Absolutely Essential Things You Should Share on your Business Facebook Page


Posting contents on your social media pages is really an art. It is an art that is a tricky one to master. I have seen many people who have mastered this art and got great success in their work. On the other hand, there are many of those people who still do not know about the basic functionality of how to master this art.

The masters of this art know what to post and what not. They also know how many contents they should post to attract the audiences. These masters also know better about the taste of their audiences, their likes and dislikes, their needs and every other thing. So they post their stuff accordingly. Which is just according to the taste of their audiences.

So here you might be thinking about how to master this art and what are the major aspects behind mastering it?

Now here I have discussed some of the major aspects which might help you out.Every time you need to share the contents which are new to the user. The contests you post must be unique. Similarly, you should search for some new and interesting topics on the internet to post on your social media pages. In addition to this, you can post as many contents as you like. One thing to make sure is that don’t overdo it. Otherwise many of your users will think of your posts as a spam. This will result in blocking your posts by the users as well as your social page too.

Avoid being Too Self-Promotional

Avoid being too self-promotional. This is one of the main aspect that you must keep in mind whenever you create your contexts. It is because many users do not like seeing too much self-promotional stuff. They just require something new and interesting to read and not something that only describes you and your qualities. If you are a marketer, you can also do some advertising of your brands or products on your social channels specially on Facebook. Just remember to keep balance among both of them. This means that the content you are advertising must not overrule your other posts which you are posting.

Now, still if you are not sure what types of contents to post on your social channels and what not. When to post your contents and when not. How often you should post your various types of content, and the places from where you can find that content. This article covers the whole thing. I hope that by the time you end up reading this article, you will be able to have a template calendar. On this template calendar you can fill out the various contents from different sources which you have gathered for posting.

All You Need to Know About a Calendar Framework

Now let’s talk about setting up the most important thing that is the Calendar Framework. You need to create in order to be more organized. The first and the most important one is creating an editorial calendar. This is just like any other type of editorial or content calendar which you have seen. You can set it up for your blogs. You can even set up any other type of calendar if you want. These can include the stand-alone calendars or one overall plan. This can relate to your workflow and also the team you have on each aspect of your marketing.

One major aspects of setting up these calendars are basically related to the visual overview of the all the types of content which you want to post. These calendars are also important for scheduling up your posts too. It is a good thing that you follow your set schedule but on the other hand you can make any changes in your set schedule as you like. Like you can adjust the placement of contents which you want to post as per your needs, adjusting any post in a timely manner among the scheduled ones. Say for example, you need to introduce a new product. Then you can adjust the promos and the introductions of that product. There are no such limitations.

So here the question remains unanswered up till now that how often you should post on Facebook?

According to a recent study made by the courtesy of Hubspot. It indicates that if you are a user which has under 10,000 followers then it really does not matter how much you are posting. At the time this number of followers increases to over 10,000 followers. Then be aware that you will need to post more often then you usually do. Posting your contents more often will surely give you a higher number of clicks per post.

I recommend that you post your stuff on a daily basis. This a good baseline. You can set up your posting schedule to a minimum of once a week, or up to five times a week or more. It is all up to you that how much audiences you want to build.

If you are posting five times per week. Then you can easily go on to a base 10 scale for the kinds of content you post. If you ask about my point of view, I usually like the 1-1-3 (or the 1-3-6) scale. I also operate on a two-week basis, or 10 posts. Which is easier to understand.

The scale of 1-3-6 is a way of dividing up the number of posts you make. You can further assign them specific types of content.

Curated Content Illustration, what is it?

If you are planning to build up your relationships with some big names in the social industry. I recommend you to use the curated contents. By sharing the curated contents of some big industries you will see that many people will notice your page too. These curated contents are useful for growing your relationships with the big names in your industry as well. You can also give a link for these curated contents in your posts in order to let the audiences know that these are authentic information. In this way many influencers will start to recognize you. Which is really helpful in building up your trust among the users. As the time passes, many users will likely consider you as one of the trustable source if you share their contents regularly.

