Android or IPhone Apps: Sell them through Facebook


Marketing a new Mobile app on Facebook is not an easy task. There exists more than 1.5 million app that are available on the iTunes and also the Google app stores. With the advancement in the technology every new day brings out some new and unique stuff that attracts the people around the world. Nowadays, in order to get noticed among the many available apps you will have to face a severe competition through which you are able to market your newly generated app. Further you will also have to think of the different ways that are available in order to make your place through the newly create app.

Nowadays, it has become an important part that you must market your app that you have created. There are a number of channels through which you can market your app so that the audience get aware of the new product in the market. You can market your app on the social media channels like the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and many other sites. In this way the audience will be able to know about the new app.

Many marketers consider the Facebook as the best channel for marketing a new product. With a number of over a billion users, Facebook remains unique in the sense of marketing. A simple add can make your created app to be recognized among the people around the world in no time. You can use different marketing strategies in order to use the Facebook channel effectively. You must know the different ways of marketing tactics by which you can have some positive results through marketing.

There are many different strategies that many marketers use to advertise their products on Facebook. Some of the main strategies which you may find helpful in the marketing are discussed below

Develop a Business Page on Facebook

The first and most important aspect that you must follow when you think of marketing on Facebook is to make a business page on Facebook. In this way you will be able to include all the relevant information about your business as well as the product that you want to market. This business page will become a center of your business where you will be able to advertise any product that you want. You can post whatever you like that is related to the product.

You can also include different news posts as well as some tidbits about the product.

For example, you can talk about application stores, application atmosphere, ways through which the app can be used and also the marketing experience that you have in the app marketing. You can also invite different people to a discussion platform where they can discuss the related information or the issues regarding the app.

If you have a business that create numerous apps, you can also add them up in this page. In this way you can keep your audience updated of the new technology products that are in line and will be launched in the future. An important thing that you must remember is that you must only use your app to promote your business and your business products. You should avoid using irrelevant information about anything on your business page.

Otherwise it would give a bad impression and would result as negative for your business. In addition to this, you can also link your Facebook page to your homepage. It does not matter if the homepage contains just a page for a single app. You must include all your information which includes your company information, your business information, the location of your company and other relevant information that you want to give to your audience.

Now Make a Page  Specifically for your App

Creating an app page on Facebook is the second important aspect that you must follow when you think of marketing on Facebook. It is recommended that you must create another Facebook page that must be particularly for your app. You can include all the relevant app information in this page which you want. You can also include the images of your created app on it. For example, you can set up the app picture as your profile picture on Facebook app page. You can include a high resolution icon version that you use for your app. You can also set an attractive cover photo that shows your app. On this app page you should include all the information and guidelines that are relevant to your app.

This information can include the user’s guidelines for app usage, the app information, the links for downloading the app and many other relevant information. When you create an app page you must focus on adding up the relevant information about the product. You must also include the information in order to keep your audience updated about the app and its usage. You can also include some information if you have any changes made in your app or if you have ad up any new features in your app. In this way you can engage the audience in many ways through your Facebook app page.

Link Your Page to Instagram and Twitter

It is important that you link your pages to other marketing or social media channels. In this way many people can find your app page through just clicking on the links that you have provided on your Facebook page. You must link your main business page with a link to your main website. You can further include the links of your social media channels like the Twitter or Instagram. In this way it will become easier for you as well as for your audience to find out about your apps or the different business products.

If you have an individual app page you can link it to any other useful page. In this way you can attract a large number of audience on your page.

Get Your App Reviewed on Facebook

You can find a large number of app reviewers website on the internet. These sites are helpful in providing a review about your app. These websites review the working of different businesses and the different created app on a regular basis. Nowadays, a review can be helpful for your audience to make up their mind in order to get the newly created app. In order to get a review, you can submit your app and its working guideline information to a reviewing website. In this way these websites can provide you with the best reviews about your app or your product. Here you must keep in mind that you must submit the relevant information to a relevant reviewing website. For example, you can submit a game application to a game reviewer website only. There are also general reviewer’s websites available that can provide you the reviews about your products.

One of the ways to get the perfect reviews about your product is by submitting the information through the Facebook. Then you will require to send them a message in which you must inform them regarding your app that you have created and you want to market. Then asking them to provide a review regarding the app.

 Target the right Demographic

You can run many different types of ads on the Facebook. You have the option to run your ads by using any of your Facebook page. It is recommended that all these pages should be centered around one main business page. In this way it will become easier for you to organize all your business pages. It also helps the user to remain engaged with only the relevant pages which contains your products.

Target Former Users of Apps

Another most recommended add is related to those audiences who have used the app that you have created. The audience that previously have used your app can result helpful for you. It is because you can market your ad to those specific audiences easily. You can offer them to try another created app of yours or you can request them to buy the in-app purchases for the particular app. In this way you can retarget your audience who have not used your app up till now.

Target Your Competitors in the Same Niche

The third most important type of add is the competitor targeting ad. In this type of add you need to create a list of those users who use the competitor’s app and then directly market the ad to them. In this way you get to know about the response of your audience. For example, you have the idea about the likes and dislikes of people, fix up any issue that occurs or market it in a way to resolve the problems of the users.

If you want to choose this option, then you can simply do it by targeting the particular audience who like the fan page of the app that is run by your competitors.

 Target Fresh App Installs

Another type of ad is the “pay for installs” CPA campaign. In this way you can have free views through the Facebook add system. By this ad system, if you are able to get an action like installation of the app, only then you can get paid. Here the individual actions are considered as expensive than the view ads.

Target Mobile Users

One of the major point that you should focus on is to target the mobile users specifically. As there are a large number of mobile phone users, it becomes easier for you to market the created apps. There are a number of different apps that you can find that are specifically created for the mobile phone users. These apps are present on the Android as well as for the Apple iOS users.

Recurrent Posting  

Frequent content posting is a great way of marketing. It plays an important role in order to keep the audience engaged. You must try to provide some interesting contents that can contain any information or images for your audience. It is recommended that you should post on a daily basis.

Look for Reviews

Facebook reviews that you get from different users play an important part in managing and the marketing of a particular app. You can ask the users to give their reviews if they have tried the app. You can also set up a rating that consists of five stars that would help in rating the app.

Participate in Facebook Sharing

You can choose to set up different methods on the Facebook. One of the major thing that you can include is the integration of sharing of the app. Many popups or adds can be created and shared in your posts. In this way you can also get engaged by the audience.

Incite Sharing

There are many different ideas that you can consider while marketing. One of the ideal way is to set up a reward for your users. You can ask your audience to share or like your post or tagging them to the friends list. In this way they can receive the reward. It would also help you to market your app through Facebook easily.

Respond to Your App Users

It is recommended that you must respond to a message that you get from your followers. In this way you can realize the issues faced by the users. If you are able to provide them with a quick solution of their problem or query, this would bring out some positive results.

Improve in Responding

Once you create and market an app, it is not enough. You must try to make some more developments in that app. You can also make some changes in it if you want that are according to your user’s demand or requirements. In this way your app can survive for a long time.

These are the steps that you can adapt to market your app and these techniques can be employed for both apple and android. Remember these apps are installed and used on mobile phones or devices which is being used by millions of people. You have to make your app friendly for these device users.