6 Kinds of Tweets to Help Get You Maximum Follower


Social media has become a leader in the marketing of businesses and services. Be it cottage industries or multinational businesses everyone is seeking social media’s help to market them throughout the world. Everybody knows the benefits of having web presence, it has to be solid in order to work. One has to be active on Facebook to respond to customers and generally advertise themselves. Twitter is a bit complicated when it comes to advertising. It is essential to know how you can use Twitter to take full advantage of this network millions of people are using.

Twitter is undoubtedly a great platform for businesses, business owners and people who want to share some information with others. On the other hand, Twitter isn’t easy to use you have to keep your Tweet to 140 characters only, which is quite difficult.

There are many brands who are guilty of using Twitter in a relatively ineffective manner, most of them haven’t considered Twitter as an avenue for boosting business. Signing up for an account is a mini battle, let alone tweeting and finding ways to advertise your business.

Twitter followers are as much important as likes on Facebook, the more likes/ followers you have the more people will be able to see your posts and as a result your content will be shared a lot. Many consumers share their experiences of your products as well and you get a chance to improve your products and debug the brand.

The Twitter world isn’t simple to understand, you have to keep your tweets far away from being boring and pedantic, there is a very thin line and if you cross it you sure will lose the impact of your marketing campaign.

Another topic that requires our attention is the frequency of Tweets, like how many time should I tweet in a day. People want regularity and persistence also the audience loves to be swamped with information that they can put to good use. To make use of this urge, you have to schedule your posts. you can set up as tweeting twice or thrice a day, whatever you can easily manage and carry on. You have to make sure that you are not overcrowding their newsfeed to the point of annoying them and as a result they unfollow you.

Now we will discuss the main types of tweets that are relatively more attractive to Twitter users, this way you can gain more followers and increase in retweeting.


Appealing Tweets


Tweeting appealing Tweets is more of a style than an actual type. Tweeting in an appealing manner is extremely valuable when done tastefully and it will gain you a lot of followers.

People like questions that invite thinking and make them to respond and ask questions. A thought provoking tweet or a question engages the readers to respond or otherwise engage. An attractive tweet will surely be responsible to generate conversation and engagement.

Once few users engage it will lead to tweeting, retweeting and will bring more people into one circle of influence. It will also more like snag them as a new follower.


Tweets That Target Certain Audience

If you are providing a product or service to your audience, it really helps if you keep your tweets related to the subject. Tweets that have typos, that are vague and boring fail to get the attention of users and offers no benefit to your brand. Make sure that your tweets are relevant to your readers and their interests.



Who doesn’t like quotes? We all go through social media looking for inspiration quotes when we are down or need something to motivate us. Normal written information doesn’t influence people in a way that a one liner does. These types of quotes are tweeted and re tweeted on a larger scale, increasing your potential followers.


Image/Video Tweets

Everybody loves to see pictures and watch videos. Tweets that use images and videos get more engagement and retweets. The engagement is way more than the ones having plain text.

You can use different types of media in tweeting, you can post relevant images, video clips and GIFs. It is the most effective to engage your audience and gain more traffic on your profile. Make sure you are posting images related to your brand.

A picture is worth a lot; it has the ability to gain your hundreds of followers in a jiffy that’s not guaranteed though but I wouldn’t mind taking a chance.A well recorded video clip has the ability to inform your users more than a bunch of text can do. It was and it is the most effective way to gaining followers.


Tweeting Questions Generate Better Responses

Another strategy to engage you users to start interacting on Twitter is to ask a question, the number of responses you will get is pretty good. This question will appear on the newsfeed of users and will get retweeted a lot. A Tweet that provokes a response from users is the best kind. The trick is to never ask a controversial question and never pick sides when it comes of political parties.


Be Generous; Retweet

When you retweet you are share someone else’s Tweet. When you see a Tweet that is retweeted hundreds of times you immediately believe in its popularity.

It is a great way to foster a community, you can provide content to a market that hasn’t experienced it anywhere else. Just make sure the content is relevant to your brand and is beneficial enough to be shared on your profile.

When you have an effective and powerful presence on Twitter it will beneficial to your business and for those who are willing to share information that you have provided. Remember this information is being shared in a pool of potential customers and followers, just make sure that the information is from a reliable source. Your Tweets should be free from mistakes and typos. They shouldn’t seem cut and dry, you have to connect to your audience and seem like a person is talking to them not a robot.

These tips can help your Twitter account in becoming a popular hub of followers.