5 Ways to Gain Members in Your Facebook Group


You must have finished setting up your Facebook group. Now the only thing to do is get more people to join it. You have to add a bit of personality and viral content to achieve your target of getting more users to join your group. This article will help you to create a Facebook group that is very attractive to members and they will re-visit for great content.


Name Your Group Cleverly


The first aim for you is to get the word out there on the internet that there is a great group on Facebook. To help people recognize your group by its name, add the name of city or area where it’s based so the users can feel a bit of familiarity when they visit your group.

You have to be a bit creative and fun when selecting the name, take some time and brainstorm before putting up a title. Write the best ideas you can find around you and the ideas you have in your mind. Always correct grammatical mistakes and typos. Look up the meaning of the words that you are intending to use and see whether they are relevant to the theme of the group.

You should always share the name with your friends and family and ask for their opinion. The first thing that your users will notice is the name of the group so you have to it appealing enough for people to join.

Now go through the list of names you have written down and see if there are already groups by these names and cross out the names which exist already. Now you are left with potential group names. Select the one that appeals you the most.


Word of Mouth


Now once you have set up the group and named it, now you should encourage your already existing followers to join the group. It’s a possibility that they have friends who are interested in the same topics as you.

This is tactic that works, for example if your group is about online shopping of clothes obviously more women will be interested than men. Same thing goes for making a Powerlifting group, more men will be interested. It is possible that they have friends who ae also interested in these kinds of groups, it is always a great idea to invite them as well.

You just have to give your group a kick start and then watch it grow, you just have to target the right people. Never nag people to help you grow your group, asking once is enough.

You have to look for other avenue for promotion of your group after the launch, you cannot rely on word of mouth all the time.


Add Potentially Viral Content


Once if you get people to join your group, what is going to help make them stay?

Once they lose interest they will leave the group, so you have to find ways to keep them engaged in your group and its content. You should also post content that is worth sharing, that will not only get you more member but also help boosting your group.

You should have more than one content writers on your team to help diversify your content.

Rather sticking to your subject all the time you have to come with funny stuff to share as well to keep your posts going into a boring rut. Always have tasteful jokes handy and ready to posted whenever you find your group going a bit stale. Use images and memes to spice it up a bit.


Contests & Promotions


Well who doesn’t like free stuff, everyone on Facebook is looking for free stuff to be won through contests or promotions. It can be discount, free products or services or cash reward, it is appealing enough for the users enough to help them stick around for a longer period of time.

You can run a promotion solely for Facebook users that will offer free products to them. In return they have to just Like and Share your post. It will just be a click for them but for you and your group it will provide a boost in members, more members mean more sales.

If your Facebook group is only for fun, you can hold fun contests in order for your members stay entertained. You can hold a photography contest or a caricature contest. Anyone who wins will get fan featured on your group with a reward. It doesn’t have to be something expensive, you can give away movie tickets or gift basket.


Always Appear Well-Researched


Last but not least, keep yourself updated about what are your competitors doing on Facebook and what are they doing which is so powerful that is getting them thousands of members. I am pretty sure that one thing they all have common is frequent posts of engaging content.Usually the most discussed topic on Facebook are current events. If there is something important going on around you keep yourself updated and posts updates for your viewers.

You can post photos and articles about that event, always make sure that you are sharing information from a reliable source. Keep other groups in mind and check upon them what are they posting.It will keep your members engaged and provide them something interesting to look forward to.

Keep your post interesting and for everyone out there, not just for the well-read. You have to cater to the needs of everyone, posting complicated words and sentences will make it difficult for your members to keep up with the posts. some extremely annoyed members might unjoin your group as well.

You also have to maintain the standard of content other groups are providing, don’t be sloppy while posting and always read the post thoroughly beforehand. This will help your members to take you seriously and stay entertained.

The essence of keeping a group alive is posting interesting content, go through what your group is doing. You should follow up on your posts and reply to the comments left by members.

While you’re at it, you can remove the profane and offensive comments as well. You know no group is powerful enough to avoid those. If it pertains you can also ban people who are a nuisance to your group.