Boost Your Facebook Page by Using These Easy Methods

By now you must have figured out how valuable Facebook is for marketing, now probably you’re looking for more ways to grow and improve your Facebook page. Well it’s not easy, it takes a lot of time and effort to be successful in this field.

Let’s discuss it further without any delay.

List Your Resources

The first thing to do even before registering an account on Facebook is make a list of your tools, resources both financial and human also avenues of promoting your product you have available. You should be able to answer all the questions related to your brand for example, what page name will you prefer? setting up a backup username if the prior is not available. Which logo do you want to keep as a cover photo?

Another thing you have to do is to keep track of your existing audience on your website or your mailing list. If you are actively running a group as an admin you can do the same. If you have followers on other social media platforms like Twitter or Instagram, you can find ways to contact each of these groups.

You can put your mailing list that you can use to promote your page on your blog. Ride on partnerships, sponsors for the promotion of your business.

You have to have content that is top notch and is related to your product line. For example, select 100 best articles from blog before launching a page along with your best photos and videos. Always keep the URL of landing page of your website handy to be copied and pasted wherever necessary. If you have any popular eBooks include them in the archive as well, which you can post as you go.

You can use your already existing ads to promote your business on Facebook as well. This will help you reach as many people as you can.

If you are active on other social media platforms and your website you must be availing the services of graphic designers, content writers, customer services representatives and a social media manager, it’s always a good idea to include them in this project as well. This way all your accounts can be of identical nature.

Now the next thing to do is put all this information in a handy folder, go through it and skim the best of the best. This will help you launch and market your page. You don’t want to post sloppy content and pictures within the first few days of the launch.

Pre-Ready Your Page

Now once you have all your resources lined up, you can start the process of making a page. You can do it in isolation and keep it unpublished so you can go through it over and over again to pick out unnecessary content. These are some changes that can only be implemented once the page is publishes, note them down and make these changes once you publish it.

The thing about social media is you have to always come as completely prepared. Get your graphic designer to create a high quality logo of your brand, put it up as your profile picture and get a few shots of your office or a bunch of your products turn 5-6 pictures into a collage and you have your cover photo, again make sure it’s of good quality. The trick is to never upload distorted and low quality images.  If you plan to use any tab apps it’s better to customize their thumbnails as well.

Now when you make a page you’ll have to fill a category of ‘About’ now you can put up link to your website and other social media accounts there. It’s is also good to the verification that you actually are who you claim to be. Now next step is to fill out all the fields, company history, goals and mission. Make sure there are no typos and misinformation. Check the URL again before putting it up there. You can also fill out milestones for your company to give it a history on Facebook.

Use Off-Site Integration

When you have an unpublished page on your hands you cannot implement many of the usual off-site integration. The one thing you can do is prepare a local version of your webpage with the changes you have made, so once you will publish the page, you will also be able to update your website and go live with the modifications.

You have to set up a list of the websites where you will add the link to your Facebook page.

Of course you will add it on your own website, but you will have to add it on you Facebook Profile, and the profiles you have other social media networks.

There are other forms of media where you can put up your link for example, your email signature, forum signatures, at the bottom of your visiting card and everywhere is the print advertising. Have it always ready for your own convenience

Publish Your Page

Now publish your page, don’t forget to make the last few changes you noted down. The next step is to start making all the off-site changes you set up previously. This will improve the integration of your page with rest of your marketing.

Now begin the promotion of your page on the rest of the sites. Start by sending a link to your mailing list, now post the link in other social feeds. Now have your content writers write a great and catchy paragraph that you will be posting with the link to your blog posts for around a couple of weeks.

Invite All Your Friends and Followers

There are certain ways you can promote your Facebook Page with your followers altogether. You have to invite friends from your Facebook profile. You must understand that not everybody will be interested in liking your page but it’s ok if 50% of them will. Bu inviting them you will be sending them a notification telling them to like your page. Its certain that they will receive it and choose themselves what to do with it. Facebook requires an email address associated with the person signing up for an account. Once you import a mailing list, Facebook automatically takes those email addresses and cross-checks them with already existing emails used by people. It then suggests them to like your page whomever is on your mailing list.

