Autofollow your Twitter Follower by Following these Easy steps

Nowadays, due to increasingly busy schedules many people are not able to give the required time and efforts to their business due to which they lack in higher productivity. In addition to this, if I talk about the social media many people are also not able to respond to their followers and customers too. This is really bad for your business because it can bring out some negative results. And you might end up losing some great followers.
I know answering to the queries of every single user or customer is not an easy thing to do. But it is very important. The number of followers will increase day by day. And you cannot answer to each and every query of hundreds of followers on time.

Use Available option of Autofollow

For this reason, I recommend you to use the available option of Auto follow tools to follow your new Twitter followers. The auto follow tool helps you to respond to your followers or every user who messages you automatically. You can create a message and set it as your response on auto-follow tool. This message will be delivered to every user who gets in contact with you. If you are not available at that time or are busy in work then this automatic reply is delivered to your followers. This automatic reply can be sent via a message or by an email.
Believe me this is an exceptional way which you can use to boost up the “subscribership” in a very short time. With the help of Auto follow option you can also increase your company rankings in search engines.

Boost your Business

Another exceptional way which you can use for boosting up your business ranking for twitter site is by linking your twitter account with other websites. You can also link your twitter account to those users who have a massive list of followers who follow them.
Now if you are running a large business it is very essential for you to be responsive to your followers. So I recommend you to use the auto-follow features so that your followers have the thought that you considerate enough and responsive to their messages. Trust me this gives a positive impact to your followers. This further leads them to become your loyal followers and also increases their number.
On the other hand, if you are not responsive to your followers then it will surely affect your business. By being ignorant you may lose a large number of followers from your twitter account.

As there are some great benefits of the Auto-follow system there are also some negative aspects of it too.

Common Issues You Might come Across

Some of the common issues which you can face by using the auto-follow tool option are mentioned below
One of the major problem that is faced by a lot of users is related to those twitter profiles which are spammy or automated. Now this is something that creates a major problem for you. In order to overcome this issue there are some preventive tools which are available. This includes the tools like the Tweinds or Tweetdeck. These particular tools are very useful to get rid of this common problem of spammy or automated accounts.
Generally I would recommend you to try to keep some coordination with your followers specially the new ones. This is one of the preventive measures but it will also work to build up a maximum number of authentic followers. In addition to this, I have mentioned some of the other important tips which you can use in order to follow all your new followers.

Utilize SocialOomph


Here I will discuss about one of the most important tools that is the SocialOomph (website) tool. It is one of the famous tools which is used to run the auto follow process very smoothly. According to some experts there are many celebrities who use this tool for the purpose of getting a maximum number of audiences. Similarly at the time of general elections the presidents use it to run their campaigns. Here I will give you an example of Obama who was the famous president of the United States of America. Many of you might know that he ran a successful Twitter campaign. The main reason behind his success was mainly using the option of auto-followers. Due to this, he ranked among the top five positions around the world.

AutoFollow New Twitter Follower by Using SocialOomph

1. Log into Twitter Account

To start off using your Twitter account, you need to sign into Twitter. This is the first and basic step in order to get started. Twitter has a simple and easy to follow process which you can follow to sign in just like any other social media network. You can easily do it yourself. For this purpose, you are just required to follow the entire procedure which is mentioned on the website and that’s it. Congratulations, you are a Twitter account holder now.

2. Reach the Settings Link

After you have created your account on Twitter and signed in to it. The next step that you need to follow is to click on the Settings link. You can find the settings link on the top of your Twitter profile page.

3. Choose the New Follower Emails Option

On the settings link the next step is to permit the option of “New Follower Emails”. Now this is really important. In this way you will receive a notification from Twitter whenever any new user starts to follow you on your Twitter account. You can enable this option by turning on the option of New Follower Emails. You can easily find this option under the Notices tab. Now click to save the changes. Every time when a new follower is added to your Twitter account you twitter will inform you through an email. This is a great way to know about all the activities taking place on your Twitter account.

4. Go Through the Social Oomph Registration Process and Sign In

The next important step is to get yourself registered on the website of After completing the registration process, you can now sign in to it.

5. Link Your SocialOomph to the Twitter Account

After completing all the steps which I have mentioned above, the next major step is to link your twitter account to your account. You can do it easily by yourself. For linking both the accounts first of all you need to click on the Accounts tab. After clicking it the next step is to click on the button of “Add Twitter Account” to “”.

