5 Ways to Improve Your Business Twitter Profile


You might be using Twitter for a long period of time but the business profile, not so much. You have to know that business Twitter profile is very important and it really helps boosting your business. You just have to make sure that it is effective enough and it is organic, or look like one.

Your profile should be created with maximizing clicks and conversion but not in a mechanical manner to seem like it’s solely created for business only.

You have to give an impression that your profile is a person not a shop. You can’t put your banner image as your billboard and your features post to be your slogan.

There are somethings you can change according to your needs and there are somethings you cannot change. You can’t change your username but you can change text and photos in your profile.

We’re going to discuss the way by which you can optimize your business profile on Twitter.


  1. Creative Use of Banner Photos

Twitter has updated the layout of profiles, one of the biggest changes was an image like Facebook’s Cover Photos. It’s public so the pressure is increasing to make it more appealing.  It cannot be blocked like your other information. You can partially block your profile picture though. This image is also wider. You can put up images up to 1500×500 in dimensions. The only difference in Facebook’s cover photo and Twitter’s banner is just dimensions.

Many marketers look for popular Facebook pages for inspiration. This header image can be used to many purposes. There are certain things you should keep in mind while selecting an image. Always pick high resolution images, nobody wants to see a distorted image on internet whose pixels are broken.

Always select an image which has bright and crisp colors that represent your brand. You can create your image or you can hire a graphic designer to do so.

You can use a collage of images, related to your products or your recent advertising campaign. You also can put a candid photo of your top executives at work. Or if it’s a clothing brand you can put an image that shows the production process. You can also put up a panoramic view of your office.

You have to keep in mind that whatever image you are uploading should be according to the dimensions of banner. Never leave it blank or with an ill-fitting image it will depict you as a careless owner who doesn’t care about his profile.


  1. Pinned Tweet: Optimize it!

Twitter has provided an option to pin your tweet to the top of your timeline. It is the first thing users will see when the visit your profile. This is shown to those people who visit your profile not in your follower’s newsfeed. Never go for anything that is too ‘in your face’, by posting a banner that says ‘25% discount on our products, Buy Now!”. Don’t put call to action ads as well. You can do your advertising in a subtler manner by appealing to emotions, summarizing your goals or by making a significant announcement.

You have to advertise your events, for example an exhibition, fashion show or if you’re showing up as a guest speaker at an event. Your audience should know where they can personally meet you.

You can pin a tweet with a link to your website where they can view your product, if you have launched them recently.

You can also pin your older tweets if you don’t have newer ones, for example your first tweet of the tweet which got a lot of retweets. Never pin information for a deal that you offered in the past.

You also can emotionally cater to your viewers, you can share inspirational quotes, or your goals. You can share a tasteful joke as well or something you wrote related to your brand.


  1. Your Bio: Utilize it


Reading a properly written bio give your audience an opportunity to know you and your brand better. You have to write it properly in order to give the first impression. Your bio is indexed and it shows up in the search result, you never want to put a bio which has typos in it.

Your bio allows you to just write 160 characters, it’s not much but a lot can be done with this little space. It is more than a tweet so it leaves with much more to work upon.

You can include hashtags in your profile, it doesn’t matter if they are branded or not branded. Even if they are non-branded it’s clear that you are using them to describe your brand. You can use general categories and interests.

There are certain sections for your location to be shown, so don’t include them in your bio. Same goes for brand name, it shows up in your username and you handle.


  1. Followed List: Streamline it!


It doesn’t make users follow your profile, but it will help in taking the best advantage of Twitter. You have to select which profile you want to follow and which to unfollow. Never seem too desperate to follow everyone hoping that they will follow you back.

Always keep your followed list to only relevant profiles.

If anyone reads your followed list, they should know that you are familiar with your industry and know who to follow. It also helps in getting your Twitter feed loaded with important information regarding your industry.


  1. Content Optimization


Tweets with images get you way more engagement than textual tweets. You can also use videos and animated gifs get you a lot of vies and engagement. They will boost your profile and get more people to follow and retweet you.

Images really stand out of the crowd and if you put a video then it’s even better. You want to be the provider of content that your audience want to see. What you share and show your audience really depends on the kind of business you’re running. The format of the media doesn’t vary. You should put multimedia to your best advantage and take maximum benefit.