6 Ways to Get Your Facebook Page Rolling

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There might be hundreds of ways you can use to cultivate your Facebook page. While you can buy expensive software or invest a boatload of money, that is not a guarantee that you will receive organic followers. Some people can buy their traffic through PPC but is it a good idea to depend so heavily on money? Before spending any money, consider this fact the whole platform is practically free to use and you can apply all the creativity in the world to make your page better than your competition.

However, it takes a lot patience and work to use Facebook’s free platform, you can apply a lot of techniques to increase your followers and your reach – and I am talking about an organic audience. Save your premium dollars and let the magic of marketing help you achieve your goals.

Use you money where it counts, your competitors may spend a lot of cash to rocket their way up in the ranks but you can save that money and use your cash when its really needed.


  1. Define Your Target Market

Facebook is a powerful platform and most of its power comes from DATA, some of it may come from castle grey skull but that theory is still under observation. My point is that there is no invisible force or any hidden secret that your forbidden to see. You can be part of that power and wealth that is Facebook. Facebook provides you the essential data about your target audience that you can use to make your own strategy, study that information and determine a set of demographics that you want to target. Learn about their buying behavior and lifestyle, segregate and apply different strategies to each group. I would use the word “manipulate” but instead I will use the word persuade, see how healthy euphemism can be? Use it to your advantage, become a regular charmer.



  1. Target Them

What good is a bicep if you’re not flexing it? Though this is an incorrect analogy but I’m sticking to it. Information is of no use if you do not plan to use it; you have all the information about your target audience, now what? Use them, target your posts at them, it could be anything, let’s say 60% of your audience hates Ronald Macdonald, so what are you going to post? The idea is to understand what they like and dislike, additionally, the topics that they find interesting. Don’t limit yourself but do understand that your targeting options are limited when compared to the Facebook Ad system. However, that does not mean you can’t get the best out of your unpaid marketing efforts.


  1. Your Tone is Vital

You will have to use a tone which is appropriate to your target audience, if you are running a pet store than a corporate tone won’t do you much good and if you are an auto part manufacturer than an informal tone won’t work. Of course you do not want to sound like that you have let your 10 year old son run your business. It is important that you find the right tone that appeal to your audience.


  1. Variation: Cling on to this Word

Experimentation can take you out of a business related rut or put you in a deeper one where you will be trapped forever and start hearing voices in your head and that is not where you want to be. Business marketing is a tough thing to handle and it applies both for paid and unpaid ones. The key is to keep track of your posts, use variations on the posts that get the most hits. Experiment with them and see what works best for your business.



  1. Be Organic

You can’t have organic followers if you are a robot yourself, so do not have a robotic tone. Keep the human element alive in your posts. Your posts should induce discussions and that is how your posts will benefit you. If your posts are witty, they will seem real and you will get real responses, it’s like having a conversation. You should be able to create relevant interest among users, but that would require you to post things that are relevant to your industry and is interesting at the same time. You can post interesting news related to your area but don’t post your internal matters about communication systems or how one of your employees slipped and fell face first on a coffee mug which was glued to the floor. But that kind of story could stir some discussion, especially about the mysterious mug glued to the floor.


  1. Be Open and Update Regularly

If you look at the bigger companies, they have a certain way of marketing, they are very open and all of their posts are personalized. They try to make their audience feel secure and special. This makes communication easier and therefore goes beyond the realm of marketing. That is why these companies do not share direct sales messages, they use it subliminally and so should you.  Make a schedule and update your content regularly, you should be able to develop consistency in a month’s period. Your audience has a schedule and if you don’t than they will stop reading, this will inhibit your readers to build that very important subconscious rapport that the Mayans predicted 3000 years ago (not true but I got you thinking there for a moment) that is exactly what you want in your posts. When you are posting the right content at the right time with a healthy frequency, you will succeed; there is no rocket science to it. It’s a matter of experimentation and determination.

Each message that you post is an opportunity for you to get closer to your audience, think big, and think competitive. Don’t be intimidated by anything, if you are following the rules, you will be just fine. And don’t forget to give good customer service, when your audience comments, you should reply back.