Building PR through Facebook

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Businesses have been using Facebook for so many years, and now it is a common thing for any brand to come online and build their presence. The power of this digital platform has changed the ways of advertising and marketing. Using popular websites like YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, you can get a chance to tell your customers about your products and services in a better way, and you can connect with them. Now people buy products from the brand that is emotionally attached to them. Take an example of Coca Cola; as it has built a huge fan base in the past few years using its best videos with amazing messages all around the world. The Coca-Cola videos spread like viral videos and no doubt they are worth watching. So that is their strategy, and you can select yours when it comes to inspiring your customers and online buyers.

Facebook is one of those social media websites that allow you to connect with your online followers easily, and you have many options to inspire them. Unlike Twitter, there is no limitation of 140 characters on Facebook and you can share lengthy posts for your brand followers. There can be simple status updates, hashtags, videos, links and images that you can use to communicate with your customers. Facebook has this amazing feature that if any of your followers likes your page or a post, your post is shown in his news feed too. This increases the chances of more online traffic as his Facebook friends can also watch you and like what you shared with that follower. This way, you followers can bring in more organic and real traffic to your Facebook fan page.

If you are serious about using Facebook for building PR among your customers, you must consider many factors that can help you, in the long run. A good start is crucial for building PR through Facebook as people might not give you a second chance if you lost your first one. Have a glance at how can you kick start a perfect journey for building PR using your Facebook fan page.

Have a personalized Facebook brand page

For every online business or marketer, making a Facebook fan page is the first step towards getting customers and building PR. You can make a Facebook page after creating a personal profile. Make sure your page matches with your brand theme and personality. Facebook allows its users to add covers and profile pictures so you can customize your page according to your online blog or your official website. This way, your fans, and followers can easily recognize you on the internet as well as on other social media websites using your logo and specific channel theme.

Get ready to prepare for a stage

The next step towards building a successful PR among your Facebook followers is to catch their attention using your Facebook posts. You must design a proper strategy for getting started successfully. A good schedule for your brand related posts, community related posts, promotional messages and how to run contests should be written in clear ways so that you can be consistent while running your Facebook page. This is very important so don’t overlook the importance of making a clear strategy.

Another thing to consider is scheduling your posting frequency on your Facebook page. There is no magic formula that can tell you when and what to post! So you have to analyze that on your own by carefully monitoring your audience and the response of your fans. Learn about the best times to post on your Facebook page and about the content that your Facebook audience wants to know. It is better to start experimenting in the start as this can save your time by making you understand how your fans act as a response of your specific posts. Just track the performance of every experiment and make sure you are engaging your audience properly.

Give your fans a reason to visit your page and posts

If you want to build PR using your Facebook fan page, don’t overlook the importance of making them feel special. If your content, your posts, and schedule are not good, people will not like you. You must inspire them and give them a good reason to come back and comment on your posts. They must be sharing your posts to their news feed as when they will start doing this; you can say that now you have built a strong PR. Use the Facebook community in the best possible ways, and you will reap the rewards very soon.

Be transparent in your Facebook audience dealing

According to internet marketing experts, those brand pages where CEO and high-level executives keep a connection with their audience tends to get more boost-up and build better PR as compared to those pages where no official even takes a peek through. So if you want to build a strong PR among a difficult to impress the community like Facebook, you must make sure you are linking to them personally. Be transparent in our actions and talk to them about new updates, new products, and new changes. They will trust your brand and become your potential customers.

A prompt and responsive customer care for building PR

The best and worst thing about any online business, whether it is working on Facebook or any other social media network, is customer service. It can make your brand or break your brand; depending on how you deal with it. If your customers know that they can reach out to your services using Facebook, and they are sure of getting a quick response, they will trust you and suggest you to others too. However, if you are not present to solve their problems and concerns and you delay your responses, you will not build a PR here.

Show them that you consider communal accountabilities

The online brands, where profits are not always measured in terms of sales and money, have better PR among others. The best way to build trust and a feeling of respect for your Facebook fans is to tell them that you feel for social responsibilities, and you work for them. For example, while promoting you are any product, you can tell them that by buying this product, 10% or any specific fraction of money will be donated to a charity or a children’s school. Start a campaign like this, and you will see how your customers will become your potential buyers.

For any new brand that has just started its journey to build a fan base and PR using Facebook, Nothing is easy in the starting but with time and right strategies, this can happen. Just engage your audience and ask them for feedback, for complaints and encourage them to tell you their problems. Use new apps to boost your social presence and make your customers feel special, and show gratitude if they like or comment on your posts or buy anything from you. Respond faster than before and surprise your audience by letting them know that you care for them, and your brand is like family. These things can make you build a powerful and stronger PR through your Facebook page.