8 Mistakes to Always Avoid while Marketing Business on Facebook

Facebook is a great social media channel which you can use to connect with your friends and different people, you can use it for your fun activities as well as marketing your stuff. It is suitable for you if you are an individual user or if you are running a business. In every aspect Facebook is useful.

If you are planning to market your business on the Facebook, you can get some great benefits out of it if you are using it correctly. You can do this by posting some good stuff as well as posts related to your business or brands like the pictures of your brand, any important information about your brand or business and so on. On the other hand, there are some common mistakes which people make very often while marketing their business or brands on Facebook. By avoiding these common mistakes, you can get some great benefits out of Facebook.

I have mentioned some of those most common mistakes which people make as below:

 Not giving Enough Time to Your Campaign

Timing is very important. Whether it is your social media campaign, your business or any daily activity always value time. Time management is very important aspect especially if you are working on the social media. You are already aware of the fact that nowadays the completion has increased a lot. There are over millions of users on Facebook nowadays. Among them many of the users have succeeded in a very short time. The main reason behind their success relies on the proper time management.
On Facebook you see a new post after every second. Due to over millions of users around the world different contents are posted on Facebook as well as updated after a short period. In this way the audiences get a lot of different information in a very short time. This surely saves the time of users who have busy schedules.

The reason why I am saying this is to make you understand the importance of proper time management. I know it is very easy to create up a Facebook account and then start a marketing campaign on it. On the other hand, maintaining that marketing campaign is a difficult thing to do. It is not that easy as you think. So, in order to be successful you really need to invest some time to your Facebook page or any other social account of yours. Just make sure that you post your stuff on your Facebook page on a timely basis. You can make a schedule for it and post accordingly. This is one of a great way in which you can become successful in a very short time.

Hasty Posting

Being quick is a good thing but it is not that good when it comes to posting your stuff on Facebook or any other social media. I know the social media is very quick and people require quick responses. This is also a major reason behind its success too. On the other hand, if you are planning to post your stuff on your Facebook page then be moderate.

Don’t post too often. Many times your quickness can become gullible for your audiences if you are posting too often. It is better that you manage to post after a while. Ideally I recommend that you post any content 1-2 times per day. This means that you can post once on a daily basis or it can be two times. Just don’t exceed this number. Otherwise there is a possibility that people will block you on Facebook.

In addition to this, try to post some informational and useful stuff. People like interesting and new information. This can be a good content, an image, any interesting information etc.

Posting something useless is not a good thing. This make many users to lose their interest on your Facebook page. And I know you do not want this to happen. Always think before you post. This is important because you are basically running a professional page where there are hundreds of users seeing your stuff. So it is better that you post something good and authentic on your Facebook page.

Not Sticking to Your Theme

Every company has a theme behind it. If you are running a business probably you might also have a theme behind your business. The theme is one of the major aspect that the audiences look out for. This means that if you are running a business there are people who do want to know about you and your business. They also want to know who you are and how much hard work brought you at this point where you are standing now. Knowing about you surely gives an idea to the audiences that what you actually are.

Nowadays it has become very common that people want to know about your personality and also who you are in real life. Like if you are a famous personality or are running a famous business it is obvious that people want to know about you other than your fame. If I talk about the social media network, it has become a trend these days that many famous personalities as well as businesses disclose the details about themselves of which many people are not aware. Believe me, it has become a new marketing strategy these days. Many take it as a fun part of the social media. Now if you want to get more successful among your audiences just make sure that you become more consistent when it comes to your theme as well as the different features of your personality.

Make Friends after putting Careful thought

Making friends is a common trend on Facebook. With over millions of Facebook users around the world, this number of friends increases in your friends list with the passage of time. And why not. Making more and more friends is a good thing. In this way many people come to know about you.

Making new friends is also a good thing as a business point of view. If you are running a business this will result in a positive aspect for you and your business. The more people you will have in your friends list the more you will be known by the people everywhere around the world.

Everyone likes to make friends. Well if you ask about me I also like that too but on the other hand I am too choosy about making friends. And you know what this thing has saved me from a lot of bad people.
While running your business I will suggest that you should be choosy too. Trust me, this can save you with a lot of those people who have fake or spammy accounts.

There are some companies who friend every single user despite knowing that who they are or where they are from. They friend all of them who send them friends request. Whereas, there are some companies who are very selective in this case. They also invest on their authentic users too because they surely know who their audiences really are. Due to this fact their business flourish very smoothly.

Here just remember one thing that always try to be selective and choose the right people to add up in your friends list. I am saying this because good friends are your reflection. This will also work out for your business and you will get the right audiences who will further become your loyal customers in future.

Typos are a Big No No

Always use good grammar and use the right spellings whether you are posting anything, commenting, advertising or marketing your stuff on Facebook as well as any other social media channel. Believe me, it surely gives a great impression to the reader.

Facebook is used in many different languages around the world like English, French, Japanese, Russian etc. Everyone has their own language and can set the language accordingly. There are many people who often use different languages in a single post. And there are others who mostly use abbreviations and slangs while posting or even commenting. Like using “&” for “and”, “uni for university” and so on. You can use this type of language in your general talk but never use it at any professional platform. Otherwise you will end up using your audiences.

Just try to be professional as possible and use appropriate language. If you are using English as your business language, then only use proper English wordings and grammatical sentences. This is very important aspect which you must adopt if you are running a business or even as an individual user. Make sure you use the right spellings and grammar. If you are not sure of anything just google it and you will get the right spellings as well as grammar options. I am sure that in this way people will like reading your stuff.

Responding too Slowly

Always be prompt. As people like quick responses. This is another great way of impressing your audiences. Make your audiences feel that they are being listened. If anyone comments on your post or require an answer to any question. Try to answer their query as soon as possible. This is a major aspect of marketing.

Never let your audiences to lose their interest in you or your business. You can only do this by knowing what they want. Go ahead talk to them and know their requirements.

Let’s say if a user does not like any of your post or find it offensive they will leave a bad comment. Now it is your responsibility to correspond with that particular user and ask the reason behind their feelings without getting angry. I am sure their problems will be solved in this way. This can probably work out in making that user one of your loyal customer.
On the other hand, there are many people who like your posts and the stuff you are offering to them. There are times when people like your post and leave some good comments for you. You can appreciate their responses and their interest by replying with a “Thank you”. This will also help you out in increasing the number of audiences on your Facebook page.
Apart from this, it is better that you respond to all the queries of your audiences yourself. I know it is not an easy thing. If in case, you cannot manage to answer all the customers’ responses or feedback yourself then the next option is that you hire anyone for this work. Just make sure that all your audiences are responded in a good way.

Not Choosing the Responder Correctly

Every user has their own individual importance and wants to be treated in a good way. If you are responding to your audience comments just try to do it in a professional way. This is very important aspect for your business. You can even hire any other person to do this job too. I have seen many large companies have a separate customer services department from where every customer is responded equally and very professionally. You can do that too. The important thing here is that whenever you hire anyone or any customer services team just make sure that these people are discrete and answering the customers in a friendly and professional way. It is better that you always keep a check on them. In this way you can surely increase the number of your audiences on your Facebook page.

Posting Mundane Content Over and Over Again
Always post some new and interesting contents on your Facebook page. People like to see some new stuff and this makes your audiences to stay connected to your page. Avoid posting some repetitive contents and boring stuff too. This will fade the interest of your audiences. As a result, you will lose many of them.

These are some of the basic mistakes which I have seen by a lot of users as well as marketers. You can boost up your Facebook page by avoiding these common mistakes.