5 Tips for Seasonal Marketers


You can see stores like Target using sneaky holiday strategies, decorations, pumpkins, and Christmas trees. While this is a great time for shopkeepers, it is a miserable time for shoppers. For seasonal marketers, though, it couldn’t be any better.

Holidays mean marketing advantage, the holiday fever hits everyone and for marketers, it is the right time to gauge the impact of their marketing strategy.

The tips we will give you are tried-and-tested; many people have been successfully using them for years now. Lets start!

Some tips are tried-and-true techniques that many marketers have been using for years, whereas others have emerged recently as more options have become available to digital marketers. Regardless, these tips and tricks will help kick off your holiday marketing campaigns with a bang, so let’s get started!


  1. Ad Extensions are your Friend

Ok so this one is a little on the nose but, most marketers overlook this and don’t make use of ad extensions. What is the purpose of your ad? One word….REACH. When you launch a holiday marketing campaign, consider using features like review extensions, sitelinks and call extensions. Make your ad stand out. Therefore it is worth revisiting your ads while checking them if you are getting the most out of them.


  1. Shopping Campaigns are Profitable

Shopping campaigns are specially effective for those are selling tangible products, shopping campaigns were also known as PLAs, Ads, or product listings. Without any doubt, this is and should be the center of your marketing strategy.

They are to the point and are great from the perspective of user experience, your prospect gets everything that helps him/her to make a quick decision. The most important part of an ad are pictures and the price, ads make these elements more visible – making Shopping campaign a powerful tool.

Obviously you will be competing with others so the most important thing here is price. You can differentiate your product via price and unique images. So overall, Shopping Campaigns can boost your holiday sales if you implement them correctly.


  1. Ad Automation

Its important that we spend at least 45 minutes a week on refining and optimizing our research strategy.  You need a hands-on approach for managing your campaign and we highly recommend it for your holiday marketing plans.

There are tons of tools you can use in AdWords, you can resume, pause, and commence your campaigns, this depends on your timing. For example, you can create campaigns for Christmas shoppers now and your campaign will automatically start, commence, and stop.

There are many variables in automated process, make sure that you delete campaigns or disable them after the holiday is over.


  1. Your Ad Copy is Your Way Out

No need to concentrate on time-sensitive sales because there is more financial reward, people usually call it a day and this is a big mistake which will cost you. Make sure that you revisit your ad copy before launching your campaign.

There are many options you can use, you can write it yourself and maybe rewrite it again to make that it hits your target market. If you do not have the time than hire a freelance writer, some freelancers can be expensive but some can be very modest in terms of price. To be frank, it will cost you a little more than you expect because good writers charge $50-$75 per hour, some may write it in 5 hours and for some it may take 8-9 hours.

In any case, writing a good copy is integral to your success. There is super competition and unfortunately its rising day by day. So marketers have to be sharp because of competition, its like a war – everything is fair. So put yourself ahead of everyone else, because holidays are hectic for marketers, there are so many things to do and so little time.

The first thing you need to do is to make that the offer in your copy is current, its not important If you don’t mention your promotion in your copy, the key is to understand the REASON why would your prospect click on your ad. This does not mean that you should overlook key areas like sales and discounts – you need those in your copy. Holidays are a great time to push your sales and find more customers so that your reach becomes higher.

In any case, position your product in your copy, make it compelling so that it creates interest…enough interest for your target market to click.


  1. The Holiday Rush and You

The holiday is long awaited for and is probably a miserable time for most. People driving under stress to find the best gift for their loved ones or someone who is a sit-at-home-shopper and gets the wrong package. We face smart advertisers and to compete with them, you need to appeal to your customers, making sure that you had planned your campaign in advance. You can make your customer’s holiday stress free, that is a feature that will help you bag more sales.

You will need to entice people with your special offers and carefully crafted sales copy. Making sure that your landing pages, ads and social media set up is in order. Giving your customers the ‘act now’ promotion which helps them save time with lesser stress. You will be surprised that people are willing to pay an extra buck for convenience. Its obvious that TIME is an important factor, most people don’t have it, they are busy with their jobs and when holiday season approaches, they are completely dumfounded by the amount of stress. You can create a sense of urgency NOW because people would go to extreme lengths to avoid the holiday rush, imagine the crowd on Christmas Eve, that image would put a dent on any plan.

If you aren’t doing it, START NOW because the clock is ticking, now is the time to observe your competition and gain a head start in the race. That is your best chance to start selling early – before your competition.