Trends: Google

Nowadays, Google has introduced some new and great trends. You can find many of these as beneficial if you want to grow your Facebook page. Some of the examples include the giants like Moz, businesses like Hubspot and PostPlanner, service providers like HootSuite and SproutSocial, or even industry watchdogs like SearchEngineJournal and SEO Roundtable. Trust me you these can become your biggest source of contents.

Apart from this, it has one of the major drawbacks too. The drawback is that the content you are using will often be popular already. So, it is important that you choose to post something that is more unique to build up the interest of your audiences.

In addition to this, another great source is the research that is performed by other businesses. This can include some of the big names in research or the reserach centers too. Many small brand which perform their researches in order to provide some relevant data are included in it too. You must make sure that you are using some relevant and authentic data in your posts.

At the time when you are curating pure data. This can include adding up your own analysis, your personal thoughts in blog posts or some detailed social media posts. These are a great way to start with. The main concept here is “take it one step further.”

If you ask about me, I will surely suggest you one of my favorite technique which I mostly use. This includes taking an opinion-based piece of information which you think would be valuable. Then you can write about it as you like. You can treat it as your research projects. I am sure that you will find some relevant and unique information.

Previously Shared Content

On your Facebook page, you can even share you own created posts. Although Facebook does not support multiple posts of the same contents. So you remain limited to only one post per blog article. Now here, some paid promotions can really help at this point. For this purpose, you can use the oCPM model which is less costly than any other. You can use this model to pay for views to your most attractive post in a given month.

Facebook Exclusives

Have you ever heard about the Facebook Exclusive contents??

Many of you might not. Let me tell you about it.

The Facebook Exclusive contents are those contents which give more value to your Facebook page. These are further useful if you want many more people to follow and stick around your Facebook page. If you are running a business, then it is great news for you. You can use the Facebook exclusive contests to attract a maximum number of audiences which can also be useful in giving an instant boost to your Facebook page.

Now let me tell you some of the examples of the exclusive contests which you can use on Facebook.

The first and the most important ones are the contests. The contests are a great way to engage a large number of audiences. You can set up some unique and different types of contests on Facebook and promote them on your page. You can ask the users to participate in it. I suggest you to set up some reward for it too and you will see some great results.

To make it more simple, you can even use some available contest apps as well like the Gleam. It is very useful if you are planning to go for a wide range of audiences from different social networks. Another exclusive contents which you can use is the Facebook native offer claims ad type. It is also a great idea if you want to attract more users in less time. Rather it will require some budget because it is an ad and you will need to market it.

Facebook Offer Ad

The Facebook ads are basically the type of contents which are used for the purpose of incentivizing different types of users who follow you on Facebook. These are more useful in order to keep up the users with your posts. Which on the other hand will not be possible for your to keep. Now at the point apart from the usual blog posts, when you provide your users which something that is a tangible value. You become capable to start up this incentive.

What to Always Avoid Sharing  

Well you can just not post anything randomly on your Facebook page. Always post the appropriate stuff if you are running a business page. It is obvious that you cannot post you every day and general stuff like your personal stories or incidents, a holiday trip picture, a meal picture etc. on your business page. You must post about your brand or products or anything about your business. On the other hand, if you are an individual then it is ok to post such stuff.

Avoid posting rants. As I have already discussed, you Facebook page is not a place where you can post some unwanted or random stuff. Otherwise many users will surely draw themselves away from your business page. Which you will not want in any case. Just try to focus more on posting some appropriate stuff.

Anything negative about anyone. Avoid posting any type of negative feelings. These negative feelings tend to give a bad name to your Facebook business page. Never use any stuff that is related to some racial contents, sexual contents or any kind of abusive information or language.

Any sort of personal information. Do not post anything official. This can include your employee’s promotions, their hiring or firing, or anything related to their salaries. All this information is not appropriate for posting on your Facebook business page.