6.Give Required Information to Social Oomph

As for the next step, you are now required to enter all the information that is asked by the account of This information is mainly related to providing your Twitter username, Twitter password, and also the specific email address which you used while you signed up for your twitter account.

7. Use Automated Welcomes Also

Using the Automated Welcomes is a great way to attract a large number of audiences. I recommend you to use it. These automated welcome messages are greatly useful for encouraging your page visitors to become your devoted followers. Some experts believe that by using the automated welcomes, your subscribership also increases. Well, this fact is true to some extent. In general it is assumed that your followers will tell their friends, and then their friends will inform other friends and so on.

This process is unstoppable. In this way the related information or news will spread till the time many hundreds or thousands of more users join from a single user or follow. It is assumed that the Friends of friends are probably more expected to start following you because they mainly trust their friend’s opinion. I believe that an automated welcome is probably an effective way in which you make some large campaigns as well as small ones to get a more personal feel.
This can provide some great benefits to you and your business. So, if you are not using this option then start using it now.

8. Enable the Option of Auto Follow

If you are too busy with your business schedules, then it is better that you enable the Auto Follow option. This particular feature is very useful. You can get some great benefits from this feature if you are managing the accounts of any corporate body or any famous public figure. I will tell you an easy way of enabling this particular option. Just scroll your page down. At the bottom simply select the option of Auto Follow and Replies Digest. I also suggest that you select and enable the option of @Replies Digest too. This is also useful. You must set it to generate the auto reply only once in a day and not more than this. Now after you enable this option, it will send an email with replies to any of your users or followers.

Other Auto Follow Your New Twitter Followers
There are numerous Auto Follow tools available on the Internet. You can choose any of them. I have mentioned some of the useful Auto Follow tools which you can use to reply your Twitter Followers automatically.

1. Friend or Follow

Friend or Follow (website) is a major Auto Follow tool for Twitter. You can find it very useful. On the other hand, this particular tool also provides the facility to its users to check out their list of followers and then learn about all their common friends or fans. By using this tool you can also manually select any of your twitter users who are following you. In this way you can choose to follow back all those users. Having so many benefits I will recommend you to use this particular tool. I prefer using it too.

friendorfollow2. Refollow

Another useful tool is the Refollow (website). This particular tool permits you to auto follow any of your followers or all of them. This Refollow tool is beneficial in many ways. Firstly, with the help of this particular tool you can manage the list of all your friends and followers very efficiently. You can do it by filtering any of the unnecessary users and then grouping them in accordance to their standard characteristics. Secondly, this particular tool also allows you to use the option of crowd tagging and comments. This particular tool is specifically designed to manage all the features that are related to your follower accounts on Twitter.

refollow3. Tweepi

Tweepi (website) is also another famous Auto Follow tool which you can find useful. It is basically a reciprocation tool. This means that despite of automatically following the listed twitter followers on your twitter account. It provides you with those numbers of followers whom you are not following. As a further step, you are provided with the option of following the unfollowed users. These are in large amount. Now due to this fact the Tweepi tool is slightly different from all the other available tools. I strongly recommend you to use this particular tool because it is more user-friendly than the others. The Tweepi tool is also compatible with other features too.

tweepi4. Tweepler

Another most desirable tool is the Tweepler (website) tool. This tool is desired by many users because it lists all those Twitter users whom you follow. In addition to this, it provides all the list of those followers too who are following you on your twitter account. If you want to see the total number of tweets that you received by your followers you can view that just by using the Tweeper tool. With this, Tweeper also displays the list of average number of tweets too.

Apart from this one of the most valuable information which Tweeper generates is the “followers to following ratio.” Through this information it becomes easier for you to follow any specific users or ignore them if they are not useful. Moreover, you will surely find this tool more time-saving and expedient as compared to the other available tools which lack these features.

tweepler5. Twitter Karma

Twitter Karma (website) is one of the famous as well as an admiring tool. By using this particular tool you have the advantage of following your followers speedily and without any trouble. One of the major advantages of Twitter Karma tool is that you can manage to unfollow those entire users which are present in your followers list but are not following your organization. You can do this without any hassle. Another positive aspect of the Twitter Karma is that it works very fast.

Normally it requires only some seconds to complete an action or task that is assigned to it. Now this is really fast. This is quite beneficial for you if you are running a large organization. You can improve the competence as well as the production of your business or organization by using the Twitter Karma.