to make direct contact with all employees so there is no need to blame CEOs for that. Facebook very effectively bridges the communication gap between an employer and employee.However with Facebook his issue can be solved as it bridges the gap between employees and CEOs. CEOs can engage with employees and directly talk to them. In short this provides direct access to their leaders.

Set an example for your employees . Active CEOs would motivate their staff members to take active participation in dealing with their customers. It would moreover arouse inspiration, self-esteem, and ingenuousness afterwards and keep alliance within the company and the whole industry alive.

Facebook provides breaks to attract employees

In accordance with a study, 80% professionals are willing to work with a company with social CEO. Here the executives meet with their current employees and retain them besides attracting the new ones as well.

Media opportunities delivered by Facebook

 Socially active CEOs can successfully attract more journalists and reporters as they feel motivated when they see their leader’s visibility and loyalty from the eyes of social media.  Moreover they demand more media coverage through various sources which ultimately creates authority, transparency and exposure.

to sum up Facebook should an integral part of any company’s marketing plan. It should be used to improve customer services and general interaction with public.