The Anatomy behind the Perfect Facebook Post


EdgeRank is responsible for the new version of Facebook and it is based on the older version of the website. The EdgeRank is an algorithm used by Facebook which cannot be tricked by smart-alec marketers. So the black hat techniques of changing algorithms will not work for Facebook. When you are using Facebook, you will notice that your every post will not get 100 % views and audience. This is because Facebook doesn’t want it to happen and no post is a perfect timely post but there are a lot of factors that can make your post visible and interesting in its own way. Using the right tricks, you can trick Facebook too; but within limits!

For novice Facebook users, this idea sounds complex but in reality it is simpler than it seems to be. Although there are no guarantees of success on Facebook; yet you can try your best to get results.

So understanding the basics of Facebook is very important before you start digging in. any technique can work for your post so don’t jump to the conclusions before you get your desired results. The first thing to keep in mind is to follow your track in understanding your audience and to find ways to grow it. If your technique works, that might be the formula for you but it’s not necessary that it work for any other type of post on Facebook. So keep experimenting and never lose heart as you goal is yet to accomplish.

Understanding the basics of EdgeRank and user engagement

Facebook automatically calculates the algorithm between you and your followers. This means that for every calculation, you have ranks and the total number of followers on your Facebook page is actually the total number of ranks that you have on Facebook. This calculation is based on three basic factors for every follower according to the mode of interaction between you and him:

  1. Attraction
  2. Weight
  3. Decay

Don’t worry if it seems complex as it’s very simple to understand. First coming to the attraction, this is the measurement of your user engagement with your Facebook page. The more they like your posts; more affinity is developed and if they ignore the posts; the affinity measurement will go down. The actions like clicking on the links, sharing your posts and commenting on your updates increase the attraction factor. You must make sure that your followers like and share your posts consistently as consistency will increase the affinity.

The next factor is the weight which means the quality of the types of post you use to attract your followers. The posts with more weight appear more in the news feed of your followers and those with the lower weight would see less. The videos and images posted on your page have more weight than simple text posts or links. You can also improve the weight of a post by sharing it more than once.

The last factor is of time decay which means the age of your post. If your post is old; there are chances that your followers may not see it in their news feed no matter how many times you share it. Facebook is so intelligent that it prefers new content over older content and shows new updates and posts in the news feed of Facebook users. So if you want to make your post more visible, you must create it as a new post.

EdgeRank is not just about these factors as there are a lot of things that effect how your posts are shown on Facebook. But these factors have their value and can help you a lot.

Posting the perfect Facebook post

If you want to create a Facebook post which attracts maximum followers and has higher visibility, you must create a post with a link outside of Facebook. For many page owners, it’s about posting new videos and posting new images which can get maximum visibility and they are right to some extent; yet the idea of linking your Facebook post with outside links has more weight and it is definitely bring more traffic to your post.

The use of links for creating an ideal Facebook post is a great way to optimize your post using URL, snippet and a good preview image. Links are more potent that simple text posts and they can draw more people to a location where your real content is present. To make sure your followers are using the link the way you want them to use, you can use Meta Tags, open graph elements and other relevant tricks. Optimizing your post means that you can customize it according to your preferences.

The ideal post on Facebook is short and brief which can save the time of your followers. For example on Twitter, you can post just 140 characters but Facebook has so such limits. Average users don’t spend so much time in reading posts which are long and have the “read more” button to view the whole post.

Another way to create a perfect Facebook post is to target your audience in peak hours of their Facebook activity. Well you cannot track your followers one by one but you can analyze about the timing when maximum users are online and comment on your page posts. This way your post will be visible to your followers without any time decay issues.

Well there are a lot of concepts regarding perfect Facebook posts but not every one of these will be best for you. Consistency is the key to success so if you post relevant videos, links and posts every day or according to your audience likeness, your affinity will not drop and your followers will also see the recent posts in their new feed.

You must be wondering if there are any more recipes for a perfect Facebook post! So for your knowledge, your goal must be to engage your followers by any means. It can be a video post or a simple text post to attract your audience. Nobody knows what will work best for your Facebook post. So these are just brief guidelines for creating a perfectly times Facebook post:

  1. Relevant posts at right times
  2. A series related to an ongoing posting schedule
  3. Posted at the peak hours when your followers are active
  4. A brief post with less characters
  5. A post with a link and an attractive preview