Alter Your Twitter URL in These Easy Ways


In order to start changing your Twitter URL the very first and important thing which you must consider is to check out for a username which you want to keep. For this purpose you can use any available search engine to search out on the internet regarding your specific username like Chrome, Google, Bing, IE, Safari or any other available one. This is something which you really need to do. It is important to do so because I know you do not want to be related with a particular username. That might probably have been previously used by someone else. You need to think of something unique.

There is a great possibility that the person or business that previously used a particular name might probably have been involved in posting some repulsive, scandalous, or some defamatory tweets. So using the same username might lead you to some disaster before actually starting off. In spite of this issue I strongly recommend you to make sure that everything is ok before your start off. Also make sure that the user name which you want to keep is unique and exclusive. And most importantly the user name which you want to use must be clear of all disgraceful history as well as all the impediments whatsoever.

Once you have decided your username and are sure of all the clearance regarding it. You are now fully set to change your username on Twitter.

To start off with the process first of all you need to sign in to your Twitter account.

Now before changing your Twitter URL you are required to change your Twitter username first. I have already mentioned thing just previously as well.

It is quite simple and I believe that you can do it yourself too. For this purpose you simply need to go to your account settings of your Twitter account. In the account setting menu you need to look up for the dropdown menu. This menu is just next to the ‘gear’ icon. And the gear icon is located at the top right corner.

Click on Username Box

Here on the account settings page of your Twitter account you can see the username box. Just click it. In that user name box you can enter any new username which you desire to keep and simply remove the previous one which you were using. Now make sure to type in any username that is unique and which is currently not being used by any other user.

I have already mentioned this thing above because it is something which you really need to keep in mind. It is important because if you are entering any unique and different user name then it is ok. Otherwise if you enter any username that is already being used by someone else then you will be prompted instantly if that particular username is available or not. In this case you will need to think of another username and then enter it in order to check for its availability.

Once the username which you entered is available you can now click on the button of “Save changes”. You can find this particular button just at the bottom of the page.

In order to make the custom changes fully applicable you need to sign out of your account and then sign in again. After signing in to your Twitter account again you can see that the username of your Twitter has been changed to the new one. And the best part is that the URL of your Twitter account has also been changed together with your username as well.

Will changing the user name affect my Twitter Account?

Luckily changing the username of your Twitter account does not really affect your Twitter account. Despite there is only one change and that is the change in the username of your Twitter account and the URL at the same time. So you do not have to worry about that.

Will it have any effect on my existing followers?

You might probably be thinking about it. Well the good news is that changing of your Twitter username and URL will certainly not have any effect on your existing followers. In addition to this it will also not affect your direct messages (DMs) or @replies.

Moreover the only change which your followers will see. It is the replacement of a new username next to your profile photo. Just remember that the change in your new Twitter username will appear when you update it.

So, I believe that everything is going quite well up till now right?

Apart from this there is one major issue that you might face. From the time you change your Twitter username to a new one. All the new @replies or Direct Messages (DMs) which people sent to your Twitter account with old username will not be connected with your Twitter account to any further extent.

So what is the solution of this problem?

The solution is quite simple.

First of all you need sign out of your Twitter account again in order to start off with the process.

Now go to the Twitter homepage and create a new account. Just remember that for this purpose you have to enter a new email address. One of the most important things which you need to remember while creating your new account is that you must enter your previous username.

After you have created your new Twitter account you should now update it. Upload a profile picture as well as a background that matches your newly-replaced account.

Once you are done with updating your Twitter profile you can now tweet your followers. This tweet can be regarding your new username or any changes which you made in it. Let’s say for example “follow my new twitter account @newtwitterusername”.

Well by doing this it does not mean that you are done with everything. It is essential for you to keep on monitoring your “old” account regularly as well. This is something important for you to do. By monitoring your old account you will be able to keep a record . This record includes the @replies or DMs from all those users who are still unaware of the changes you made in your user name.