Top 25 mistakes people make in the Social media

Mistakes are a part of life! Even the best of us make mistakes as it is human nature. Well, when you are an online businessman, and you deal with thousands of people each day, these mistakes can bring drastic effects. So you can at least try to avoid them and to be as flawless as you can be. Social media is a bad thing if you are not improving yourself. People will talk about the bad things and forget the good things about you; so beware before you talk or act in public.
Right use of social media can be wonderful for you as it is a powerful tool to market your business and to earn a lot of money. But when used the wrong way, it can cost you a huge loss in internet business.This creates a positive impression on your audience en the trust ensures of your customers, a right strategy to use social media is very essential. Many social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google + are great ways to advertise your service and to communicate with your followers. So you must make sure you are using them right. You just need to take care of these following things while carrying out business online
Be real
Be consistent
Try patience
Never compromise on quality
By following these tips, you can become a great internet marketer. Here are 25 mistakes that are very common among social media users. You can try to avoid falling victim to them after reading these in detail;
If you are trying to build a business online and you are just trying so hard that you don’t know what you are doing; you are horribly wrong. Building a track is important for reaching your goal; otherwise you can just try in without any direction and gain nothing. Jumping into the pool of social media is easy but finding a direction for your marketing strategy is not easy. A well-planned strategy is as important to your online business as it is for businesses in real life. You must create a goal oriented, clearly stated and strong strategy for your online activities. Let your customers know about your vision and ask them to join you.
Nothing is worse than a company or business without any strategy. There are no chances of success when there are no plans. When you are using social media, you must post relevant posts, images, content and links that are helpful for your business. Link your website with your blogs, Facebook, Twitter and with any other website that you want to use for future marketing of your products or services. This strategy must define how you will respond to criticism and the ways to attract more customers.

If you are posting same content on different social media platforms, you will not impress anyone. Each channel has its personal characteristics and you must make the best use of them by maintaining their standards. For example, YouTube is meant to share videos and teasers so you cannot share content on this channel. People want to watch interesting videos; not just slideshow of your content. Another example is of Tumblr where you can share images and get comments. If you are posting anything that is not related then people will draw themselves away from you and you will lose followers. Understand the working of any social media website before you start using it for your marketing purposes.
To be very honest, posting about your new product in the middle of the night is very annoying. If you are a follower, you will instantly stop following the particular page that is posting without taking care of the time of posting. You can launch your products on weekends or on days when your followers are mostly active. You can just ruin your reputation by posting at bad times, and people will stop following you.
You must track the times when your audience is most active so that you can get instant responses and start discussions for active engagement with your customers. If you are getting likes and ReTweets after 10 hours of posting a new update, then you are wrong at this.
It’s not embarrassing to accept if you are not a good content creator, but it is embarrassing if you post bad content on your social media channels. Right content with superior quality is the most important thing for the success of your social media strategy. Instead of posting two blogs a day, just post two blogs a week which are full of fun, humor, information and spice that your followers will love to read. They will wait for your next piece of writing and expect quality from you. Hire any expert writer if you think you need to but don’t compromise on quality.
Your followers are of no use if they are not buying anything from you or not communicating with you. So having tons of followers is not good but having a community of active followers is important. Your active followers will like your posts, retweet your tweets, share your blogs and recommend your content to their friends on social media. They will increase your online traffic and that will not happen if you just focus on increasing the number. Number matters when it comes to beat your rivals but in reality, it is merely a number!

Many online entrepreneurs forget that their first impression on social media is probably their last one! If it is not strong and attractive, people will not bother coming back to your page. So fill your details with accuracy and add your website, your URL, blog and other details with your followers. Link your profiles with each other and add same bio to every profile. This will also benefit you when people will search for you on Google; they will find you easily without confusing you with someone else out there. Keep your identity unique by filling out the bio carefully.
