Awesome Ways To Improve Your Fan Base on Facebook


Facebook is one of the most popular social media websites that are growing and developing into social media giants. A lot of online businesses and brand owners are using Facebook for promoting their services and products to get more customers on the internet. If you are one of these business owners who want to improve their fan base on Facebook page, you can use this website to get awesome benefits. However, you need to have few things if you want to get the best out of your Facebook channel for your brand. These things include:

  • High number of active Facebook fans
  • Real audience engagement

So if you have these two things, nobody can stop you from influencing the Facebook people. Having a Facebook page is usually the beginning of any Facebook marketing strategy but when done right, it can go a long way!

With a passion, long term goals setting, a proper strategy and energy to conquer, you can make your Facebook fan page one of the most important factors for your online success. Facebook should never be left behind in social media marketing strategy forming as it can benefit you in many ways. The new policies of Facebook are extremely helpful for online businesses to target their audience in the best ways. So you must use Facebook if you want to become more visible and not to mention; improve your sales. Well, you can always opt for pay per click options and paid content for promoting your business on Facebook, but why spend money when you can get the same benefits by just striving a little harder?

So have a glance at some of the following ways that can get you more fans on your Facebook page and will definitely boost your online business.

Identify your real audience

Many online businesses fail to convert followers into potential customers. The main reason for this failure is that they do not realize the importance of targeted audience. There is no benefit of promoting your products to people who live in third world countries, and you cannot ship your products to them. So save your time by promoting uselessly everywhere. Don’t try to focus on getting big figure for your fan page on Facebook. Try to get an audience that is meant for you and which can help you become popular.

If you run a local business, you real fans are the people who live in your area; not the ones who live in some far away city. You can focus better when you target customers that are ready to interact with you. So having an active fan base is the real power.

Keep your messages brief and to the point

In this current age, nobody has time to listen to your stories and history unless you are a celebrity or some super star! Unfortunately, if you are not one of these people, you need to shorten you posts and messages on Facebook and keep them to the point. This will make people to your posts and comment on them as they will not have to spend time reading all the content that you have posted. Unless there is a real requirement of making a long post, for example if you want to  appreciate any of your fans, you can post your gratitude in the form of a long post and it will be a successful post no doubt; but when you are just posting your schedule content, keep it to the point.

Create a strategy for your Facebook fan page

Without a clear and effective strategy, you will not get a huge fan base for your business. This is a reality especially if you are using social media marketing for your business and brand. Your strategy should include the number of posts, your schedule of posts, the ways of dealing with your customers, way of responding back to the feedback, promotion of products and networking with your other social media channels. If you do not have any strategy to follow, you will lose track very soon, and you cannot become successful like this.

Writing an effective strategy for getting more fans on your Facebook page is very important. This way you can be consistent in your actions and responses, and you can get more fans too.

Link your page to your mobile website

Your Facebook fans should be able to follow you on your blog, your other social media networks and most importantly, your official website. Add a link to your website in your page description and encourage your fans to visit your site from time to time. The most significant thing in this matter is to have a website that is mobile ready. Now everyone uses Facebook on smartphones and mobiles so you should expect that your fans will be using the same phones for checking out your website. If it does not support mobiles and your fans feel difficulty while opening it, they will not check it! It is simple like this! Nobody turns on a laptop or a PC in this busy world to just check out a discount on any website. So no matter how much discount or coupons you are offering, if your site is not mobile ready, your fans will not open it. Eventually, they will start to leave your page as any website that is not opening on their phone will be useless for them.

Encourage your fans to share your posts if they like them

At the end of your posts or your links, ask your fans to post it to their profiles or other social networks if they find it useful and good. This will get you more fans as more people will check out that shared post on your follower’s profiles.

Share testimonials on your Facebook fan page

Nothing can be better than few good words of appreciation from your potential customers on the internet. So if any of your customers leave a great feedback about your products and services, don’t forget to utilize it for your fan building as it can be the best thing you could ever share on your Facebook page. People trust feedback and testimonials more than words of brand owners and internet marketers. So they will spread these good words to more people, and you can expect getting more fans and more organic traffic to your Facebook channel.

These are just simple ways to get more fans for your Facebook page, but it is not necessary that all of these ways will work for you as it depends on your brand and your preferences. Just be sure to share original content, never lose your unique image and try to build trust among your fans. This can be the best fan building strategy for your brand.