5 Ways to Find Opportunities in Facebook Groups


Using Facebook is a routine task for most of the internet users now. Since the advent of Facebook, people have been noticing changes, changes and more changes! Facebook is so versatile that it should be included in the list of most improved sites on internet. Well if you are a Facebook user and you think Facebook groups are useless, you don’t deserve to call yourself a Facebook user! The reason is that Facebook groups are not mostly used by online businesses having Facebook profiles or marketers and they prefer making Facebook pages. Although that’s absolutely right that creating Facebook page allows you to play with better options to interact with audience but it doesn’t mean that Facebook groups are completely useless. You can use back linking strategies and find new ways with your Facebook group. You can communicate with your audience in a better way which is not possible if you have a Facebook page. Well here are the 5 ways of finding better opportunities in your Facebook groups.

  1. Discover new audience

Many online businesses have their Facebook pages where they deal with their Facebook audience and build their reputation. That’s the main purpose of creating a page; to get more customers! Your customers love to be cared and cherished and they like to live in the illusion that they are important to the business owners than their business. Well that’s right in the sense as without customers, any business cannot survive a day in the market.

But what if your audience is not interested in following your Facebook page? There are many reasons that your customers will avoid your business page on Facebook. The first one is that many people don’t like to stuff their news feed with updates from the pages related to online brands and products. They just prefer to join a community or a blog but keep their Facebook profile away from any Facebook page. The pages on Facebook don’t encourage active discussion among users of the page. But in case of the groups; they offer mutual discussion opportunities to the users.

So you can simply make any Facebook group for building new audience which is interested in discussing actively about any products or new ideas. You can ask your friends to join your group on Facebook and even send them online invitations too. If you have a Facebook page, you can send invites to your followers and encourage them to join discussions in your group.

  1. Find a product idea

If you don’t own any website and your source of selling products is just your Facebook page, you can create a side group and name it like your products. The people who will be interested in your products will join the group and will provide the feedback to help others on the group. You can run campaigns like discounts to your group members if they buy your products and leave positive feedback.

The main goal for your group will be to get positive feedback as it improves your trust on your customers. This way, you can use your Facebook group to improve your products and get new ideas of products after discussing with your customers. You can actively ask your group members if they like or dislike something about any specific product so that you can remove your flaws.

  1. Message your group fellows for any new promotions and discounts

One of the biggest benefits of creating a new group for your advertising is to send messages to your followers personally. Although there was a limit of members in the group and when any group reached 1500 members, you needed to create a new group to add more people. But now, Facebook has recently changed its features and you cannot send messages to your group members. You can send messages if you have added your followers and group members to your friends list. Otherwise there is no direct option to reach your group members.

The reason for these changes is that the visibility of the groups has changed now. You can see the updates and posts from the groups in your news feed whereas in the past, it was private and you had to open the group to check the updates. So you can use public posts in place of messages for better communication with your group members.

  1. Start networking with Content creators on Facebook

You can notice that Facebook groups are segregated in a sense that if a group has bloggers, most likely every blogger on Facebook can be found in that group. Similarly if a group has maximum number of thought leaders from your industry, it will attract the people with similar interests and users will join that group.

So this can be another way to actively participate in groups no matter if you don’t own these groups. Because your goal must be to reach maximum number of people out there on Facebook even if you reach them via groups that you don’t own. This way, you can create an image of yourself as an active person of the community and you can make your place in the influential groups of Facebook.

You can post your content in those popular groups and if people will find it interesting, they will check out your blog or website. The reason is that the number of people of that group is higher than yours and you can expect better traffic to your website just by sharing your content on that group. Content creators are among the best sources of links to your websites as they can refer people to your blog after posting something interesting on Facebook groups.

  1. Improve engagement and value among audience

As compared to Facebook pages, the group’s offer better interaction opportunities to the business owners with their followers. As the groups works as online communities on Facebook, they are gathered around a common interest of the members. The number of members may not compete with the number of followers you have on your Facebook page but those members will be more active and dedicated than your followers on page. You can also choose your group to be visible to public if you don’t want it to hide from Facebook users. You can make private group for dedicated customers and deal with them personally.