There are literally thousands of different ways to FILL UP your Facebook page, but do you want to just fill up your page with useless jibber jabber, buy expensive software or invest a ton of money? That is no guarantee that you will receive followers – ORGANIC followers to be EXACT.

All you need is a keen eye to understand the ‘platform’ and apply your creativity. Business is about YOUR ideas against your competition

You can buy your traffic via PPC but do you think it’s a good idea to depend heavily on money? Consider this before solving your problems with dough – the whole platform is free, all you need is a keen eye to understand the platform and apply your creativity. Business is about YOUR ideas against your competition.


It takes a lot of patience to run this free platform because everyone else is taking advantage of it as well. Trial and error is the best way right? It does not have to; you can learn from other people’s experiences and reduce the element of error.

Use you money where it counts, your competitors may spend a lot of cash to rocket their way up in the ranks but you can save that money and use your cash when it’s really needed.



Facebook is a strong platform and all of its strength comes from one thing an one thing only – data. Everything is visible and nothing is hidden, there is no secret. You can be part of it and utilize it like any other. With Facebook you need not worry about data, you can get plenty information about your audience and with it you can formulate your strategy. You can easily determine your demographics by using the search option segregate and group them. Become a regular charmer and persuade your customers.

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Not in an occult way, that’s obvious – target them. What good is information if you cannot use it? Facebook will give you all the information you need, now you have all the information so what will be your next move? Simply use that information to target your audience, consider their likes and dislikes and reflect that in the content you share. For instance, if your audience is sensitive about gun laws, don’t post about this topic. It’s vital that you understand what they like and dislike. It’s also important that you post something meaningful, something that is interesting and will help your readers. You can use the paid ad system on Facebook but if you thread smartly, you won’t have too.



Your tone will determine everything, this is how you are communicating with your audience so it’s vital that you know the right nuances, phrases and metaphors, you don’t want to use star trek metaphors to star wars fans – that won’t go well

if you are running a pet store than a corporate tone won’t do you much good and if you are an auto part manufacturer than an informal tone won’t work. Of course you do not want to sound like that you have let your 10 year old son run your business. It is important that you find the right tone that appeal to your audience.



Keep trying different things, remember VARIATION is key but make sure that you know your audience’s limits. They can make your business and break it. When you take on the responsibility of self-marketing your business, you sir have invited a very kinky demon in your arena. Trial and error, cling on to that as well, post different things and gauge your audience’s interest through their likes and comments. If there are no comments, need not worry about posting that again.



Back in the 80s, there was a craze in the cinema with world-dominating robot Sci-Fi flicks, but that has nothing to do with the header above. By organic, I mean REAL people who post and comment, sharing their feelings and interest. Make sure your posts are witty and creative while keeping the respect of your audience, never post something disrespectful.

The best way to do that is story-oriented content; this will give you a good chance to induce discussions. Create interest among them.

You can post interesting news related to your area but don’t post your internal matters about communication systems or how one of your employees slipped and fell face first on a coffee mug which was glued to the floor. But that kind of story could stir some discussion, especially about the mysterious mug glued to the floor.



We live in a world of tolerance and intolerance but nobody likes a close minded post. Rather than posting judgmental or suggestive posts (you know what I’m talking about) try posting content that makes your audience feel secure and safe.

That is why these companies do not share direct sales messages, they use it subliminally and so should you.  Make a schedule and update your content regularly, you should be able to develop consistency in a month’s period. Your audience has a schedule and if you don’t than they will stop reading, this will inhibit your readers to build that very important subconscious rapport that the Mayans predicted 3000 years ago (not true but I got you thinking there for a moment) that is exactly what you want in your posts. When you are posting the right content at the right time with a healthy frequency, you will succeed; there is no rocket science to it. It’s a matter of experimentation and determination.

Each message that you post is an opportunity for you to get closer to your audience, think big, and think competitive. Don’t be intimidated by anything, if you are following the rules, you will be just fine. And don’t forget to give good customer service, when your audience comments, you should reply back.