Your followers on social media channels expect updates from you about the products and services you offer them. You must maintain a consistency in your posts so that your customers can anticipate. For example, you can pick Monday for offering special discounts so your audience will know in advance that Monday is coming, and it will bring discounts and coupons. They will be ready for that, and you can get a huge success in your discount strategy. A certain rhyme is very important, and it is dependent upon many factors like your audience type, gender, location, interests, etc..
If you are just talking about yourself on your social media, your audience will stop following you as they want to be heard too! Listening to your audience is a great way to understand their views about you and your products. You can ask your followers to tell you about their experiences, common interests and anything that is relevant. Just listen to them, and they will come back to you!
The automatic updates are a great feature of many social media websites, but they must not spam your followers. They should get a personal touch of your personality too. This is very crucial in building trust and loyalty among your followers. They will know that there is a real person behind that post or tweet, and they will treat you like a human; not like a robot.
Your audience wants to see perfection, so how can you disappoint them by posting blogs that are full of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors? A slight distraction from grammar is okay, but it should not be a habit! Always proofread before you send out any message or tweet.
Content is a king in real words and if you are not taking it seriously, don’t expect your customers to take your products seriously either!
If you have run out of topics and posts, be creative and give your audience a reason to like your posts. If you are posting a blog about a product review which was posted last month then your followers will not even like it. So share new and original content that they don’t get anywhere.
If you want to promote the same product on all of your marketing channels, make sure the content is not duplicated. You can mix things up by making them different by using different keywords and titles. The reason is that your followers are following you on multiple channels, so they don’t want to know about one thing in same words all over. Share different content! They will follow you, trust you, believe you and will buy from you.
Your social media profile must be a platform for your followers to discuss your products. You must be able to start a discussion about anything interesting. This will engage your customers in active conversation, and they will like to talk to you and with your other followers.
You can simply do that by posting an update about any new product of yours and replying to your followers in comments. This way, they will feel good that they are talking to someone real and instant responses will build a trust that you are there for them.
You can also generate more discussions on your Twitter profile by following any popular brand or celebrity related to your business. This way you can use @brand name in your Twitter posts and the traffic from that particular brand will be automatically directed to you. People like to discuss on popular platforms as it improves online visibility. So you can also use this trick for improving your online presence.
Hash tags are a great way to boost user engagement on Twitter, but only if they are done right! Adding @ before the name of a follower on Twitter can notify him about anything that you want to tell him. So use these tricks for your benefits. You can use images and comics for representing your thoughts about anything just like visual aids. Just use them properly and don’t stuff your post with that much HashTags that it becomes annoying for followers.
Your social media followers don’t have enough time to listen to your idle lectures on peace of the world. Keep them updated with relevant content and updates. For example if you have a clothing online store, don’t force them to read about benefits of insuring your car when they have reached you with an intention to know about new clothing products. Talking for long may make your followers lose their interest in your blogs and social media profiles. Stick to smaller posts and brief tweets so that it takes lesser time to spread a message!
It doesn’t matter how many followers you have unless they are not buying anything from you. Try to create content and blogs that are encouraging to your followers for buying your products. Give them a view of advantages they can get if they buy any particular product. Run contests, competitions, discounts and giveaways for engaging your customers in more and more sales. After all, you are there to sell your products online.
If you own a website that sells online shoes to women, you must be facing a lot of competition as many online stores sell shoes and accessories. So what is the quality that makes you different from the other online sellers? You must find out the answer to this question from your followers perspective. If your brand name is not unique and you are just following the crowd, you will get no benefits and your brand will fade away like many brands that come and disappear and nobody notices them. Publish your products on different social media channels with an intention to sell them.
This is right that getting negative feedback can be depressing for you and you might take wrong decisions in passion. But the thing is; if you are selling something in the market, it is any guarantee that everyone will like it. When you create a new brand, many people on social media, come to you for your products and most importantly; your customer service. So if they complain you about anything, you must take it positively and respond to their feedback instantly. If you are given a choice to comment on a post of your follower or to respond to a complaint, your top priority must be to respond to your unhappy customer. If you take too long to respond and worse than anything; not respond at all, you will lose your customer. If you answer all your queries and talk to your customers about solving the issue, you might convert them into loyal customers that will trust you no matter what happens!
