How to Boost Engagement Using Just Status Updates


There are countless ways in which you can increase the rate of users’ engagement through Facebook status updates. I have summarized the 50 most effective ways in which you can do it, these are discussed below

Post Link of Your Blog on Facebook

  1. Share an exciting statistic. Want to attract your audiences in an instance, try out searching for some interesting and informative facts and figures and then use them in your post. Avoid using the old and boring ones. Believe me this will be a great trick in order to boost your posts.
  2. Share an Inspirational quote. Try adding some thought provoking quotes in your blog posts. In this way the user can get the basic idea of what actually the post is all about.
  3. Ask a question or two. To make your blog post more effective you can always use the option of providing your audience with some thought provoking stuff by asking different questions at the end of your posted content. This can also be done if you are conducting any survey.
  4. Share a value proposition. Always post according to your readers’ choice. If your reader finds your post valuable they will always stick to your posts. This will also result in attracting a maximum number of audiences.
  5. Share something that doesn’t quite make sense out of context. Always try to post some interesting and informative stuff for your audiences. It can be an image, a short story or any latest news just make it appealing so that you get the best results out of it.


Posting Media on Your Facebook Page

  1. Post an image of your product in action. Posting quality images can be very effective. If you want to give an instant boost to your Facebook posts, try posting some pictures of your happy customers. Show them buying your products and then using them. Believe me it can really maximize the overall engagement rate of your Facebook posts.
  2. Ask Audience to Choose. In order to know the choice of your audiences you can also post some templates which says “Like if you prefer option A, comment if you prefer option B and share if you prefer option C”. By posting such templets you can get a better idea of your users’ choice. You can also include some of your product related templets too.
  3. Post a Photo caption contest. You can start posting a weekly caption contest that also features some reward for all the audiences who participates in the contest.
  4. Post a fill in the blank sentence. You can also try posting some incomplete sentences for the users to complete. You can ask your users to submit the most suitable answers in order to complete those sentences. This will also boost the EdgeRank association of your audiences with you which means that they can see your posts more often.
  5. Post a graphic that celebrates an ongoing holiday. Try Including some current happenings. This can be an ongoing holiday like Christmas or Easter. Or it can be the buzz of the new year. You can update your audiences accordingly.
  6. Post images that celebrate specific days that aren’t holidays. You can also include the related stuff in your posts other than the holidays. For example, you can inform your audiences regarding the completion of fiscal year of your business. For this purpose, you can create an anniversary logo or some images of your successful brands and post them on Facebook.
  7. Post images of company events you sponsored or helped host. If your company is hosting any event in the coming days, then it is a great idea that should post the pictures of the event that is taking place. In this way people can see the event highlights and all the fun you are having.
  8. Post showcase photo albums. Try out posting some images of a photo album. This trick works best if you are selling products that are beautiful to showcase graphically.
  9. Post informative graphics. You can post some smaller graphics that are much similar to the meme-like graphics. These are called as “info graphics lite”.
  10. Post Instagram-style artistic images with quotes plastered over them. This is a great way to attract a large number of audiences.


Facebook Contests

  1. Run an ultra-simple “like this post to enter to win.” This is a simple way of attracting the audiences. When the users like a particular post they are automatically considered as a part of the contest. Among all those users who liked your post you can pick up a single user or a few users as the winners.
  2. Run a creative user submission contest. You can set up a specific contest in which you can ask your users to submit their entries. These can be in the form of an image or it can be a short video. The one who has submitted the best can be named as the winner.
  3. Run a “favorite quote” contest: To get your audiences engaged you can always ask them for their correspondence. You can pick a specific theme and then ask your audiences to comment by giving their favorite quotes according to the set theme. These can include the motivational quotes, supportive quotes, movie quotes or the lyrics of any song.
  4. Host a riddle contest. Posting of some “guess games” can also be another good option for engaging your audiences. You can post some riddles or questions and ask the users to guess the right answer. To make it more attractive you can offer a reward for the winner too.
  5. Host a crowd sourcing contest to determine something that goes into a product or an important company decision: The basic idea behind this is to outsource the market research in the form of a contest. Offering a reward for winner will make it more valuable.



Cross Posting from other platforms 

  1. Cross-post your tweets. I suggest that you try cross posting Twitter tweets on your Facebook feed. These tweets are thought as ideal because they are brief and to the point. Just avoid using hashtags while cross-posting on Facebook otherwise you will lose many of your followers.


  1. Cross-post gripping images from Pinterest. You can also link your Pinterest posts to Facebook as Pinterest is best known for the info graphics. I suggest that first you post a short preview version on Facebook and then link that to the Pinterest version in the description. In this way the audiences can directly be linked to the actual post.
  2. Post a link to a longer post on Tumblr. Most of your audiences also use Tumbler too. So you also have the choice to post an introduction on Facebook and then for the detailed information link that post to Tumblr.
  3. Share Instagram images on Facebook, Twitter, and anywhere else. For engaging the audiences through attractive images use the Instagram. Further you can also cross post those images on Facebook also.
  4. Upload Vines or other short videos from one service to the next. Vine is also a great platform for posting your videos. You can link these short videos which you have created on other social channels like Facebook also for engaging the audience.


