Why Boost Post Isn’t Working for You on Facebook


by Nazia Khan-Ahmed


The famous feature that is available on Facebook is specifically known as a tool for ad creation.

It is considered as a shortcut that is used for promoting a post on Facebook. On the other hand, all those users who prefer to use the normal ads system in order to create their ad posts may find some of the main features missing on the Facebook boost post. There are various features that the users may not find on Facebook boost post. Some of main problems that are related to the boosting post are discussed below


  1. One Boosted Post Limitation

One of the major limitation that you will find when you are using the boosted posts is that you will have to limit yourself to only one boosted post at a time. Most people find this limitation as difficult and very strict one. This may damage your ability to create and test more than one post at a time. Similarly, you will not be able to boost more than one of your relevant post at a particular time, or manage to perform any different type of advanced marketing ways in order to promote your business through your posts.

Apart from this, one of the best possible ways that you can choose to target the group of audiences with the help of Facebook ads is by performing the split tests. For this purpose, you can follow some simple steps. First of all, you will have to make up a set of two similar ads having different audiences. In this way you will be able to measure the total number of responses that both the ads get. Now you will have the option to select the ad that gets the higher number of responses. It is considered as an easy process that you can use to refine the total number of audiences that you are targeting in particular which you can result in getting the right audiences or followers.

Unfortunately, you will be unable to compare the total number of responses which you get through the Facebook ads when you select the option of boosting up your posts. In this situation, you will have to perform one test at a time. This will be a useless option for you. You will have to spend a lot of time in creating different ads one by one and then waiting for its number of responses. There is a possibility that many of the users have already seen those ads that you are posting one by one on any other social media channel. According to many experts the option boosting your posts is not considered as a great option to choose. It will also cost you more than the other available options without giving you the uniqueness of your posts or ads.

In addition to this, if you are using boost posts then you will first be required to cancel the ongoing or previous post if in case you want to promote anything on a high priority basis. You will not have an option to shift the budgets around or turning off some ads sets. Many users will find it as an all or nothing switch tool.


  1. Boosting Uses Reach Goals

If you are using Facebook in order to boost your post, then you will find that Facebook uses the post engagement features by default. You are not allowed to change this specific option. You will not be able to promote a specific ad among the viewers which could lead them to get engaged. Some of the engagement elements include the liking of a page, accepting the offer provided by the user, planning of events or off-site conversions and many other similar elements. As a result, your effort of using ads to get engaged with the audience would go wasted.


  1. Limited Target Options

 You can target two types of groups when you are using the boosted posts. First of all, it includes “followers and friends of the followers”. The second option includes the interest targeting. You may find the first available option to be useful whereas the second option will lack in providing you any benefits.

According to many studies that have been done, experts suggest that the best audience that you can find is the audience that are on your existing friends and followers list to whom you can market your products or brands effectively.

On the other hand, interest targeting relates to the fact that you might be able to find different people who will show their interest in your posts whereas, you will not be able to find all those people who are geographically or demographically relevant.


  1. 4. The Projected Figures are not True

The predicted reach statistics that is shown on Facebook may not be accurate. According to the reach estimator for boosted posts you will always find the reach to a total of 25K, 50K, 80K or any number that you require that are based on your targeting options and budget. The predicted budget is mostly up to 10 times in order to get the predicted number of reach. Overall, the boosted posts are just considered to make money from the users. Most users also consider it as a trap for the Facebook users who want to create their ads by using the boosted posts.


  1. 5. Non-availability of Optimization for Lower Cost

If you are using Facebook ads in order optimize the lower cost, then you can consider the following aspects that might be useful for you by using the boosted posts:

The boosted posts automatically select the geographic targeting to a vast area so that the users can be encouraged to click on your ads despite of their location. In this way you can easily get target a wider area without leaving any specific geographic locality behind.

With the help of boosted posts, you can shorten your interest targeting. For this purpose, you may not find the relevant features as there are available on the Power editor tool but you can find your way to manage and make use of the right set of tools in order to get more benefits.

Boosted posts are very useful if you want to optimize your pictures or images.  Here, you might not have the option to split test multiple images but you can make use of the one that you have created. If in case, you want to make some changes in your image or picture then you will first have to remove the boost before editing it.


  1. Inability to Use Power Editor

There might be two main aspects behind the use of boost post button. First reason may be the ignorance due to which you are not aware of the features and use of the other available ads system. Second reason may be the convenience of using the boost post tool because it is useful in simplifying the ads system.

Apart from this, you can always use the option of Power editor tool. It is basically a chrome extension that is particularly made to create a simple and easier way of ads management. You can easily access and use the features of EdgeRank. These features are unique that you will not be able to find in any other available tools. The Power Editor is usually used to beta new features.

There is an alternate button available on Power Editor by which you can perform many tasks by using just a click. You can copy all the available settings so that you can make one change for testing.

With the help of Power editor, you are able to un check a particular set of audiences that are not relevant to a post. Whereas, you cannot perform the same task when you are using the boosted posts.

Power editor apps are available which you can easily use on any type of mobile devices and are user friendly.

With the help of Power editor, you can easily get the access to all ad types and placements of several ads. On the other hand, you will only be able to promote the news feed posts types if you are using the boosted posts without having the advantage to promote the posts directly to the audience.

Power editor allows numerous ads creation. Whereas, this facility is not available for the posts that are boosted which is based on having just a single ad.

Nonetheless, you can find numerous advantages and uses of Power editor tool.


  1. Inability to Create or Post Dark Posts

The Power editor tool can be used for creating the unpublished posts. Power Editor is important in many ways. First of all, you can use the power editor to boost your posts. Without the use of power editor, you will not be able to create the required posts effectively. In this way you can avoid using the boost post button.

The power editor tool is also useful if you want to create the dark posts if you want to run a new campaign.  You can do it by following a simple procedure. First of all, if you are using the Power Editor tool in order to create a new post then you will have to provide a specific title and required budget in the required information field.  For creating a new post, you will then be required to choose the status/link/photo/video post type.  Now you can manage to compose your posts. It is just similar to composing any type of post on the Facebook. Click to submit and save it. Your newly created post will now exist but on the other hand, you will not find it published in your news feed.

Next, you will be required to search for your created post in the list of “promote a post list”.  Now click on the “promote on it” button. From here you will be easily get to know that it is dark post. It is because you will see an icon of moon next to your post. The moon is added by the Power editor next to the posts that are unpublished. Now finally you can set your campaign as you like and get started.

For the purpose of testing the promoted posts you can use the posts that are unpublished. In this way you can promote your posts among the different target audiences and also you can use different set of configurations for post promotion. This is also known as split testing.


  1. High Cost of Boosting

Post boosting is one of the most expensive ways. This is one of the major reason due to which you may not prefer to boost your post very often. Although you spend a lot of resources and money for boosting up your posts but it does provide you the expected results. There are some certain reasons due to which the post you boost does not reach the expected number of audiences. This is because you may not find a boosted post to contain the accuracy and the specific features that are important to create a good ad. Similarly, a post that is boosted cannot be split tested without serious work and an investment of time. As a result, these posts lack in targeting a maximum number of audiences.  Some companies have allocated budget for boosting their posts on social media and some have not but it is an important factor to consider.

In addition to this the boosted post are considered very expensive if you create an ad and want many people to get engaged. The results you desire will not be equal to the amount that you have spent to boost the posts. You can choose many other available options instead of boosting of posts. For example, the Power Editor. It is considered as a simple tool by which you can easily promote your posts effectively and also it is useful in providing more optimized and variable ads. In this way you can prevent yourself from spending a large amount of money in using the boosted posts.