Authority Fan Page: A Checklist for Marketers



Being an expert on Facebook or MySpace is simpler than it appears to be, but it’s more complicated than it looks. Being a Facebook or MySpace authority is similar to the saying about lazy bear (Yogi Bear was it?); you don’t need to be the quickest, you just need to be quicker than the slowest.  Similarly, as far as authority is concerned, you simply need to equip yourself with quality and relevant content, resources, value and insights. Thereafter, you will find yourself among the top position holders along with other professionals in the business.

Page Design

If you’re looking to be an expert on Facebook or MySpace, you need to make sure you have a firm base.  You may find these points useful and can utilize them:

  • Establish a powerful and unforgettable mirror URL.
  • Make sure your web page is completely noticeable and certified with Facebook or MySpace guidelines.
  • Fill out your About Us area.
  • Link to other public networking information and your web page.
  • Create powerful user profile images and protect images.
  • Pick your presented app properly and enhance the images for other applications.
  • Have compelling content.


How to post and share your content

A vital part of your place as an expert on Facebook or MySpace will come down to the quality of your post, the location of the post, the method employed in the posting as well page where this post is shared. You may be right to some extent if all your thoughts about becoming an authority in Facebook are limited to these. It is noteworthy to say that it goes beyond those. Of course, you need your personal insights and inputs from other authority and also, off-side media backup.

  • Create a method for posting: Your method is expected to be comprehensive like what will be your target tone, who will be handling your web page on a day to day foundation, what do you want to achieve from your posting and method of resolving problems and conflicts?


  • Design a regular schedule for posting: You may decide to go for a content calendar in this regard. Decide the exact kind of content expected to be posted, including the apps, photos, videos, links, text and the interval of every single posting. Set the standard for the number of times you desire to post on a weekly basis. When you begin to receive support from your audience, you may decide to expand your coverage and then you will have additional values to share. Besides, do not forget to establish the actual time of the day which is most suitable to post specific contents.


  • Add customized images to your post: Make sure that each post has some graphical illustration. Let the texts be complemented by unique graphics. Ensure that you customize your thumbnail for all the links and videos you share. Rest assured that the backbone of your Facebook page is your customized images.


  • Do not ignore the importance of SEO content: Nothing is too minor here. For instance, the availability of just one keyword in your short Facebook link post goes a long way. Try to optimize graphic descriptions, post topics and make sure all snippets are being previewed. And also optimize the contents on your website in addition.


  • Always post “impressive” content on your Facebook page: For users to visit your Facebook page and follow you, something attractive and unique must draw them towards you. You must come up with new ideas when posting content that are only available in Facebook and should create a strong appeal for your followers.


  • Interact with your fans: If you don’t communicate with your audience when they ask questions on anything or simply comment on any post, they are more likely to get discouraged and stop visiting. Try to respond to their questions and criticism, be polite and show appreciation.


  • Always post on several social networks: The more social media you are positively engaged in posting, the greater the number of your prospective visitors will be.


  • Let your content stimulate response from your readers: You should always put yourself in the place of your followers or visitors. Think as if you were to be in the position of your readers, what will be your reaction to your posts? Don’t give room for assumption. Rather, you must address them in such a way that will motivate them to respond to your post.

All of these points when put together will help your Facebook page to be attractive with regular contents that are interactive and also they add value and attract visitors.

You must be sensitive to the response and behaviors of your users in corresponding to your content. Your best strategy today can be effective but can be inadequate tomorrow. Through your constant monitoring, you can easily introduce changes and adapt to situations faster.


  1. Check your content using Facebook insights. What is the coverage of your post? Are there some contents that are more preferable? Can you sustain the same post periodically? Try as much as possible to explore all factors for your maximum advantage.


  1. Study your audience and their preferences: The growth of your page is inversely related to the growth and reactions of your audience. Figures of what you called majority or minority are not fixed; it turns vice versa according to time and your contents.


  1. Always extent your networking with other Facebook accounts and authority sites. No one is an island and no one has monopoly of knowledge. You need to gain recognitions from other professionals in the industry. Engage in collaborations, interviews, guest posts and exchange comments with others.


  1. Develop your reputation: As you consistently growing your reputation, be sensitive enough to manage even the ones who are not happy with you. Be polite with users who left with you negative reviews and resolve amicably in your follow up.


  1. Go for target advertisements: When you consciously engage in target advertisements, it enhances your chance to attain your target authority levels. Post contents both on your social profile and on your website. Stimulate engagements and exchange contents and in no time, you will become an authority on Facebook.

Continue to publish content, both on your site and on your public information.  Motivate involvement and sharing of your content.  Provide your assistance and knowing whenever it’s requested or appropriate.  Grow and handle your popularity.  Sustain enhanced ads.  You might be an expert determine in your market before you recognize it.