5 Ways to Get Your Facebook Fan Page Published


By Nazia Khan-Ahmed

Don’t panic… When you are not able see the page that you have created on Facebook. At the time you create your page and then publish it on the Facebook, do not expect it to be published among the audiences in an instant. It is just not possible. Facebook has a great policy behind this fact. The main aspect behind all this is to provide you with some time to let you preview, then check your page all over again before you present it in front of the other users or audiences. A partially developed Facebook page is just similar to an uncooked food that you serve in a plate. No one wants it. So how can you publish an incomplete Facebook page in front of others? That is why Facebook does not allow you to present your created page that is incomplete in front of others till it is totally complete.


  1. Know Why Your Facebook Page is Unpublished

In the meanwhile, you can include whatever information that you want to complete your Facebook page. For example, you can include the different images or pictures to it that you like or are related to the particular context of your page like if for instance you have created a page named Animal kingdom, then you can add up the pictures of different species of animals as well as birds in it. Similarly, you can also include different related context to it that can comprise of the whole information about the animal species, their living, their food, their sound effects etc. You can further include different tab apps in it too. Moreover, add up as much information, images, contexts etc. as you like to make your page turn out to be more attractive and appealing for the audiences.

There are certain chances that you might come up with a big notification that says “Your page is not visible on Facebook because it has not been published yet. Publish your Page when you are ready for people to see it.” This means that you still have some work to do that is pending at your end and that is to click on the “publish page”. This is a blue colored button that you will find on the corner of the page that you have created. You can click this particular button so that your page gets public when you are completely done with the newly created page. When you click the “publish page” button then you will see that your page will be displayed in front of the audience by Facebook at that very same time. At this point, if you are still not ready then don’t worry. Click the “X” at the corner of the page to close the message and still work on your page till you are completely done.

After some time when you are done with the completion of your page, you can publish it at any time. For this purpose, if you do not find out the option of publish page, and then you will be required to go to the page settings tab. Here you can see the “help” option. Now click on it. A further drop down option will appear on your screen here that is at the up right corner of the page and under the blue banner on that particular page. Next you will be required to click on the settings section. Here a variety of page settings options will appear in front of you on your screen. At the left side of this particular page under the general tab you can see the option of “page visibility”. From here if you see that your Facebook pages is still unpublished then go ahead and publish it by clicking on the edit option.

It is up to your choice that either you publish your page or keeps it being unpublished at any time. For example, if you have still not published your page yet then it will not matter enough. It is because people are still unaware of the creation of your page and it’s working. On the other hand, once you have published your page and you have got some followers on it then it will be a matter of concern for your audiences when you close it. As a result of it, your page activities will stop functioning at once.


2: Age or Country Restrictions Hindering the Publishing

This is the most common reason. In most instances there are some users who created their Facebook pages and published them but those pages remained invisible. This made them to think of the reason behind this issue. It is due to the fact that Facebook has set up some of its restrictions. According to these restrictions there are certain limitations that you have to follow while publishing your page on Facebook. There are many kinds of restrictions that might restrict a page from getting visible. The three most important types of restrictions include the geographical restrictions, age restrictions and alcohol age restrictions.

Now take a look at these three types of restrictions.

First of all the geographical or country restriction is related to the limitations that are set by Facebook according to certain countries. For example you cannot market certain products in all the countries like the beef products in India or the pork in Gulf countries. For this reason whenever you market such products you must make sure that you have set the restrictions. You can easily do it by going on the Facebook page settings. From here in the general section, different setting options will appear in front of you. The first option is the “country restrictions”. Now click on the edit button and you can block any country that you want to restrict from displaying the page.

Age Restrictions Another restriction is related to the “age”. By choosing this particular option you can restrict the users of certain age group from viewing your page. You can select the age restriction by going on the page settings. From here, just under the option of country restrictions, you will find the option of “age restrictions”. Now you can choose the age limits which includes the options of anyone, people 17+, people 18+, people 19+, people 21+, and alcohol-related age restriction.

