9 Idea’s to get more Fans on Facebook Page


Facebook is the place where individuals come together and interact with each other. The Facebook Fan page is the place where a bunch of people follow an individual, brand or company. For those people or companies who are looking to promote their brands, the Facebook Fan page is the ultimate destination to acquire their goals. Now days, Facebook Fan pages plays a significant part in promoting and advertising brands. It’s becoming an exigent medium for online marketers or brand promoters. Getting fans and followers for a Fan page has now become a high competitive race where individuals and companies are spending millions to raise their popularity level. As the idea behind this is simple – the more followers you have, the higher will be your sales. But to successfully operate and promote your page and getting fruitful outcome from it needs skills that have to be studied and discussed.

Putting some points below to elaborate more on this issue;

  1. Number of Posts you should make

You need to find out how often should you post on your Facebook page. You need to figure out what should be the amount of your posts per day, in a week or in a month. You can start with a few numbers of posts daily and see the response. Take suggestions and advices from experts and your followers; keep track of the stats from Facebook insights. From these ways you can find out what should be the magic number in terms of posting counts per day.


  1. Timing of your Posts

The schedule and the timings of your posts are crucial for your success. You can take suggestions from your fans, visitors or marketing experts to do this successfully. You can schedule your posts according to your targeted traffic like in Asia when it is night you will find it day time in the USA. So for these two countries you will have to set your posts in two different times. Also, you can set your posts according to the tastes of your viewers. And always keep track of your posts even if they run automatically. You must attend your followers, answer their queries when needed. The more you get involved with them and interact, the more people will come to your page.


  1. Choosing perfect Images

Facebook has been progressively turning into a visual stage. A couple of years ago the size of the profile pictures were small, same goes for sidebar ads, they were small too, no application pictures and average thumbnails for your posts, but now there are pictures all around. The cover photo is very large, applications have thumbnails and your posts have great preview of your pictures.

Choosing images for posts and pages should be given high priority because these photos carry significant importance for a page. Everything should be taken into consideration starting from the size of the pictures, subject of the pictures as it should relate and portray the idea behind the post. This is not just picking and posting some random picture, a well chosen picture can be the backbone of a post which can attract people more than the texts underneath.


  1. Posting for all users specially for Mobile users

Even from a personal view and ofcourse from the real stats, we now know that the maximum number of Facebook users log in through mobile devices and nowadays,  mobile phones comes in so many formats starting from Smartphone’s to tablets, Phablets, wallpads  and no one knows what other versions and sizes these devices will come in the near future. So it is quite understandable that Facebook is being surfed through these devices more than computers and laptops… Every website has the demand to be “Auto Responsive” which allows users to comfortably access websites from any screen size. So as well as the websites changing to adopt the current wave, Facebook posts should also be made for all traffic including the mobile visitors. If the website link that the Ad is representing is Auto Responsive then every kind of visitors can check out the link and as a result more people will follow your page.

  1. Interact within Your page

When you are logged in as a page administrator, which means when you are using your Facebook Page, not your personal profile, you can make use of features like Facebook insights to check your progress, improvement, traffic flow and you can also use some other features inside the control panel as well. But there’s another thing you are permitted to do which you might haven’t heard before, that you can comment as your brand, as the Facebook page to other pages and websites that supports comments from Facebook. This can help promote your brand, interacting with more people and bring more traffic to your page. But commenting too much can result as spamming which is the last thing you want for your page and brand.


  1. Utilize the Like Button for websites

The Facebook “Like” Box is a simple gadget that is not difficult to set up and modify. You do not have to do anything to manage that box, set a couple of options, copy and paste some code and you’re ready.

The way to utilize the Like box successfully is really easy; simply put it in your website. You need to place it smartly that whenever someone visits your contents or site they get to see the Like Button appearing in front of them. The best thing about the Like button is that it has weird effects on people that they tend to click on it more often. When people visit any page, Facebook encourages to click on “Like” displaying which other friends of theirs have already liked this page.


  1. Run Interesting Contests

Opening a contest for a week can be appealing for the followers and visitors. This can bring new fans and keep the existing fans interested in your page and on its contents. You need to be smart in choosing your prizes for the contest and also need to be smart in choosing topics for the contests. They should create interest among your followers and bring new people into your page. You need to promote your contest, create excitement through your posts on your page and also in other places like in your blog or website. When the excitement has been created among people and if the contest topic is something that they are interested in and want to participate in, it will obviously help to bring new fans joining your page.


  1. Bring People through Newsletters

If you have a newsletter feed on your website and have a list of people who are following the updates of your contents and products and also interested in them, you can send them a newsletter inviting them to like your Facebook page. The trick is to offer them with attractive promotional contents which they don’t find in your website. Those are only for the Facebook page. This way people will get interested to check your Facebook page more often besides visiting your website. But what needs to be made sure that you don’t send those users newsletters that are already on your Facebook page. That would create spamming issues which you never want.


  1. Increase interaction with followers

A smart way of spreading your posts is to ask your followers questions or commenting back to their comments on your posts and encourage or push them to answer. When they are replying to you it also appears on their timeline, in that way all of their friends are watching the posts.