Text Posts

  1. Post a simple text poll. Try conducting audience polls after a short duration. These polls are a great way to know the feelings of your audiences. It is up to you that either you poll regarding some general topic or a non-serious one. Just ask the users to participate.
  2. Share product features: To make your brand or product sound more attractive you can always share its features with your audiences. Like you can include the features and specifications of a mobile phone that you are launching in the market in future. Make it short and simple.
  3. Share stories of your workplace and how your employees take their day to day situations. Try posting some interesting stories and incidents that are happening in your workplace. You can also include the working and dedication of your employees and what role the company is playing to benefit them. Avoid posting any negative information.
  4. Share insight into how your product is made. You can share images or short videos that comprises of the process of making different products in your company. This can increase the interest of your audiences which can give a boost to your business or production.
  5. Post to promote an event you’re hosting or have donated to support. Posting of some charitable work or donations on Facebook is also a good idea. This can also increase the interest of users and make them to participate in the social cause.
  6. Post notifications and reminders: Posting of notifications is also an effective way to remind your users for their participation in a particular event or contest. For example, if you are conducting a business event you can post a text reminder of that event so that your users are notified.
  7. Ask simple questions: This relates to getting the feedback from your audiences via comments. These questions can be related to your product, brand or it can be a general question related to the likes and dislikes of your audiences.
  8. Put forth a “controversial” opinion. Avoid posting any controversial topic or information like political issues, terrorism or racial conflicts etc. Otherwise it can exhaust the anger of your audiences and may result negative for you and your business.
  9. Share a recommendation: You can always share your viewpoint in your posts. These can be related to recommending a book, a movie, a song or any other thing that you would like your users to experience.
  10. Post frequently throughout the day during an event you are attending. Nowadays the trend of live tweeting and live posting on Facebook have increased alot. You can live post while attending any event or just from your workplace so that the audiences get to know about the happenings.
  11. Share a meta-analysis of your past posts: You also include the meta-analysis of any of your famous post that you have made previously. This can include the post having higher number of likes, comments or shares or it can relate to be viewed by maximum number of audiences.
  12. Share tips for life-work balance or lifestyle. Everybody wants to know the reasons or facts behind your success if you are running a successful business. You can share your personal tips or advices with the users by posting them on Facebook. This can increase the interest of your audiences and people will surely follow your advices.
  13. Share trivia from the past history of your brand. If you are a successful entrepreneur and are running several businesses. In this case you can also post information about your other businesses or the ones that you had run previously. This is just to increase the interest of your users and can attract many of your older clients.
  14. Recommend someone: You can always recommend anyone like a brand, business or any individual that are trustable on your behalf which the users can follow in order to increase the engagement among both of them.
  15. Hold a debate on a common subject. Holding a debate can increase the rate of engagement of your audiences. Try using some general and light topics for discussion and not the controversial ones.


Facebook Video

  1. Show short videos or Vines of your products. I suggest that you post some short videos that are related to your products and their making. Make them as interesting as possible so that the users do not get bored.
  2. Share videos of people in your audience and their lifestyles. Focus on promoting the multi-cultured lifestyles and the contributions of your audiences which they have done for your businesses. This can be a great gesture from your end to compliment your audiences.
  3. Share compelling commercials. You can also post ads on your social networks specially the Facebook just as you do on TV. Go ahead market your business as you desire.
  4. Share good, solid funny videos. Just to make your Facebook a bit fun try posting some funny videos after some time. Search for some good ones on the internet if you cannot create one. Avoid posting them too often.
  5. Share a video of the behind the scenes production of other videos, ads, or products. Many users have the curiosity of how a particular video, ad or a product has been made. You can post some behind the scenes images or videos so that your users know the efforts you have put in creating the particular videos, ads or products.


Curated Content


  1. Share trending or soon-to-be trending content from thought leaders. You can post information from a variety of sources. You make your Facebook feed a single platform where people can find any information that they want without going through the hassle of searching different sites for any information.
  2. Share detailed evergreen resources that helped you: If you know any of these sources you can always post them so that your users can get benefit from them.
  3. Share cool infographics and other images. By including quality images and attractive infographics in your post is a great way to get the users attention. These can be related to your business, brands or any general topic.
  4. Share a case study or set of detailed statistics: Including some case studies or statistics are a great way to make your posts more authentic. Try including the original link of the blog or case study too.
  5. Share deals and specials being run by important figures: Do not forget to include the available deals and special offers that you are offering for your audiences in your posts. This can greatly increase the attraction of audiences and will help in giving a boost to your business.


About the Author

Olivia Pearce is a Social Media Writer who has majored in Textile Designing. Also Holds Bachelor’s degree in Education and English Language Certification. Finds it impossible to discuss herself in third person but is doing so as per the demands of this bio. She is a home-maker and teaches Textile Designing to degree classes at the same time. Being nocturnal has taught her to manage her work in the night and her home at day time.