One of the major aspects behind setting the age restriction is that some contents are not suitable for the viewers that come in a certain age limit. For example, marketing of cigarettes must be restricted to all those users who are under the age of 18 years. Similarly, promoting the adult contents must not be allowed under the under the age of 21 years. In some countries you might have to face some legal action if you display such contents to the viewers who are under that age. So it is better that you must choose the specific age restrictions while displaying your page on the Facebook.

One of the unique type of restriction is the alcohol-related age restriction. It is an automatic setting which you can find on the Facebook page. It is useful in restricting the users by the age, location, and other different factors. You can set up alcohol- related age restriction under the specific age of under 18 years. Similarly, use of alcohol is also banned in the Middle Eastern countries so you can also set up the required restrictions. 


3: Blocking, Suspension, or Banning of your Page

Getting banned on Facebook or having a page that is banned due to some reason is the least that you may not ever want. In this way the page that you have created on Facebook does not work. Every time you log in to your Facebook account a message will appear on your screen which tells that your Facebook page is “disabled”

Now there are numerous reasons by which you can face a ban on the Facebook. For example, if you have used any foul language on your Facebook page and the users might not like it. Then it is very likely that they will report your page for which you will have to face a ban. Similarly, some misleading content or information of harassment attempt can also lead you to face a ban or suspension of your Facebook page according to the Facebook ban policy.


4: The Person Who is trying to View Your Page is Blocked

Blocking anyone from your contacts list will restrict them from viewing your page.

There are some users who will ask you the reason that why can’t they view your page. This is because you have blocked those users.

I have witnessed this thing in many situations. First of all it might be due to the fact that the user was blocked due to the posting of countless spam posts. I have also faced this situation myself at the time I created my Facebook page. When a user posted a large number of spam posts and suspicious links, I had to block that user without having another option to get rid of it. Viewing such kind of spam posts can easily make you and your users annoyed because such type of posts are useless and unwanted by the users and there is a great chance of getting into some suspicious activities. You can always block such kind of users.

Secondly, I have once seen that a user got banned from a particular Facebook page a long time ago. When this case was seen, the page administrator was not able to remember the specific reason behind blocking that user. So as a result they had to remove that user from the list of blocked users.

To recover the user from the blocked list you will just have to follow some simple steps.

First of all go to the settings option. From here you can check that either the user is blocked on the list or not. In order to check it clicks on the given option of “people and other pages” which you can easily find at the left side of the page. At this point, a window will appear in front of your screen on which you can view different options that includes information regarding the page administrator or manager, the list of all those pages on which you are linked and finally the list of users whom you have banned from viewing your page. Now click on the option that says “banned people and pages” from the drop down list. When you click it, a list showing all those users who have been banned will appear in front of you. From here, you can remove a particular user from the list of banned users if you want.


5: Your Page Isn’t Showing in Facebook’s Search bar

Always try to think of a unique name for your business or brand. It is a major advice that I can give you. Having a unique brand name will surely help you out in making the place of your brand in the search visibility. Many times I have seen that a particular page might not appear in the search results when you search for it on the internet. You have to struggle hard to find it on the search results that are displayed on your screen. This is because many businesses or brands have some generic names that are commonly found. As a result of this many times such names are not displayed in the search results. Now if you want your business name to be displayed at the top search results, you must try to focus more on the marketing of your Facebook page as well as your brand name. Proper marketing will help you out in promoting your business and also it will help in getting the top place in search visibility by using the unique keywords of your brand name. For example, brands names like Dell, Coca Cola and Mc Donald’s are unique names. These can easily be found when you search them. So try to be as unique as possible when it comes to choosing a name for your brand.


About the Author 

Nazia Khan- Ahmed is a Social Media Writer who has majored in Textile Designing. Also Holds Bachelor’s degree in Education and English Language Certification. Finds it impossible to discuss herself in third person but is doing so as per the demands of this bio. She is a home-maker and teaches Textile Designing to degree classes at the same time. Being nocturnal has taught her to manage her work in the night and her home at day time.