6 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Facebook Page


It is really important to build presence on Social Media. You will find a lot of tips on creating fans on every platform, be it Twitter, Linked or Instagram. Facebook is a bit different, why? Because it has three time the users as compared to other platforms.

Knowing the importance of Facebook, you might have worked on your Facebook presence, now we will discuss how can you use this presence to boost your business.


  1. Concept Your Marketing


There’s no doubt that the people who have already been following you are really interested in your business. Now you would think why wouldn’t you take advantage of free marketing while you’re on Facebook. You can inform your customers of new products and discounts.

It’s not like traditional advertising where you were advertising in thin air, now Facebook offers targeted ads that will reach to the people who are truly interested in your business.


  1. Get More Customers from Your Current Followers


It’s for sure that your current followers on Facebook are your customers as well. It would be even more productive if you use them to get more customers. You can post a contest with some giveaway and ask your followers to tag 5 people and share the post on their page. This way the contest post will appear on their friend’s Timeline and their friends can like and participate. You can also offer special discount if your current followers get you more followers.

You don’t have to give expensive things in order to get this contest running, you can give small gifts like 20% discount card on your store, a small crafting kit from your own store, a bunch of hand painted mugs, a customized photo frame or free consultation.


  1. Extend Your Reach


It is really hard for you to expand your business if you are living in a small and you have limited customer base. Facebook jumps in and take hold of exposing your business to the rest of the world. You can use posts with images and a small description to get your business going. There is learning curve when you are trying to handle finances, you have to set up online buying and your website, then set up credit card system because transactions will be done in person.


  1. Be a Pro in Your Industry


Whatever you do, do it professionally and passionately. There is no use of starting a couple of things here and a couple of things there and not actually achieving anything.

If you are running you own small company, there is a possibility that you’re already an expert in your field. Whatever the business may be, candle making, Tie & Dyeing, stitching of clothes or a clothing brand etc. it requires you to attain such a standard of knowledge in this field that nobody can make a fool out of you.

You have to become a professional knowledge hub of your field so that your family, friends and followers can take full advantage and you become their Go-To person whenever they are in a fix.



  1. Welcome Constructive Criticism


Some people find it difficult to criticize or advice a business on Facebook, because no one wants to seem like a bitter person.

If they post a critique it might annoy you sometimes because you are just tired after all day of hard work and the last thing you want to see on your page is a bad review. Well it’s the time to take it positive. There are many chances for you to improve your product and create better customer services standards by acknowledging them and actually thanking them on the review promising them the improvement they require. This is also good for fine-tuning your business and your products.

You can post questionnaire and poll to get detailed opinions of your customers. If you post these polls in work hours that will be really great, your post will get maximum traffic.

You to keep a few question open ended where customers can leave their feedback and their own opinions regarding the quality of your products.

If you’re not in the mood of posting a long and boring survey you can also post one lined questions as a status update and there will be a lot of responses. Welcome all this engagement with open arms and apply these suggestions into improving your product.


  1. Be Interactive


Usually a Business Page is set up only for business, but there’s no harm in giving it a personal feeling. It is the simple nature of human beings that they shy away from anything that’s a bit too formal for their taste. They just need to sit back, relax and enjoy scrolling their Newsfeed reading about your business and not think of it as a sales pitch. It should seem like they are talking to a friend not a person who own a business.

If you are running a one-person business you can keep your page informal and witty, you can’t do this when you have multiple partners you have to come up with the kind of posts you should or shouldn’t post. While running a page for one-person business you can let your personal life slip a little bit for example how many hours of sleep you got last night? What do you prefer eating at 3 am? What TV show do you like watching? Etc. You cannot post these kind of questions when it’s a business run by multiple people, you have to keep everyone’s taste in mind. You can hire a professional Social Media Manager to handle all postings on all Platforms. By doing this the tone of your all posts will be same throughout and it will get you out of trouble for having to come up with content every day.

You should always have a tasteful sense of humor, it will keep your customers engaged and encourage them to come back as well.

There’s no doubt that you have put a lot of work in establishing a presence on Facebook, by following these steps you can take best advantage of this presence.