Post and Schedule Future Posts

Facebook is a dimension where users don’t like people who are into promoting themselves. So you have to balance out all your posts between self-promotion and general sharing of information. For example, set up an 80/20 ratio of posts. this means out of every 10 posts you have planned to make on Facebook, 8 of them will be content containing information that isn’t related to your brand. It might be related to your field though.

You can share link to other blogs, image posts, user comments etc. The rest can be your self-promotional posts for example, your e books, your products, your videos etc.

You have to bring your users value; the most valuable posts you share the more credible you become. If you post tons of images of your products and the ways they can buy it, it’s very unlikely of them to stay on your page. Whereas people are really interested in competitions where they can win coupons, discounts or giveaways. We have discussed EdgeRank in other articles as well and I’m going to briefly discuss it here as it’s Facebook’s algorithm and it is used to determine what posts to show to which people. It’s always changing according to the choices.

Respond to Engagement Effectively

Whenever you call customer service, don’t you get annoyed when nobody responds? I know I do, this is the reason that as an owner you have to establish customer and business owner relationship. Nobody likes being blown off if they’re trying to file a complaint

People will come to your page to write a comment some good some bad and some rude. If you blow them off they will not return. On the other hand, if they receive a satisfactory answer to their query they will keep on visiting your page with a favorable opinion. Always categorize your comments first the crucial ones related to a query or complaint, refer them to your Customer Services staff and get it sorted out as soon as possible. If there’s a positive review, thank them.

If someone posted a rude comment, just ignore it and if it’s a spam, remove it. Usually it’s best to ignore rude comments then get bitter about it and start an internet fight. Always take appropriate action for each comment. Be kind and genuine about what your write and avoid typos, you don’t want anyone pointing out that you misspelled the name of your product.


Now this is a stage where have to start looking for overt methods of promotion. This involves seeking outing other page owners might be willing to help you with it.

First look for other small pages. If a page has too many followers it’s of no use and if they have too few followers, they are of no use either. For example, if you are running a clothing brand and you try to access Gucci or Dolce & Gabbana pages you won’t be able to get any attention. You have to look for pages that have users similar to your page so you can at least try to attract them.

You have to find at least 30-40 pages who you would be sending a message offering them a partnership. Get your copywriter to write a template letter that introduces your brand and your goals, in the end offers a promotional swap or establishing a partnership.

You both can share each other’s posts and you can form posts promoting each other directly. You decide the way you want to carry it and set up your limitations.

Run Contests

Contests on Facebook are very easy to develop and run. There are also many applications that will help you to run it. There are different levels of conditions for different types of prizes. You first have to pick a prize whether it’s a discount coupon, gift basket or your free products and ask your audience to post a comment, like your post and share it on their page

Contests are quite ineffective when you have a relatively smaller audience. It’s more advisable to wait till have a few thousand followers to start a contest, the more audience you have the more benefit you can get out of a contest. If not only a couple of dozens

Will participate and the winner is guaranteed to be someone whose value you already have from purchasing your products in the past and follows.

Learn About Your Audience

The major benefit of having a Facebook page is having access to insights, Facebook insights is their analytics, it is very useful to have this kind of information about your followers.

You can really learn about the demography of your followers, their age, their locations, the highest traffic timings etc.

You can utilize this information and apply in your posts and the timings of the posts. if your audience is young adults between the age of 20-25 for example, you cannot post stuff about middle age crisis, menopause and investments. This age group is barely trying to keeping their head together, rather thinking about investments.

Invest in Facebook Advertising

Facebook ads are quite economical, though they can run a wide range of costs . It depends on an equally wide range of features.

You just have to know that you have to target the audience properly . Doing it properly will steer a lot of traffic your way and can help your page grow to a whole another level.

Now at this stage, all you can do is keep going . Growing a page is a slow and steady process as long as you don’t make any blunders along the way, you’re ok.