Other than that, if you delete negative comments from your customers so that nobody can see it; you are doing wrong. Nothing is perfect in this world and if you think your feedback is 100% positive and your followers will trust you for this; you are living an illusion. Presence of a few negative comments is as important for your business as positive comments. You can reply to the feedback online and solve the issue. This will build your reputation among customers as they will trust you that you care about them and their issues.
It is difficult to handle all social media channels at the same time as it is hard to please every follower and customer. If you are thinking about saving your time and you follow the pack; you will not gain attention. People will give you attention when you will provide them something new. You must be able to offer them something that others are not offering on social media. Don’t just follow the trend; instead be a trend settler and change the trends. Look at your social media strategies from customer’s point of view and remove the flaws.
Well, it is nothing worse than a website that doesn’t open in your mobile. This is the era of smartphones, and more people have phones than laptops or PCs. So how can you ignore that fact that mobile-ready websites are successful, and others are not! Yes, that is right as people who are following you, use mobile Facebook, mobile Twitter, mobile LinkedIn and other mobile versions of websites. You cannot expect to improve your traffic when your website is not mobile-ready even if you have links to your social media profiles to your website!
For example, if you have a Facebook page and people are following you, and when they want to watch your blog or website, after clicking the given link, it just doesn’t open! How pathetic is that you lose a customer just because you are not using the latest technology? You will not like that, so make sure your website is easily available on mobiles and smartphones so that any link can be an opportunity; not a hurdle in your marketing.
Your time is your biggest investment in anything. If you are using social media for marketing your services effectively, you are using your most precious thing; that is your time! So you deserve to get an ROI, return on investment of your time. There are a lot of ways to measure your ROI on internet, but only using the right tools will prove beneficial for your marketing strategies. Google Analytics is a great way to measure your ROI.
SEO is the new name of internet marketing now. It covers all the tricks, tips, suggestions and methods that can improve your online traffic, increase your brand visibility, improve the quality of your links and increase your rating on search engines. You can get incredible results from SEO when done right. Unfortunately, there are many online marketers and SEO experts who use wrong tactics for helping you to improve your online marketing results. Getting illegal social media followers, and fake likes an old concept now and if someone is still buying likes and fans, he is just doing a beastly thing.
Black hat techniques can cost you a lot. You can lose your brand reputation, and your good will be effected. Intelligent search engines like Google and Yahoo catch such wrong tricks and they can make you suffer in the form of penalties. A website with a tag of penalty can never recover again. So beware of these wrong ways and even if you hire any SEO expert for improving your social media followers, ask him about the tricks he will use in your case.
Social media channels like Facebook are very helpful for the online website owners to target an audience with common interests and likes. Well, if you are not using Facebook, you can still target the audience in right ways. You must outsource your products information and strategies to the people who are interested in your products. Using right Hash Tags, right keywords and right content, you can get your targeted traffic online.
Another thing that many social media users do wrong is not encouraging their audience to participate. People want to be followed back, so you can do this by following your users and tracking their activities. For example, if Christmas Day is coming, you can start contests for best photo, best gift ideas or best quotes on your social media channel. Promise your audience to give away a discount coupon for your any product, so this way your followers will become more active in your social media.
Giveaways are a great way to attract more and more potential customers. People like to get free things as a result of contests and it can be a fun element for your website too. You can share the details of your giveaway contest on your social media channels as well as on your blog so that more people can participate.
Social media marketing is among the internet marketing strategies that are very powerful. Just with a little common sense and right strategies, brands can explode in social media out of nowhere, and they just influence everything on the internet. But luck is not always there to help you. So expect less and do more!
If you are among those people who expect too much for too little, you will never succeed in social media. As it is all about patience and right times! Nothing happens overnight, and brands take years to build and develop. Just believe in yourself and be genuine; you can get your dreams fulfilled one day.